Mayo Chiki! Episode 2 Review


Before we start, A/N: R-15 Episode 2 Review is ready to be posted. It will be up at 7:00 PM CST -5:00

Here we are, back with Mayo Chiki! Episode 2, and Kinjiro has things going on with Subaru.

Konoe leaves early in the morning. A blond guy (or is it a girl…?) comes up to her and tries to hug her. She throws him/her, but the he-she thing returns quickly (as expected of someone from that household). Lady Suzutsuki is enjoying an omelet. Yes, random. Kinjiro is shown walking to school together with Subaru, with a girl stalking them. That’s his sister, just so you know. I hope I didn’t spoil everything for you. The opening plays. Kinjiro’s best male friend pops up next to him while he is daydreaming in class, and interrogates his friendship with Subaru. He warns Kinjiro that the S4, Shooting Star Subaru-Sama, has begun moving (to kill him ofc).


A chick tries to kill Kinjiro, but a branch of the S4, “Let’s Warmly Protect Subaru-sama Committee” saves him. LWPSSC…? The girl who saves him apparently seems to be into yaoi and is hoping for that kind of relationship between him and Subaru. He’s having a hard time at school thanks to Suzutsuki, so in apology she gives him a sheep ticket. With this, he can make Konoe do any one command. She gives him some ideas.

He supposedly doesn’t have any ideas of the sort, and Suzutsuki laughs him off. Kinjiro later stares at Konoe during break? Lunch break? Anyway, he’s deeply interested in her. Hurhurhurhurhurhur lol. After school, Subaru and Kinjiro are on a date (although Suzutsuki was supposed to be there thereby rendering it not a date…). Suzutsuki talks to the two of them through the phone, but you know. It’s just not the same. Although it provides more laughs along the way. Take for example, this scene when Suzutsuki tells Subaru to undress. She actually begins to strip.

Pure Kinjiro stops her. Subaru goes to change, and comes out looking all hot n sexy. She has nice curves, and her breasts have apparently gotten bigger! Yay~~~~. They go inside some store, and play the all-so-common-during-a-date plushie catcher game thing. The guy is always good at this and gets a girl something, and that’s exactly what Kinjiro does.

Dam that’s cute. Subaru and Kinjiro later rest on a bench, and she asks him why he has gynophobia. His illness is explained; it is because the female side of his family are vicious monsters that will destroy pretty much anything in their path and have used him as their punching bag for years. His mom is a world famous champion at fighting. Kinjiro claims that it is a reflex to bleed so that they would stop hurting him, and Subaru comments on what a kind family he has. He ruins the moment by adding that they only stopped so that they wouldn’t get blood on the floor. Yup. Suzutsuki calls, and the second stage begins. First stage was the date, I guess. Konoe breathes in Kinjiro’s ear (program 1). Some girl is watching, by the way. She pulls off her ribbon (breast area program 2). She pulls his hand toward her chest (program 3). They stop just in time when Suzutsuki wants to talk to Kinjiro. As a reward for not having a nosebleed, Suzutsuki lets him use a sheep ticket on Subaru. Konoe exclaims, “Why do you have that?!” 

Once he realizes that the order he will give is absolute, a flash of the commands Suzutsuki previously suggested is shown going through Kinjiro’s head. He shakes himself out of it and sees the sheep he got for her and tells her to say, “Baah.” Good going, bro. Sounds pretty sexy to me.

It goes without saying that Subaru is mad, and tries to exact revenge by continuing the charade that he is her master. She tries to make him have a nosebleed by touching him, but Kinjiro’s sister attacks.

It seems as though Kinjiro’s sister had been spying on them all day. She calls Konoe a cross-dressing pervert and attempts to attack her. Subaru owns her with one move, ez. Kureha/imouto runs away while crying. The pair say their farewells to each other and head home for the night. Kinjiro sees a teddy bear with its stuffing protruding and a knife pinning it to the wall. He fixes it right up, talking to it as if he were a no-life. (Come on bro, you have a fine girl!) At school, it’s physical examinations time. Kinjiro helps/measures Konoe each and every time, getting a nosebleed here and there, since she’s a girl. Subaru also helps measure Kinjiro and takes care of him as well (if the person measuring is female). I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The picture below is Kinjiro trying to measure her heartrate, but he can’t deal with it well enough and passes out.

‘As thanks’, Konoe invites Kinjiro to eat with her (whysotsundere?). The two go to buy some bread, and as she picks out like 100 different types of bread, the S4 members have grouped in masses (unnoticed by Subaru somehow) planning to kill Kinjiro. He rushes her, and they have lunch together on a bench. After a boring conversation, the pair decide to call each other by their first names.

Konoe falls asleep on Kinjiro’s shoulder like a good girl, and Suzutsuki finally comes around to say hi. Her plan bore fruit. Kinjiro is not bleeding, and Subaru found a friend she could trust. 

Kinjiro finally goes home, to find his sister waiting for him. Another beating in store…? No. She asks him whether he is dating Konoe, and he refutes the very idea. Kureha then confesses her love for Subaru, and Kinjiro goes nuts. There’s a picture of female signs in the background (signifying yuri probably) as he faints.

Fun episode, can’t wait to see what happens next (although the manga tells me pretty much what happens in the next episode). See you later~

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