Summer Anime Preview


Unlike a few seasons ago, i decided to watch the majority of the animes released this summer, and this detailed post will let you know on what me and Light thinks about most of the animes out.  I can expect a lot of dropped series, because i like to limit myself, and i got work in a week  NOTE: the first episode of IDOLM@STERS will be reviewed in next weeks, i want to decide which series i will cover

If you haven’t noticed: Baka to Test II, Mayo Chiki, and R-15 is being covered by Light and i am watching them as well



Did i seriously just watch 6th graders, the size of my table play basketball?  And did i just see one of those 6th graders with a noticeable chest? Well other than that, it’s a story of a highschooler teaching middle school girls how to play basketball.  This anime is probably for lolicons, and it was pretty obvious before i even started watching the video.  I would love to stop watching…but the main character’s sister caught my attention….she’s  loli too but hey, at least she’s OLDER.

Watching (just for one girl)

Kami Sama no Memo Chou

So it begins like Durarara, only the main dude has no friends.  He gets pulled into a club and meets a reclusive girl whose weak and like being alone.  It calls itsef a mystery series, but i don’t know.  Mystery series are usually good or bad, and it depends on the detective or the case itself.  On this anime, i hated both.

Dropped (cause i hate both of the leads)

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel

I could ask myself, “what the hell was i expecting” when i watched this.  The thing i saw was another mahou shoujo-esque duo of girls fighting crime and being normal highschool girls routine.  I didn’t expect another mahou shoujo series to surpass Madoka in terms of entertainment and impact.  So whats the answer?

Dropped (cause i said so)

Uta no Prince Sama

A series where a girl attends a school full of Bishounens (beautiful guys)? Hell i already go to a school full of guys, sure we’re bros, but come on.  My mind and eyes had enough guys for a while.

Dropped (cause i’m a guy)

Sacred Seven

Average delinquint beats up a few dudes, acts antisocial, but anime logic proves itself right as being antisocial will attract a girl to your side.  Did i mention its a mech anime?

Dropped (because if i need to watch a mech anime, i would watch Eureka 7)

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

Oh if only she was 5-9 years older…This series is told around a young girl who goes to France to work at a store.  It’s kinda wierd that they are speaking Japanese when they should be speaking French.  It’s a thing that got me when i watched it.  The description says something about getting past cultural barriers.  Still, whats with the massive amount of loli’s this season?

Watching (for now…)

Kamisama Dolls

So a dude gets drunk in a party with all his friends.  Whilst doing something else while being drunk, they encounter a dead body.  Turns out that the dude’s younger siser and her doll, is responsible.  I didn’t catch that, and obviously didn’t find this series extremely enticing.  Mystery and murder crimes (unless its like Lupin or Sherlock Holmes [fuck off aria] then i would bother reading them) aren’t really my thing.

Dropped (for yet another murder mystery and loli’s)


Instead of the average narrator with a voice, the narrator instead is a person in the series who we don’t get to see for a while.  Instead of talking with a voice, it instead talks by subtitles. Also, DAMMIT WHY IS THE MANAGER WITH THE GLASSES HOT.  Overall, entertaining to watch, not over the top, not too boring.  Girls are nice looking, im appreciating the art and the nice characters here.  Turns out the camera dude whose been kinda interviewing them was the manager.  I guess i will be covering this, so wait for it next week.  I still need to get the characters’ names down

Watching (cause it has potential, and it was a popular game)

Double J

Its art is nothing i have ever seen.  And that is indeed a good thing.  However, i sense (or rather predict) a lack of depth or fanservice in the coming episodes.  However, something still holds me to this series.  It reminds me of Cromartie highschool, good shots of a single character usually just talking and so on.  And then i go on to learn that the maker of Cromartie made this too, only with pretty nice looking girls, win combo

Watching (because its cromartie, only with girls, plus the cover was hot)

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

Art is unique, have no idea what to call it.  Girls were really cute, but it’s just that it deals with vampires, loli’s, and guys protecting the loli’s (the most).   Sorry, i’ve losted my respect to the vampire world, unless they make a Castlevania remake

Dropped (another excuse to use the vampire name)

Manyuu Hikenchou

yeah hahahahahaha…, just check what its about, i can take only so much absurdity

Dropped (cause its plot/action is just not worth it)

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