The IDOLM@STER Episode 1 Review


Well, looking at the current animes out right now, i’m pretty positive this is at either the middle or at the top (unlikely) at the crop.  Cause everything else happens to be fanservice and lolicons’ wet dreams.  But i’m not saying that everything out there right now is smut, but The IDOLM@sters happens to be little less extreme in the fanservice department thats why it has gotten the honor to be reviewed by ME! (and not Light! whose actually doing more work that i am..for once)

Note: I must thank Light for getting all these pictures while i was busy with some family issues. Episodes 2 and 3 will be reviewed in the following week

Well to make this quick, this is not the IDOLM@STERs Xenoglassia, instead of mechs we actually have the original adaptation of the game which focuses on you the player being the producer of a bunch of rising stars or idols.


The episode starts off with a calming scene of a girl riding her bike to the train station and meeting the narrator.  Instead of the typical voiced narrator, we instead of a camera fixed on the character (in this scene the girl) and we have subtitles coming out without voices:

Say hello to Haruka Amami

Good news: I think i’ll actually like the main girl here. She’s just an average, pretty faced girl whose pretty new to the idol gig.

I thought she was the main character at first. Then I realized she wasn’t hot enough. Hurhur wat. Not bad at all, though.

Well after the train ride we meet yet another girl at a store

Meet Makoto Kikuchi, she’s apparently the tomboy in this series.

I like this one. Reminds me of Oreimo’s sister without the tsundere/hater part.

Well with those two girls introduced we move on to their studio, 765 Pro.  It’s a nice, tidy workplace and we see 2 girls at work over their schedules and the lack of prominent girls for auditioning

Meet Akizuki Ritsuko, she’s the buisness women in the building.  She used to be an idol too but later decided to be the producer and semi-manager of the company. She tells us that there are currently 12 girls that are novice idols.  Side Note: Dammit, whats with girls and glasses to me..

Sorry, too old.

Well, immediately we have another profile of yet more girls, this time, twins

Meet the Futami twins, Ami and Mami.  They give nicknames to everyone in the studio and basically are the ones that keep the place lively.

They’re just way too overexcited and cheery. Kind of a turn off, if you ask me. I don’t mind too much, though.

While the twins try to grab the attention of the camera, another girl starts crying/screaming about her lost pet

Say hi to Hibiki Ganaha, she’s also the energetic girl with a slight tomboyish side.  She reminds me a lot of Kyouko from Madoka.  She’s crying at the moment because she misplaced her hamster, cleverly named Hamzou.  The girls chase after the hamster followed by another girl, whose voice sounded painfully familiar.  They trap the hamster into one corner, while Makoto and another girl are chatting.  The girl who was helping the Futami Twins and Hibiki find the hamster yells Cockroach and all hell breaks loose

Feed your damn hamster, dammit. Why the hell would you eat its food? Oh well. You’re cute, so I’ll look over it.

This is Yukiho Hagiwara, she’s the crybaby and extremely sensitive girl who happened to be afraid of not just the cockroach but the fact that the interviewer/cameraman/narrator is a guy. By the way, she’s prone to dig holes and hide in them in situations.  She and Makoto freak out the most while another girl pops up to see what happened

Shy girl? I teach you, we play doctor. Let’s go.

This is Yayoi Takasugi Takatsuki.  She’s the kind but ditzy girl. She tries to calm down Yukiho from digging the mentioned hole in the kitchen.  Makoto continues to freak out about the cockroach.  Hibiki then corrects her saying that Hamzou is a hamster

I don’t see her as anything special; nothing makes her really stand out. But you know. Cute girl.

The culprit behind that absurdely easy prank is

Iori possesses the voice of Nagi/Louise/Shana/Aria so i hate her already.  But her voice is also Kagura’s from Gintama.  I’ll give her a chance. She carries around a bunny doll everywhere she goes too.  Iori is told that she is actually in front of camera, so she puts on hold the tsun, and activates the dere (see what i did there?).  The hunt for the hamster goes around the building.

K just go die plox.

We then see Haruka and another girl talking about the ipod.  Haruka tries to explain memory sizes that is different from actual sizes.  The girl who is listening deems it too complicated

Say hi to Chihaya Kisaragi, she’s the awkward one whose not that easy to get along with.  She’s kinda the downer but she happens to be mature compared to the rest of the gang.

The cool, mature, hot one. Gogo! #3

So while everything else is going on, two girls happen to be just reading the news paper/magazines.  One is happy that her fortune is to be very fair in love while she’s kinda “eh”-ed on her job’s fortune.

This is Azusa Miura, she’s like the older sister for the young girls around here.  She’s extremely nice but has a terrible sense of direction.

Yeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~ She’s probably the 1st/2nd most talented here next to Mikimiki. #1/#2

this is Takane Shijou.  She’s the spoiled but kind girl whose probably the smartest but kinda wierd.  She’s not the most smartest person in the sarcasm department.  While Azusa and Takane are getting interviewed, the girls finally corner Hamzou near another girl in the room.  The hamster apparently goes down the girls clothes, but is promptly pulled out by Hibiki.  All the comotion wakes up the other girl

Reminds me of Yuu somehow, but not really. Rich bitch. Not bad.

This is Miki Hoshii, who happens to be a middle schooler, goddamn she’s fine nice.  Being one of the youngest idols here, she happens to be the one with the bigger chest.

Yeeeee~~~~~ She’s probably one of the most talented here, and one of my favorite idols. Hot, big chest, cute. Kgogo #1/#2

Well from here on out, we just see that daily lives the girls go through.  Haruka, Chihaya, and Miki goes practicing singing; Makoto and Yukiho gets interviewed again.  Makoto also gets quite sad when asked why she was admired by girls too; Haruka and the other producer (her name is Kotori Otonashi) go outside to promote the company; Chihaya goes singing at the nearby theater; Takane and Hibiki gets a mock interview (quite literally cause they got sidetracked); Azusa talks about getting hired for a gravure model; Yayoi and Iori gets interviewed again, Iori happens to be spoiled while Yayoi is in the poor house.  The day’s work is almost over, but we actually get to see some idols at work, they sing they dance, happy happy

Well the president of the company finally gives us a visit and tells that girls that he has big news.  The President reveals that their new producer will be joining them today

Well if you already read my Summer preview post, you would already know who the new producer is, if not, IT’S THE CAMERMAN! The girls get suprised pretty well but before the president even finishes his sentence, the girls start swarming around the new producer

Go rape him, girls!

He sure as hell looks the part (no sarcasm, as ordinary as he looks, he kinda fits the whole “manager” thing quite well

Looks very plain. He kind of reminds me of Yukio from Ao no Exorcist. For all those who haven’t watched it, it’s about the older son of Satan who becomes an exorcist to fight demons.. anyway, Yukio is the younger son of Satan who did not receive Satan’s powers (ironically, he’s more skilled and experience in exorcism).

Well thats IDOLM@STERS for you people, the pilot is introducing everyone dreams and goals while finally revealing who the new producer is.  Decent episode, and somewhat entertaining, i will be waiting for new episodes.

And i’m calling a beach episode somewhere around episode 7-10, i bet you

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