Hidan No Aria Review


Instead of writing a review of Episodes 11 + 12 and THEN writing a seperate review, i decided to clump them up into one

Jeanne’s Bad Drawing = This series

11 + 12: If i had to say anything about them, its just like every other episode that wasn’t 8.  Which goes to say, that is out of control.  The ending was subpar, hell, less than par, i’d give it a boget (hah, golf humor)  Anyways, the teachers is that bad dude.

Lemme proceed to the series review


Oh god, i hated this show.  It’s the either the absurd amount of (unfunny) wtf moments, Rie Kugimiya’s (Aria’s) Voice, the design, or just the unlikeable cast of characters:  i HATED this series to the core.  The concept was semi original, kid terrorists and child soldiers in a highschool.  I don’t know why a lot of anime/manga have to center around the “school” concept.  Well because i already covered 3/4 of the show, i will review and give my thoughts with the Character List

  • Kinji: Biggest tool and boytoy i have ever seen.  His voice actor did a better job with Aikawa, just because Aikawa actually did something out of passion.  Kinji is just a bore, he rarely does anything important, thats Aria’s job.  He’s only useful when he’s turned out.  Turns out that shes a lolicon for Aria, sick f*uck
  • Aria: Aria is th prodigy who happens to be able to do ANYTHING.  Her personality and her voice makes me want to rip her throat out.  She obviously likes Kinji but everytime an “accident” or a “misinterpretation” happens, she pulls out her guns.  I think the makers tried to make Aria “too perfect” obviously the failed and Aria is now in my most hated character.  Seriouly, she can brave swords and bullets but is scared of the dark and thunder? Madness, she needs to disappear.  I could atleast tolerate her bitchiness in the manga.
  • Riko: Basically the opposite of Aria.  She has the hair style and fighting style.  The only thing is that she wants to do “stuff” with Kinji and she isn’t scared of admitting that. She acts as the antagonist.
  • Reki: In the manga, Reki looked a lot better and a lot less scrawnier.  I thought i would be happy seeing Reki.  I got the opposite as her voice in the anime once again made me hate a character. yayz.  She acts as the sniper.
  • Shirayuki:  She’s straight out of a pervy doujin or manga.  She’s the pervert in the series, instead of the regular guy being the perv.  Shirayuki is the horniest an most worry-hearted character i’ve seen.  I liked her better in the manga, atleast she looked cuter.  She happens to be a miko and a psyche user
  • Jeanne: She shows up the least and thats why she’s the best.  Her character was not explored enough for me to know anything i didn’t want to.  Plus she looks nice in the school uniform compared to the other characters(her skirt is ALOT shorter than other female characters).  She wears glasses too btw (stop laughing Light)

So basically its a story of a tool, a bitch, a fatale, a semi-mute, a whore, and a hottie

No, i’m not.  This series sucks, i will never hide that fact

Review done, unless you really like loli’s and tsunderes, by god this shows for you.  If not, then stay away.

And God forbid a second season.

Shirayuki, rapepls. Kinji’s voice actor is a boss. Jeanne, go die in a ditch for not showing up in the last episode when we were all looking forward to your entrance. I don’t understand how the fuck Kinji is attracted to Aria. K. She’s a freaking doll, literally. Glasses for you, sir? If I were Kinji I would tap Riko right there and be done with it. Kthxbye neverwatchingthisseriesagain.

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  1. Yay, another hater for this show! *high fives*

    Dear lord, I’m glad I stopped after four episodes. They didn’t spend any time on characters there, so all I had to suffer through were the crippling plot-inconsistencies. I can’t even imagine having to deal with all six of the terrible characters in this show.

    Anyways, nice review.

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