The World God Only Knows II Review


It’s basically the manga, only without clicking/flipping to the next page, moving picture, and voice acting

Months ago i posted the review for the first season of TWGOK and i said that i was good.  Something that was off the line of normalcy(considering girls at the least): A gaming nerd who is forced to charm women to drive evil spirits away from their bodies.  Sounds unique enough right?  Well in the first series we witnessed our main man, Katsuragi charm 4 ladies, Ayumi a track star, Mio a poor girl who tries to be rich, Kanon who tries to convince Katsuragi to awknowledge her, and Shiori the bookworm.


Well in the second season, not much has changed.  It’s literally a continuation, parallel to the manga.  So in S2, Katsuragi conquers 3 girls this time around, Kasuga a martial artist who has trouble accepting her feelings (over being masculine or feminine), Chihiro who always thought she would be average, and Nagase with the doubt of her ideals not becoming reality.  We also have another manga character brought to the screen, Hakua, Elsie’s friend who was thought to be a great spirit catcher, but reveals that she has caught none.

At the very last episode, they show 4 more girls in their manga order, maybe a season 3?

They show Tsukiyo the only member of the astronomy club, she has problems with reality and flaws,  Minami the swimmer thinks she won’t achieve her dreams, Rieko an elderly woman whose younger self longs for youth, Sumire the ramen shop waitress whose problems come from her semi neglection from her father, and lastly Tenri Keima’s “friend” or rather “admirer” from when they were younger.

And literally, thats it.  The S2 is exactly the same as the 1st one only with more character, and with the unecessary episodes when Katsuragi is NOT hunting for lost souls and women to charm.  So yeah, it’s good

3rd Season Girls: (Sorry for low quality but that’s mainly just because it’s full screened)

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