Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi Review


If you live in America, theres a movie coming out with a funny dialogue in its trailer.  It shows a guy and a girl on the couch watching a movie, the girl says, “Why don’t they ever show whats AFTER the big kiss?” to which the guy  replies. “They do, it’s called porn.”

Be honored Hoshizora, for you are my first series to review in the spring anime season.  The above quote relates to this series why? Because it was a porn game! Thats right, you can take one of those 6 girls and give them a night they won’t forget.  But this is an anime series, so obviously, no sex.

Even with that kind of “Pre”Watch knowledge, i gave this anime a try, hows this for a synopsis?


Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Madoka, Ui, Koyori, Hina, Ibuki, Tsumugi

Hoshino Kazuma, and his sickly young brother Ayumu move away from the big city and move into a rural town.  The brothers stay at one of their father’s friend’s inns and stay there.  While trying to traverse his way to find the inn, however, Kazuma runs into Ui, a neighborhood girl.  As she helps him locate the inn, Kazuma falls and with pinpoint precision, lands his lips with the girl’s.  The two are stunned, but the stunlock is cancelled (see what i did there?) by one of Ui’s friends, Ibuki.  Kazuma runs off to his brother and finds the inn.  They meet the (HOT) innkeeper, AKA, their new guardian and get settled in.  Now Kazuma attends school with the girl he kissed and the girl who was mad at him and meets many more…..unique characters

Character List

  • Kazuma: Is dumber than Ichika.  I liked him at first, he had a good first start but then he showed some retarded desicsion making.  He rejects a few girls (yeah a spoiler, really, who the hell cares) and choses someone obvious.  I think….he may have a brotherly love for his younger brother, and by love i mean over protective.
  • Ayumu: The holy crap thats a guy kid.  I never liked younger kids unless they were influential (BY me, not TO me).  Ayumu is too….pure, if you will, for me to like.  He attracts MILFS and i am not kidding.
  • Ui: The neighborhood trash can/dumbass.  Ui happens to eat a lot and happen to be a…well i already said it but, DUMBASS.  She has a brother complex and she really has nothing special she can do to possibley benefit society.  She’s dumb and just eats, perfect, the definition of failure
  • Ibuki: Ah the flat chested tsundere…pass.  Actually, in the kind, i kind of started to like her character.  Tsundere to kinda…okay.  Jesus i am writing a lot of [.]’s today
  • Tsumugi: She’s the oldest of her 2 sisters.  She was probably one of the best candidates for the series to end up with the main character but too bad.  She’s too nice for him.
  • Koyori: I was suprised to find out that she was Tsumugi’s sister.  Seriously, her older sister has blonde/orangish hair and she has F**KINgreen?!.  Other than that, more tsundere and refers herself in third person (did she? i stopped caring)
  • Kasane: You’re freakin kiddin, first blondish, then green, now BLUE!?  Other than that, she’s not annoying, but once again, i hate kids.  Light fawns over her
  • Hina: Hina is, awkward to sum her up.  She has a low voice and she thinks too much and forgets to speak.  For some stupidass reason does she fall for Kazuma.  Not the most horrible character, but still, wierd, but okay
  • Madoka: She’s the shrine maiden who was taught martial arts and has a fear of men. Later she gets over that fear when she wants Kazuma.  Actually, the two met years before the story and promised to each other about their future.  She rightfully deserved to be the end character, but no, he chose the dumbass
  • Senka: Senka is the landlady and the owner of the inn that Ayumu and Kazuma stays in.  She’s arguably, the best female character

If you actually took the time to read the character lis, then congratulations! You should know i hate this anime!  But i don’t hate it as much as Aria.  Most likely because the tsundere becomes tolerable at the end.  A series that i actually began to think he might end up with a good girl, but ends up with the one i didn’t want.  Oh well, life goes on, better series to watch.

Random Note: Senka > Tsumugi > Hina

I give it a 7/10 (ooh a score, haven’t done that in a while).  Well for those who want to watch girls, or just want to watch a dumb main character, take a shot.  Enjoy this pic of Senka.  (Couldn’t find a good one with Tsumugi or Hina)

Just a couple of things here, before I get back to watching another series. Hoshizora was really a pointless anime, and everyone knows it; there was no plot, not much connection between the characters, and it pretty much took place in just one small town in the countryside. Kcoolstorybro. As you may very well know, the only reason you and I probably watched it was for the girls. And though some of you may have liked Ui or Hinata, guess what? I didn’t. Ui is a fat, gluttonous chick who cannot decide between a sundae and her best friend, Ibuki, which is rather quite sad. I truly despise from the bottom of my heart that Kazuma ended up with her and not someone else (besides Ibuki, of course). Ibuki is Hinata for those that don’t know. Anyway, wow. Just wow. Why, Tsumugi?! WHY?!!?!? Why did you have to feign a stomachache to let Ui be the goddess? Obviously, I would have preferred Tsumugi to fall for Kazuma (I mean come on, Hina fell for him! And she’s fucking tsundere!) But nooooo she’s too good for him. Thanks a lot for ruining my week, Hoshizora.

On the bright side, TWGOK is kicking ass. Later~

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  1. The fact is that Madoka IS and SHOULD be the heroine of that series (speaking from someone who has played the Visual Novel that it is based on). The entire series, even the title itself has obvious traces that it should be based on her route.

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