Top 5 from TWGOK


TWGOK – The World God Only Knows

Long story short: God-like guy who immerses himself in games plays multiple dating sims concurrently and shuns the real world, girl falls from sky and tells him he has to make real chicks fall in love with him. His catchphrase? “I can see the ending.”

Hippiefreak12 here to give my thoughts as well 😀


#5: Shiori Shiomiya

Shy bibliophile who spends most of her time cooped up in the library, and does not talk often. Katsuragi uses his nerd skills and eventually provokes her into talking, bonding with her. 

Spoiler: She is the host of a goddess.

#4: Elucia de Lute Ima/Elsie

Elsie is a 300-year-old demon from New Hell who came to seek Katsuragi’s help in capturing loose souls. She is an utter failure at being a demon and acts very childish for someone over 3 years old.

She calls Katsuragi “Kami-nii-sama” and absolutely loves fire trucks. <— Obvious sign of a kid.

#3: Kusunoki Kasuga

Tomboy-ish, somewhat tsundere girl who is enchanted by cute things, kind of like Sakai from Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi which ended just a while ago. Didn’t really like the ending, would’ve preferred it if the Tsumugi (the blonde chick) had been the goddess like she should have been. Oh well, back to TWGOK. She does martial arts and is pretty awesome. Yup.

#2: Kanon Nakagawa

A pink-haired idol who attends Katsuragi’s school (sometimes, because she’s so busy being an idol). She at times wears glasses and used to be afraid of being forgotten until Katsuragi arrived and used his godly conquering skills on her.

Spoiler: Host of a Goddess and in a coma as of the latest chapter in TWGOK.

#1: Jun Nagase

Hot student teacher who forced her ideals on her students and, when she was a student, her basketball team (which resulted in the basketball team being shut down).  She desperately tries to get Katsuragi to quit gaming in class and foils a couple of his plans to break the teacher-student relationship. Eventually, he succeeds after finding out more of her past and sharing a seat with her at the wrestling match, and leaves in a very cool/awesome fashion (watch Season 2 Episode 11).

Nice list Light.  Imma give a few thoughts on the characters that made your list.

  • Shiori is awesome.  Her personality and shyness makes me want to tease the hell out of her.  Plus her voice….dat voice
  • Elsie is too much of a kid.  If you payed attention to me, you would know i hate kids.  I prefer Hakua
  • Kasuga was a tough character for me to accept, but i did anyway.  Her story was one of the more interesting ones.
  • Kanon was awkward.  I’m not the type who likes famous people.  She tazes people, COME ON.  Eh
  • Nagase was a challenge to Katsuragi, that fact made Nagase awesome.  However, she’s the exact type of person that i find, annoying.  Too outgoing and spreading her ideals, sounds like a religious fanatic to me.  Thank God she’s not (irony, see it?

No Sumire or Tenri , oh well, she(Sumire) lasted so little and wasn’t the more memorable ones.  How do i know? She doesn’t have the Goddess’  (The Goddesses are probably the excuse to bring back popular characters.)  On a side note: Damn Light, how to get high res pics?

That concludes this post! See you later~

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  1. I’d personally have to say Kusunoki is my favourite girl from the series, with Yui and Hinoki being close behind (of course I liked Hinoki’s arc for another obvious reason, which I won’t spoil). But I think we need to give some special mention to Keima’s hilarious mother! I hope she continues her antics for many chapters to come!

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