R-15 Episode 1 Review


We have a new series here today for all you folks, and it’s called R-15. Yes, just like the E/PG/PG-13/R or whatever we have in America, R-15 is Rated 15. So all you folks who aren’t 15 or over, get the——-.

Moving on, this is a series about a porn novel writer named Taketo Akutagawa, who will most likely be our protagonist. He applies to a high school named Hirameki Gakuen, which only accepts people with “unique” talents. Now he must lead his classmates to win an interclass competition while trying to create the perfect HAREM!


The story begins with a narrator (most likely Akutagawa) narrating the story of  two people about to ‘break every rule’. The sensei walks into the classroom, looking at a note that a girl wrote to him about meeting there after school. The girl waiting there lifts up her skirt, bends over, and as the sensei approaches, the screen fades and a scream is heard. The opening plays. Not a bad opening, I downloaded it. I download decent/good openings onto my computer. The scene flips to a boy in a classroom (WTF I KNEW HE’D BE YOUNG BUT HE’S LIKE FUCKING 10!), fantasizing, when a teacher walks up to him and tells him to stop talking while he is in his fantasies.

Apparently everyone knows this habit of his and heard him do this many times before, as proven by a girl who says, “There he goes again.” Okay, this class is just fucked up. The girl who commented on Akutagawa’s habit is staring at pictures of hot girls on her laptop and making moaning sounds while doing so. Afterwards, a pink haired girl who apparently likes Taketo proclaims him to be a ‘spring beast’ and takes imaginary pictures of him with a finger camera (you know, like two L’s put together).

Akutagawa’s blond friend is apparently a nerd and tells him that his thoughts never seem to fit any formula. What? What a queer. Taketo is tired from all the excessive comments that evidently have happened before as well. He turns to look at a pink haired girl (a different one, this one’s hair is short) who shyly hides behind her book. Narukara seems to be her name, and it appears as though Taketo has taken a romantic liking to her. Everything is going badly for our protagonist. However, this isn’t the worst he’d experienced, it seems. According to him, in middle school when he debuted, girls were afraid of him wherever he went, and people called him horrible names.

Akutagawa can enjoy his life now, though, because of… Inspiration Academy Private High School, a sacred place for geniuses across Japan. None of the decencies in the real world apply in this paradise (so, just wondering, can we rape…?). The Academy’s motto is: “Trust your inspiration! Trust your talent! Follow your own path!” His blond friend speaks to Taketo during lunch and tries to understand him, but Taketo claims that no one understands him because they have lost sight of the truth. “Sex lies at the core of human existence! Thus, to write of sex is to write of what truly makes us human!”

Our main character plans to become the greatest and most renowned writer in history… yes, through porn novels. He’ll have an island and live with hot chicks just like in a porn novel! YES! Taketo comes back to reality after fantasizing to find his friend’s face right in front of him and blushes. Then Akutagawa tells the friend that he ‘likes him’, causing senor blond to blush. Wtf? So the blond friend goes overboard and acts all girly (apparently this is a common and repetitive trait of his) until Taketo stops him by writing pi on a notepad, causing him to go all mathy by reciting 3.141592653589793238462643… Akutagawa then sees three girls sitting together and has yet another fantasy about yuri this time. The blond’s name is finally revealed to be Ritsu.


Taketo has another fantasy about my favorite character, the hot long-haired pink-haired girl in this series. She snaps a photo of him, causing him to recoil in pain and reads what he wrote aloud. Lots of… interesting stuff there. She goes on to read until she reaches the part about the camerawoman, where it is evident that he was thinking about her. Instead of scolding Akutagawa, she encourages him to keep it up. Win<3. Oh, by the way, did I mention the short-haired pink-haired girl Taketo likes is named Narukara? We then come across ANOTHER HOT GIRL. She’s a genius singer, and I’ll take her as my 2nd favorite girl. Right now, it goes, 1. Pink-haired photographer 2. Singer Idol 3. Chief

Then a missile comes chasing after Akutagawa and he runs for his life. After he gets owned, a totally moe, short blonde chick comes along (genius inventor). Taketo then has a dream about meeting Narukara and he eats her clarinet reed, and she hits him with a rock, causing him to wake up. Weird, huh? Now he knows where to go meet her. While he runs, another cute character comes up, and I’m guessing this is a ‘genius’ cheerleader. What an oxymoron. Akutagawa then sees Narukara sleeping on a bench and he’s turned on, but he’s trying to resist. But his body cannot and instinctively pulls out a pen and begins writing on a rock? Taketo has a dream, and he wakes up to find himself wondering wtf he wrote. The photographer shows up and asks him what the fuck he is doing and why he isn’t doing things to sleeping Narukara already. She tells him to go devour her.

Hot photographer gets mad that Akutagawa isn’t acting like a horomone-driven teenager, and then sees the writing on the rock. She reads it, and as it does not relate to sex, she gets mad. The photographer asks what the hell he is doing, and tells him to write about a “woman’s bush or something”. She screams, “Rape! Violate!” and a whole bunch of other stuff that causes Narukara to moan, “Rape… Violate…” while sleeping. ANOTHER missile flies towards him, and the photographer once again runs away at the speed of light. Our protagonist panics, then decides to protect Narukara, which ends up with her waking up, him on top of her in a sexual position with their legs entwined, and with a bloody nose. Now she’s even more afraid of him. Good going, bro. Guy experiences love for the first time and he’s like wtf is this feeling? And so he decides to ignore the feeling and write some porn. Wait… what is this? He’s writing a light novel, not a porn novel! So he hasn’t completed anything when the chief comes up to him and asks him for his report. She acts all nice, then owns him by tying him up somehow. Sadistic, perhaps. The chief makes him moan with a flick of the string, and that’s pretty much how it ends— with a female chief torturing a male resident in a male dorm.

Lots of sexy scenes, I have to say, so I’m definitely going to be watching over this series throughout the summer.

See you later~

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  1. Seen this one too ^^ I like this quick review on episode 1 and I think some of your comments of the characters was really funny so I had a good laugh through the review thanks for writing it! ❤

  2. thanks for leaving a comment, we’ve been getting lonely here. Check back or subscribe to see even more funny comments on these animes to come.


    • It’s not quite hentai. It’s not exactly borderline either.
      All in all, there’s “sound effects” but graphically all body parts are censored by bright white light.
      I don’t quite know what that’d be called. I guess R-15?

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