Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Review


Weird, but gorgeous


Can you BELIEVE shes 40?

Ain’t that the wierdest title since Zombie? Well it isn’t if you actually answered that question, 1st place goes to C Something possiblity and something with money, i literally have no idea.  I’ll stop with my damn commas now.  Well denpa literally translates to “Electromagnetic Waves”.  What does that have to do with anything? Well the main girl happens to talk nonsense, and the word Denpa is usually used to describe someone with a huge imaginations who abandon reality and create a world for themselves in their minds, basically a psycho.  Well, enough with the title, lets get on with what this things about


Makoto Niwa’s parents are away on a buisness trip so they decide to leave him in the care of his aunt who lives pretty far off. (much like hoshizora, only the male lead is more likeable) Once he gets to the station to get picked up, he meets his aunt, who looks awfully young for a 40 year old.  They drive to her home and voila! A girl wrapped in a futon right in front of the door.  Makoto tries to point out the painstakingly obvious girl in the futon but his aunt digresses.  It happens that Erio, the girl wrapped in the futon got into a little accident with…being missing for half a year.  She lost her memory regarding the incident and since then, has been calling herself an alien.  Makoto now lives through a town filled with some interesting characters and experiences a unique story with his cousin.  Btw, its a Light novel.


  • Makoto: A standard shounen male lead, i don’t really see anything to like or hate about him.  I have no idea, but it might be the art that makes me apppreciate him more than the other run-of-the-mill male leads.  However, he isn’t that dumb when it comes to girls. So he gets a high five for being a decent guy.
  • Erio: She’s the one who has that “Denpa”.  Erio is mostly seen with a dress or just a futon wrapped around her body.   I honestly have nohing to say about her than shes cute, but just ditzy enough to be likeabl.  Makoto tolerates the wierdness that radiates from Erio’s body and helps her get her accepted into society.  Erio’s extremely cute, she’s just wierd, and her EYES AND LEGS, AWESOMENESS
  • Meme: I couldn’t believe when i first saw her.  For a 40 year old, she acts like a 6 year old, and maintains a body of a sexy 20 year old.  She tries to strangely seduce Makoto.  She is Erio’s mother and usually is the one provides some service.  Shes pretty lively and playful.  Plus, she’s (extremely curvy-ily) hot.  I could sense that Makoto wouldn’t want to “do” his aunt but…damn you anime
  • Ryuushi: She’s the extremely lively and eccentric character.  She’s the “hard worker” character whose kind and kinda ditzy.  I never hated her, but i didn’t like her as much s Maekawa.  Its probably because i don’t like the “airhead” but hey, she’s cute and tries hard.
  • Maekawa: She’s the noticeably taller than Makoto is.  She recieves a strange, dizzy sensation when she lifts her arms up her head.  Maekawa has the big sister feeling just because of her height.  I actually rooted for her to end up with him.  She also has the analytic sense and another sense for dark humor, more points for her.
  • Yashiro: Yashiro was introduced near the end of the series as a wierda acting girl who resembles Erio.  Much like Erio, she believes that she is not human, rather an Esper.  She tries to prove her abilites, that strangely work and is vaguely hinted that she is an Esper.  Because she was introduced late in the series, i didn’t have room to like her.

Well lemme address this first: THE ART, OH MAI GOD THE ART IS SOO PRETTY.  The characters look fantastic, its the exact opposite of Hidan no Aria’s crappy design.  Other than that, Denpa is a series thats kinda, laid back, toned down from all the action packed (either with swords, guns, or female bodies).  It’s a wierd series with interesting characters.  Kinda laid back, and it also makes you feel kinda laid back as well.  I reccommend it, its above the heaping pile of generic shows during the spring.

Below: Why does “evil” make girls hotter?

Above: Left to Right, Top to bottom: Maekawa, Ryuushi, Erio (Light blue), Meme (dark blue), Yashiro

I swear that this was the most ****ed up series I ever read. The mom’s a player and ‘doesn’t care’ about her child (well, she really does just acts like she doesn’t). The little girl is a self-proclaimed alien who absolutely must hide inside of a futon. And their smiles! Holy ****, their smiles (like the first picture on this post) are ****ing scary as **** ***** *********** *** **** ****** ****. Anyway, I don’t really get the plot since there really isn’t one… but other than the interesting characters I didn’t find this series very captivating.. but it wasn’t exactly bad either. My favorite character would probably be Erio because I like how she curls herself up in a futon… no sexual thoughts included. Just plain cute. Was there really a point to the series? No, but then again there isn’t a main story line in many romance/harem anime that is followed extensively. So if you like extraterrestrial sex beings (self-proclaimed), go for it. Just close your eyes when anyone in the series smiles.

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  1. Thank you SHAFT. Thank you so very much for the gift that is Meme Touwa. I love this woman and she is still the best part of this show, alongside Erio (before she reverts to being a human again…although her shy human side is kinda adorable). An underrated show this one is.

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