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Hereeeeeeeeeeeee’ssssssssssss the review you’ve all been waiting for! Your weekly porn— I mean episode review of R-15! (A/N: The character list is at the bottom of this review.)

If you’ve already seen episode 1, skip right along down to the next paragraph. Otherwise, let’s recap what happened in the last episode. Well, we have our main character Taketo Akutagawa. He’s in an academy for geniuses, but he is scorned by almost everyone because of his talent. His talent, one might call it, is writing about humanity. That’s a euphemism by the way; look it up. Anyway, he writes porn novels. Yes, porn novels as in SEX and H and SEX and SEX SEX OMGOMGOMGOMG k grow up. The main focus of the last episode was introducing the characters and their talents while our protagonist Taketo attempts to get an interview with a clarinet genius Narukara, who also happens to be his crush.

The main girl of this episode is my favorite girl from the series (she knocked out the photographer, Raika, in this episode because she is just so damn hot.)  Iwouldtakethatchickhomebangheracoupletimesmaybedoitsomemoar. Getting just a bit off topic. Moving on, the main girl of this episode that I have not yet revealed is now revealed! La~ the genius at… being an idol? Yeah, she’s famous and hot and an idol. It’s one of those famous-idol-girl-in-love-with-main-guy-who’s-a-loser things.

This is the real beginning of the review.



A concert is being held by some green haired? chick (it may be a different color, because lights are pink). Her long hair and flirty-somewhat attitude reminds me of Simca in the early chapters of Air Gear.

And she throws all of her clothes off. Her body is censored by bright white light. She jumps into the crowd, naked, toward Taketo, who is grinning and laughing like a retard. The opening plays. Hmm… hot girl… naked body… likes Taketo… sound familiar? Yep, it’s another one of Taketo’s sexy fantasies. He is brought back to reality by my now 2nd favorite character, Raika. Instead of photographing the idol as she is supposed to be, she shoots a number of shots with flash in front of Taketo’s face. Lol. 

Utae, the idol, is singing a concert while her fans cheer, “Utae! Utae!” (it actually sounds like ‘Oo! Ta-ay!’). Everyone (except Raika as will be later revealed) is charmed by her singing. A flashback occurs, where Akutagawa is shown being ordered around by the chief. Bouncy-breasts chief and her two bodyguards that stalk her around and rape her at night order him to get an interview with Utae, who evidently is very popular among their readers. Is it a newspaper…? A magazine? Probably a magazine. Not that I give a rat’s ass. Taketo looks around and sees Ran and Narukara, which triggers a flashback to episode 1 (where he almost raped her; no, not really it was a misunderstanding). The concert ends with a big bang, where a bunch of colored smoke explodes? and causes Utae’s skirt to flip up. Sadly, we don’t get to see anything, but the crowd goes wild. Oh, hey look, it’s that dwarf inventor genius.

Too big of an explosion… isn’t that bad? Ran and Narukara talk about the concert, with Narukara ending the extremely short and useless conversation by saying that she doesn’t know what she thought about the concert. Taketo and Raika go meet up with Utae for an interview. Utae surprisingly knows Taketo’s name (wtf?! IKR RIGHT?!) and asks what he writes.

DUN DUN DUN. The moment of truth. While Taketo tries to come up with something, Raika bluntly states that he writes porno. Akutagawa is prepared to get punched, kicked, slapped, thrown out, etc etc. Then suddenly Utae says, “Wow!” WHAT? She then goes on to say that she always thought porn novels were written by scary people. Utae does that cute little Japanese “ehhhhhh” thing. She appreciates his working in a very difficult genre, which makes Taketo very happy. What surprises me is what she says after that.

Omg. She knows Taketo’s favorite phrase. This girl is into porno? Youmebednao. 

Emitted from his words were, “where I can sexually harass you”. God, when she smiles she’s so cute. Utae and Taketo get friendly; she tells him to call her Utae (her last name is Sonokae). What he asks her is emitted because Akutagawa is narrating about how wonderful it is to have the #1 student and idol as his fan. So use your imagination as to what kind of questions were asked. ;D After a couple of pictures are taken, Raika refuses to take anymore and will not give the photos to Taketo because 

Utae confesses that she doesn’t feel like she is being the ‘real’ her. She feels she is just skating by, using her own talent. Come on, no one actually thinks about this crap, do they? This just makes for a sappy story (sorry for all you that love those). Utae ends the conversation by saying that sometimes she feels as though she is betraying her fans and she hates it. Taketo fails the interview and feels down until Ritsu, the genius mathematician, gives him a pep talk. During the conversation, Taketo asks Ritsu who is in Barcelona for some math award conference thing to get him something related to bullfighting and a swordsman. The pictures tell it all.

Taketo, having hung up on Ritsu, is now depressed and sitting at the table when the chief comes up to him and asks about the interview. She somewhat scolds him and then encourages him to get the interview. Narukara seems somewhat interested in Akutagawa. Did I mention that the chief has fucking gigantic breasts? What the fuck is this shit? It’s like a freaking Z cup.

This was just so cute I had to post it up.

Back to the story, Taketo searches all around to find Utae and cheer her up. Fucking annoying ass bitchhole Ran shows up and begins talking shit to Taketo, who responds all seriously (which pisses me off as well, I guess I’m just in a foul mood). Narukara is watching/stalking Akutagawa, which I guess begins the love interest. As he runs, there are strange pink arrows that point toward Utae’s location. The chief is shown next to a bodyguard holding the pink arrow signs which totally shows that Taketo is being played like a drum. He runs through the girls’ dressing room (YEAHHHH!)

And sees this sign.


Taketo is seduced by Utae’s sexy legs and nice breasts. He’s trying to control himself, but it gets harder and harder (mentally, not PHYSICALLY. well.. who knows). Anyway, he’s all red, so Utae checks him for a fever by putting her forehead on his, which pretty much short circuits him. He goes out of control and writes a novel on the chalkboard near them. Taketo becomes assertive and asks her to listen to a story about a poet and a songstress. It’s very sexy. It’s a boring story, so if you want to know about it, watch the episode. Here are some pictures, though.

After this boob face plant, Taketo gets a giant nosebleed and lies down happy. He then wakes up and wonder what happened. Next to him is a ticket to Utae’s next concert, which probably signifies that he helped cheer her up. Who knows what they did. God Only Knows.
(Readers: Writer, bad pun is bad.
Me: Shut up, I’m writing, not you. But yeah, it’s a bad pun.)

There’s another concert, and Utae is even better than before. Raika asks what happened, and Taketo answers that he simply reinterviewed her.

Later, Taketo is trying to write a novel, but he keeps thinking about the meaning of the story he told Sonokae. He then thinks about Narukara. The episode ends with our friendly neighborhood Raika looking at a photo she took (some process to make the photo show up correctly and not fucked up in a dark room) and smiling dastardly.

—This is the end of the review—

Character List

Meguru Tetsubou, a genius of gymnastics.

Botan Beni, a genius of art.

Ran Musen, a genius of programming.

Star Kiya, a genius narrator.

Tsukuru Kagaku, a genius of inventions.

Buchou, a genius of… being a chief of journalism?

Utae Sonokoe, a genius of… being an idol?

Raika Meiki, a genius of photography and sexual desire apparently.

Fukune Narukara, a genius of the clarinet.

Ritsu Ensuu, a genius of mathematics.

And finally, the protagonist, Taketo Akutagawa, a genius of erotic literature.

All right, that’s all for now. Wow this is long. See you later~

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