Mayo Chiki! Episode 1 Review


We have yet another new series here for everyone that’s reading. Its name is Mayo Chiki! This series is centered on our gynophobic (not a real word, but you know what I mean), 17 year old friend named Kinjiro Sakamachi who all of a sudden discovers that Kanade Suzutsuki’s handsome butler Subaru Konoe is actually a girl.

The episode starts off with a daily routine common to every male teen, getting every bone in the body destroyed by a younger sister. It seems his mother is no different; a monster of sheer power and ferocity who “quit being human ages ago”. Scene change to the school entrance, where the butler Subaru Konoe helps his lady Kanade Suzutsuki out of the limo amidst the screaming and envy of schoolgirls. After a short conversation between Kinjiro and his friend about butlers in the modern era, a number of scenes involving Konoe helping Suzutsuki occur, all the while being surrounded by fan girls. It is then that Konoe retires to the men’s bathroom, and during this, a girl approaches Kinjiro to tell him that he has a piece of string on his uniform. There our protagonist’s gynophobia is revealed, when he backs away in a rush from the girl and instead asks his friend to take it off. This causes a misunderstanding, the thought that Kinjiro likes MEN.


All the girls are terrified, but Kinjiro screams in denial of this. Yet the evidence that Kinjiro does not talk to or approach the girls in his class seems pretty flawless. He is then accused of taking a romantic interest toward Konoe. By the way, when Kinjiro’s friend calls Kinjiro by his full name, Kinjiro yells at him to not do so for a reason that will be revealed later into the episode. The idea of liking Konoe is denied. Kinjiro’s friend claims that they used to be so close and alike that they would share porn magazines… Out of embarrassment and desperation to get out of there, Kinjiro dashes toward the bathroom. The same bathroom where our ‘male’ Konoe is probably taking care of ‘his’ business. On the way, he bumps a chick with interesting ears (cosplay?) that talks about writing a story. Of course, Kinjiro runs away.

The setting is now the men’s bathroom, where Kinjiro is standing in front of the sink. He sighs, “safe…” and feels pain in his stomach. Better take care of his business. WAIT DON’T GO INTO THAT STA— OSHI—. Dramatic music plays, as he slowly discovers that Subaru Konoe is in fact a girl. Nice panties, by the way.

The opening plays. Awkward… Kinjiro is in denial… asking, “Konoe… Subaru?” Then he goes on to apologize and comment awkwardly that the lock must have been broken while wondering why the hell Konoe is wearing girls’ underwear. He talks to himself about why Konoe might be wearing them, but he does not realize that he is still standing in front of a girl who is taking care of her business. Kinjiro tries to make it easy on himself by simply concluding that Konoe is a pervert. He steps out of the bathroom, and wonders why the butler would have such a fetish even though he’s great at everything. It is then Konoe steps out of the bathroom and radiates an evil aura (it’s not shown, but you can guess that he is by the shade over his eyes). Banter between the two whether Kinjiro saw his underwear or not continues, with Konoe ultimately winning.

Konoe attacks Kinjiro, who is temporarily out of breath but still conscious, which surprises her. She claims that she will hurt Kinjiro just enough only to make him lose his memory, not kill him or anything of the sort. Kinjiro attempts to run, but whatever he does is futile. After a short battle, Konoe announces that she will finish him with her ‘butler knuckle’. Our main character comments on this, saying that she isn’t very good at naming things. This causes a temporary comedy scene, where Konoe objects to this. She says that she will now finish him off with her ultimate move, “End of Earth”. Kinjiro interrupts to say that her sense of names is just horrid then apologizes by saying that he realizes how much effort she must have put into those names. At that time we can see how cute Konoe is. “Do not look at me like I am pitiful. Damn it… I thought it was cool.”

I love how cute she is in this scene. Kinjiro realizes how cute Konoe is and wonders if he is gay or not. A glass somehow falls on its own, and heads for Konoe. Kinjiro dives to rescue her, only to fall under the misunderstanding that he attacked her to touch her breasts. The ‘hero’ is sent flying after a punch by Konoe, and FINALLY realizes that she is a girl. No shit, man…? She was wearing girls’ underwear… She is now pissed off that he touched her boobs and got a nosebleed from stimulation (although that isn’t the exact reason he got it). Konoe throws a fire extinguisher at Kinjiro, who finally falls unconscious. He wakes up in the nurse’s office to find himself chained, with Suzutsuki sleeping next to him. The mistress tricks Kinjiro into believing that he is a cyborg and tells him to shout “Transform!”. Because he’s an idiot, he does so. Obviously nothing happens. Lolowned.

Kinjiro asks Suzutsuki if she was the one who shackled him to the bed, which she affirms. He’s now wondering where the hell the school nurse is and discovers that Suzutsuki bribed her to leave by slapping her face with cash. Suzutsuki then tells him that they are the only ones in the room, meaning that she decides whether he lives or dies. She then crawls towards him seductively, breathing in his ear and asking whether she should start with his ear or sterilization… Kinjiro finally asks what Suzutsuki wants, and she tells him that this is only to protect her butler’s secret. Well, no shit. What, do you have an F in common sense, Kinjiro? A lame flashback occurs that basically explains to Kinjiro why Konoe is coming to school as a butler. Long story short: She’s female, females can’t be butlers, Suzutsuki’s dad (director of academy) gave her test to last 3 years in high school without being discovered. When Kinjiro worries about Konoe and where she is, Suzutsuki moves the curtain behind her and reveals Konoe… all tied up and looking rapable (yes, another pseudoword).

Kinjiro asks that the restraints on Subaru/Konoe are taken off, and Suzutsuki begins. She releases Subaru’s mouth first, and Subaru requests that the rest of the chains are released so that she may destroy Kinjiro. Kinjiro obviously yells in objection to this. Suzutsuki again asserts her authority in this situation. She at last reveals her master plan to prevent Kinjiro from telling Konoe’s secret to anyone. It seems Suzutsuki has discovered his gynophobia and teases him about it. She then goes on to say that his body has some sort of allergic reaction when a girl touches him and calls him a “chicken bastard” who is afraid of being touched by girls. The chicken part is related to Kinjiro’s full name, Sakamachi Kinjiro. Sakama…chi… Kin…jiro.

Pray that you never get her as an enemy. She realized that ‘chicken’ was in his name, and Kinjiro cries out in agony and woe. Meanwhile, Konoe has a very cute face and repeats, “Sakama… chicken… Jirou…” Suzutsuki offers to help Kinjiro cure his phobia under the deal that he does not breathe a word of Subaru’s secret to anyone. Or else… -dramatic music-. He pretty much agrees, and Suzutsuki touches Kinjiro’s face, claiming that she needs to know his body’s limits. Kinjiro begs for Konoe’s help, but as she is locked in chains, she responds with a witty reply, “I am a butler, not a magician.” The scene ends with another of Kinjiro’s screams. It’s back at the Sakamachi household, and Kinjiro’s sister wakes him up with another deadly move. The sister leaves the house, and Kinjiro laments his life how the house is his only sanctuary while walking towards the bathroom. He opens the door to discover that his sanctuary has been defiled by a naked Konoe (more like it was a dump and now it’s been blessed by her presence).

What a cute picture that was. Anyway, Konoe was near the Sakamachi house on Suzutsuki’s orders when she was invited in by the sister. After this explanation, Subaru reminds him that he’s now seen her naked, and radiates an aura with an intent to murder. She punches him, and as he blanks out, he asks a rhetorical question asking if everyday will be like this from now on…?

I like this series because it’s another one of those boy/girl misunderstanding things, and especially because Subaru is so cute! She’s like Hayate, but gender flipped (in the sense that they both look good as the opposite sex).

See you later~

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