Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Season 1 Review


*Note: I’m only reviewing this series to get it out of the way for Season 2.

This series, Baka to Test to Shōkanjū, literally translates to: “Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts” and revolves around Akihisa Yoshii, probably the stupidest and most dense boy on the entire planet, who attends Fumizuki Academy. This academy is very prestigious and has a hierarchy of 6 classes according to one’s academic ability.


The greater the academic ability/grade on the entrance exam, the higher level class and classroom extravagance. In other words, Class A is the highestfirst tier, with exquisite and fancy items, while Class F is the lowest/sixth tier, at the bottom of the school with juice boxes as desks. But what makes this academy so special is the Summoned Beings (Shōkanjū) that can be called forth by the students in school (a teacher must authorize each and every battle). They are used for class battles to obtain the higher classes’ facilities. The strength of the beings is determined by academics as well, meaning Class A obviously has the upper hand and Class F licks their shoes. The power level is specifically determined by the teacher that authorizes the battle region (meaning if you suck at math but rock at Japanese history, go look for a Japanese history teacher). If a being’s points fall to zero, a scary ass man appears and takes you to supplementary classes (which is pretty much hell on Earth). However, a student can leave a battle to take a supplementary exam to replenish these battle points.

The aim of the ‘protagonists’ in this series is to destroy the hierarchical system and help a student, Mizuki Himeji, get the recognition she deserves. Although she is quite the genius, she suffered from an illness during the day of the placement test, resulting in a 0 on the exam. With Yoshii, Himeji, and the other groupies from Class F, the gang climbs the hierarchical ladder, defeating the lower classes first and slowly moving up to Class A.


  • Akihisa Yoshii: The idiot protagonist of this story. He’s known as the Ultimate Idiot, Idiot among all idiots, and the Punishment Inspector. Being Punishment Inspector means that his Shōkanjū is the only one with the ability to touch real life objects (created as punishment to help the teachers). However, damage taken by the Shōkanjū is transmitted to himself as well. Because he is such an idiot, he eventually comes into the hands of an incredible item that allows him to create a small region where Shōkanjū can train (once he actually does something smart the item disappears). This leads to him being accustomed to controlling his being, which makes up for his lack of book smarts. Like many of us, Yoshii spends his money on games and thus has to live on salt, sugar, water, and cup ramen. He’s so dumb that he thinks that he can split one cup ramen in half for every meal and survive forever (calling himself genius; note: this is why we take chemistry, boys and girls). Mizuki Himeji, Minami Shimada, Hazuki Shimada, Toshimitsu Kubo, and Akira Yoshii (his sister) are all part of his ‘harem’, but like in many harems, he is oblivious to this fact. Still, Yoshii cares deeply for Mizuki and is always trying to improve Class F for her sake (by the way, he also thinks she loves Yūji Sakamoto, his best friend). He can communicate with Yūji through mere glances. He’s also pro at housework.
  • Mizuki Himeji: The second smartest student in the Academy, she would’ve been in Class A if she had not left during the placement exams due to a fever. Nonetheless, she is simply happy with being in Class F together with Yoshii although he does not realize this. Ever since elementary school, she has admired Yoshii for being so thoughtful and considerate of others (especially her as shown in the last episode *hint*). Her cooking skills are the exact opposite of Yoshii’s, and are deadly enough to send anyone into a coma. She and Minami Shimada are best friends and also love rivals for Yoshii. Himeji can also be very jealous as shown when she hears that Akihisa was with some other woman. She pretty much hates the porn magazines Yoshii always hides.
  • Minami Shimada: A Japanese girl who has been living in Germany, she is the recurring tsundere of the series (cuz we all know we can’t survive without one of them!). Minami is the love rival of Himeji for Akihisa but acts the complete opposite of how Himeji does, meaning that she often hits him because she is unable to express her emotions. This causes Akihisa to believe that whenever Minami tends to show concern for him, a punishment is awaiting him somehow. She also hates porn magazines.
  • Yūji Sakamoto: The class rep of Class F, and he’s pretty awesome. The strategies he creates for his class allow Class F to obtain multiple victories up until the final showdown with Class A, in which he totally fails. He was a prodigy, but he refused to study due to the belief that grades are not everything (like Akihisa). Akihisa and he are close buds, and can telepathically communicate– no, but they can communicate without saying a word. He is often lusted after by his childhood friend Shōko Kirishima, who desires to marry him.
  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita: I SWEAR TO GOD, THIS GUY MAKES ME WANT TO HURT MYSELF. He is the twin brother of Class A’s Yūko Kinoshita who is a girl. Although they are fraternal, he looks practically identitcal to her, causing many misunderstandings to Class F’s advantage. Whenever he is seen as a female, he is upset. His talent is to replicate behavior, mannerisms, and voices of other people and to change clothes on the spot. This eventually becomes the cause for much comedy (e.g., watch the OVA).
    A/N: But damn! Idk wtf is up with me, but I have a thing for him (yes it’s weird). But hey, he looks like his sister so yeah. Not totally bad.
  • Kōta Tsuchiya: He is the Ultimate Pervert. Still, no one seems to mind his perverted acts. He’s usually found with a camera, taking panty shots. Tsuchiya pretty much sucks at every subject except for Health, in which he kicks ass. He’s also an expert at sneaking around, collecting info, cunning, and recording the sizes of all the girls’. Basically, he’s a perverted ninja, which is what his Shōkanjū looks like.
  • Class A: Screw them. Bunch of stuck up bastards.
I like this series because it’s full of idiots, which makes pretty much everything funny. So yep. And I like the pink haired chick, as well as the twin guy… or girl but the guy has a much cuter personality. Anyway, moving on. It’s funny, there’s chibi dudes that fight, and there are smart people among the idiots. Fun.
Left to right: Minami Shimada, Mizuki Himeji, Hideyoshi Kinoshita
This was just so cute I had to put it up.
K, see you later~

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  1. To continue flooding your blog with comments, time for my very short summary of why I enjoyed Baka Test 1: Yuuji and Shouko.
    To be fair, Akihisa’s endless suffering is also hilarious and I was glad to see the voice actor return in Binbougami-ga as the masochistic dog god. It’s like he was born to voice masochistic idiots.

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