Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni! Episode 1 Review


Baka to Test to Shōkanjū is finally back along with your favorite idiots (and/or geniuses)! And with it is an exciting new season for us, full of more comedy sprinkled with romance. This is a review of Episode 1 of Baka to Test to Shōkanjū 2.

The episode starts off with our baka protagonist, Yoshii, and his sister as they plan a trip for 9 people. She asks who these people are, and thus he is in quite the predicament, as his sister has forbidden him to make friends with girls (although he invited 4 of them!) He claims that the remaining 4 are a se-c-ret, and his sister threatens to slap him.


The sister then proceeds to threaten him with a kiss, leaving Yoshii to claim that these people are actually aliens. He backs away, only to have his sister move towards him, about to kiss; it goes black, and apparently Yoshii has pushed her away. The “We’re siblings” excuse is used, but it has no effect on her, who claims that it turns her on; this leads to the all-so-famous-in-all-anime interruption where a character suddenly speaks with a mature, serious voice. In this case, he calls his sister a pervert. A great scene follows, “Don’t worry, 30% of that was a joke.” “Crap, she was more than half serious.”

Yoshii tells his sister to promise that she won’t get mad, and she promises, as long as he didn’t invite any girls. She goes on to tease him that she won’t even make him crossdress. At this time, Yoshii makes a futile attempt to escape, and when he is caught, he begs to not get hit or placed in girls’ clothes; thus proving that he invited girls. He then cries that he is indebted to the girls for helping him with his studies, which his sister finally approves (but not without a threat of you-know-what-happens-if-you-try-to-do-anything-to-them; I’ll lay waste to your family). To which Yoshii CLEVERLY responds, “That means you’ll die too.” The opening plays. It’s not really my style, but it’s not half bad. The scene switches over to the van, where each person is represented by a Japanese character. Banter goes on in the char, and Himeji says that she got a new swimsuit! YES! Doesn’t look that appealing though… Her friend, Shimada, asks about the swimsuit she got a while back, and then concludes that Himeji must have gotten fatter. Hm… I wonder where. Meanwhile, Shimada happily says that she slimmed down. Then a gloomy aura covers her and she finishes the sentence by saying adding “my chest, that is.” Poor chest, could you get any smaller? Then my favorite character, Hideyoshi, makes an appearance and says that the two girls are worrying too much. Shimada is annoyed by the fact that his chest is growing faster than hers. He replies by speaking, “I doth not possess breasts and they won’t grow!”

Shimada and Himeji then join forces to retort that he will eventually grow breasts just fine and surpass the charm of both of them (with a very nice/kawaii image, I might add), which Hideyoshi denies, saying that he is a man. The two girls then tell the reason why they are so fussy, and that reason is revealed to be Yoshii’s sister, who has a giant rack and a slim waist. Kirishima makes an appearance, making a note that she’ll have to keep watch over Yūji. Aiko Kudō makes an appearance; she is a friend from Class A, green haired. Her comment is that they go “boing, boing” and that they are awesome. Kouta gets a nosebleed after her next remark, which is seeing the sister in a bra of strings. Yoshii opens a bag to get Kouta some medicine, but the zipper is stuck because of something. He pulls it out, and it is… a school swimsuit? And it’s his sister’s! He panics and wakes Yūji, who says that he is incorrigible for holding someone’s swimsuit. Yoshii tries to clear up the situation, saying that this is his sister’s, but this leads to Yūji concluding that Yoshii is far gone (incest!). He complains, but everyone is against him. Finally, his sister agrees to get another swimsuit, while Kouta is having a running double nosebleed. Then she says that the chest area was too small for her, which leads to Kouta filling the entire car with his nosebleed.

They’re finally at the resort, and Hideyoshi is planning to prove himself as a man. Thus, he brought swimming trunks. A/N: NO, HIDEYOSHI NO! The story continues as Aiko teases Kouta by saying that he can take as many pictures as he likes. Kouta tries to resist, but it is futile, and eventually he loses all of the blood in his life support pack. As he is ‘dying’, Kouta wishes to be a bird in his next life so he can look in the girls’ locker room to his heart’s content. The scene flips over to an area closer to the beach, where Kouta, Aiko, Yūji, and Yoshii are resting/doing other stuff. Kirishima and Himeji come over, show off their swimsuits, and Himeji explains that it is natural for guys to get nosebleeds over pretty girls in their swimsuits. Cause and effect: The explanation leads to Kirishima shoving two fingers up Yūji’s nose, giving him a bloody nose. Our kissup Yoshii then says that the two look very stylish and pretty. Shy Himeji acts as all girls do when they are told they are pretty— deny it. Kirishima just gives him thanks. When Shimada comes over and acts annoyed over how bad she looks, Yoshii tries to be nice. Of course, Shimada twists the words he says and crushes his head. My lovable Hideyoshi appears, and waves as he comes towards them in a men’s swimsuit. A guard stops him, asking what he is doing without a top?! He tries to explain that he is a guy, but the guard will have none of it and takes him away LOL.

Yoshii’s sister comes along in her sexy swimsuit and all the other girls are put down by her beauty. The girls touch her, to check out how amazing her body is, and are instantly shocked by her awesomeness. Hideyoshi sadly comes along, and he is shown wearing a lifeguard’s shirt. The scene switches, and Yoshii is trying to break a watermelon. Everyone gives him different directions (his sister’s is VERY accurate), and he is confused. Yoshii attempts to hit Yūji, which leads to the two of them fighting over the bat. Poor Himeji tries to stop them, saying that she doesn’t want to splatter the watermelon, but it is futile. The scene switches again, and the girls come back with some lunch. What took so long? Some guys tried to hit on them, it seems. The boys say that they should have brushed the guys off, but no, of course, the girls are sluts and rebuke the idea. Kirishima says that Yūji should be more mad, and then hurts him. Himeji and Shimada try to make Yoshii jealous, but obviously fail because he is Emperor Baka. When he is accused of being stupid in romance, Yoshii claims that he flirts often. The girls are mad and retort that he probably can’t flirt at all. There’s a little standoff then between the guys and the girls (and my Hideyoshi in the middle!).

Yoshii and Yūji are in the middle of complaining as to what just happened when Yoshii has a sudden nosebleed and says that Kouta is getting hit on. WHAT? NONSENSE. It’s true?! Yep. The guys are led to believe that nobody likes them, but then regain hope and use the ‘different’ excuse. The scene ends and a blank screen appears. Yoshii is narrating and says that he doesn’t know what they were thinking back then. The two try to flirt, and end up failing miserably. They finally reach success after meeting two enchanting girls on the beach. Yūji tells them that they are lost, and Yoshii, being the idiot he is, asks where the beach is. The two girls grab their hands and lead them on. Then it is revealed that the two girls are Kirishima and KOUTA? in disguise. Evidently, the girls have found out about the flirting. Himeji, Shimada, and Yoshii’s sister come on the speakers and have a full course of punishment for him. Himeyoshi tries to warn Yoshii to run but is cut off in alarm. In other words, Yoshii is good as dead. The episode ends with Kirishima telling Yūji to get on his knees. He does so after losing the banter, and the water goes up to his head. I get the feeling he’s supposed to drown.

Thoughts on this episode: Meh, it was pretty funny, although it doesn’t really follow the main plotline. But it was cute and I enjoyed the sadistic comedy, nonetheless. I especially enjoyed seeing Hideyoshi so many times. Hurhur.

hippiefreak12 here for a bit, dayum a beach episode as a series opener.  I think i might actually watch this.  Btw, Akihisa’s sister is probably the best female character

See you later~

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