Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni! Episode 2 Review


Here we are, on episode 2 of Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni!, and we have yet to see any real plot. Honestly, I’m wondering if this season will be pure fanservice, seeing as there has been no school, no beings, etc. Let’s get down to business, though.

Episode 1: Akihisa and his friends go to the beach. The guys and gals have an argument, with the gals saying that Yuuji and Yoshii have never and never will hit on a girl successfully. Later, Yoshii and Yuuji see Voyeur/Kouta hitting on girls (unintentionally) with his camera. With this, the pair of boys decide to prove the girls wrong by hitting on girls. They fail miserably, and the girls find out. Yuuji and Yoshii are in for a big punishment.

The episode starts off with Yoshii in front of a river, one we all know leads to death. River Styx. He’s wondering what the hell he’s doing here, when three ghosts pop up and try to lure him over.


Obviously, Akihisa is freaked out, and he sees Yuuji on the other side, who tries to convince him to come. Yuuji transforms into a ghost, flies over to Yoshii, opens his mouth, and engulfs him, triggering the opening. The narrator recalls what happened in the previous episode. Akihisa, Hideyoshi, Yuuji, and Voyeur are lazying around in what is probably the guys’ area, talking about their punishment. Intentionally vague, they all recall what happened. Akihisa and Yuuji think what Hideyoshi calls a ‘near-death experience’ was too light of a punishment, and that the girls have something in store for them later. They plan to run away, but at that very moment the girls walk in wearing their yukatas. Yoshii, for the first time in his life, realizes that the girls are cute and is charmed by them. Kudou notices this and teases Akihisa and explains how yukatas and kimonos are so practical because they can make pretty much anyone look good. She reveals a bit of her bare legs to Voyeur, who notices it immediately, causing a nosebleed.

Another one of those “DON’T DIE VOYEUR!” scenes with Hideyoshi telling him to get a hold of himself occurs. Another dramatic scene with Voyeur’s death causes a star to fall out of the sky. The dastardly Shouko asks Yuuji whether she looks good, to which he replies that it suits her. She prompts him as to whether he wants to marry her then, to which he replies that he doesn’t in the slightest. She prompts him further as to whether he wants to get engaged then, to which he turns her down by saying not in the slightest. Shouko says, “Then do you want to-”, but Yuuji says no right away. She threatens him by asking if he wants to stay alive, which causes him to suck up to her. Shouko complains that he is not honest, and Yuuji reminds her that she made him say that. She retorts by quoting the famous quote, “All’s fair in love and war.” Speechless. Akihisa is wondering why the girls aren’t mad as he had thought they would be as the group heads out to the festival.
All throughout the festival, the girls are kind and caring to the boys, especially Akihisa (since most of the girls like him).

Hideyoshi is surprised by colored chicks, which he apparently thought were extinct. Now I’m wondering, when did they ever exist? Aiko/Kudou explains that the chicks were simply colored. Voyeur has an image of white, non-colored chicks being harassed by a painter who paints them different colors. As the guys’ suspicions of the girls slowly fade away, they encounter an unlikely problem. The boys suggest that the girls enter the Miss Yukata contest. As each of the girls agree, and evil aura spreads toward Akihisa and Yuuji. The two boys realize they have been deceived when Yoshii’s sister says, “Let’s participate. All of us.”

Epic ninja movement right there. Took me like 20 tries to capture that picture. The guys attempt to run away, but they fail to and are forced into participating. Although it is not the fault of Hideyoshi or Voyeur, they are forced into the contest as well. Imagine what would happen if Hideyoshi got up there. Oh heavens. The four guys end up looking ‘pretty’ (not really. 1st goes to Hideyoshi. Then perhaps Yoshii). Yoshii’s sister compliments him on growing up to be so beautiful. Oh the irony. Hideyoshi asks why he has to participate, and apparently the answer goes without saying. The guys gather backstage to plan a way to get out of this mess, but no resolution is found. Unwillingly, one by one they get up on the stage with Yoshii as the lead.

He does surprisingly well. God I love the judges in this contest. Mr. Obata, the pervert sponsor, asks if Yoshii is wearing any underwear. Yoshii thinks, “Underwear? Girls’ underwear?!” and shouts that he is not. All the boys in the crowd go wild, and the pink heart number bar thing exceeds the bar’s limit. I have to say, the faceless judge is a boss. Or at least his voice is.

Voyeur goes up, sarcastically congratulating Yoshii on doing so well. He attempts to get a low score by answering with just yes’s and no’s, but that doesn’t work out when the judge asks what kind of costumes he wears other than yukata. Voyeur lists: chinese dresses, kimonos, race queen, cheer leader, nurse, flight attendant, waitress, policewoman outfits, leotard, pants suits, sailor suits, blazers, shrine maiden, maid, and tennis outfits. He realizes what he has said and corrects himself by quickly interrupting “oh nothing, really.” But the crowd goes wild after seeing his appeal points go up with each costume he likes.

He obviously failed to do badly in the contest, and Yuuji makes a joke of this by saying, “Nice own goal.” He then goes up to the stage. Mr. Obata asks Yuuji to go out with him, and out of jealousy Shouko destroys the entire stage. The gang are reflecting on the day and the contest and talking about who would have one. If Hideyoshi had stepped foot on stage, “All hell would have broken loose.” Yoshii’s sister claims to have seen Yoshii crossdress many times, so she prefers the other two. Akihisa objects, claiming he doesn’t. She teases him, asking, “Weren’t you wearing a skirt last night when you were sleeping?” He complains and asks what she did to him. She smiles and jokes, “Don’t worry, half of it is a lie.” I want a sister like this. He asks how half of it can be a lie, to which she replies that it was only slightly above his knees. Yoshii complains, “So you put it on me just halfway?” The next scene is best described by this picture.

Yoshii collapses at the thought. The food is ready, and Himeji complains about not being able to help cook. Akihisa mentally explains, “It’s just that you don’t need a knife to kill people.” In case you haven’t seen the first season, her cooking can cause even those with the strongest of stomachs to pass out. All the guys support him on this, adding their thoughts as well. The girls plan to have a cooking competition later, and the guys are worried. A while later, all the food is gone, but Yuuji is still hungry. Let the pictures do the explaining from here on.

Hideyoshi and Voyeur immediately join the two in the sea. By the way, what they’re hunting for is crabs.
Hideyoshi: “Isn’t the night sea so inviting?”
Voyeur: “I love crabs!”

Well, that’s all for this episode. See you later~

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