Top 3 from NA


Well as i wait for subs for Hidan no Aria i might as well try to remove the access amount of funny/anime-related photos i have in my computer

Well other than Hayate no Gotoku, its rare for me to find a series with more than 5-7 characters who vie for the main character.  This series has the most legitimate reason for liking the main character.  He’s the only guy.  Also, he kicks ass when he needs to….but still, i hate him for thickheadedness

The series? Nagasarete Airantou, i posted about a loong time ago.  Manga still goes on but updates monthly or not at all.  Seriously when will anything progress?  Am i asking too much from this kind of series?

Theres a reason why i posted pics of them like this….the fanservice ones are the only ones that are colored.


I chose Top 3 because i want to focus on the ones that i really like.  Pictures all in a gallery down below


;Number 3: Rin

Like my HnG picture collection, Nagi, the main heroine never showed up, i didn’t like her.  Same reason goes for Suzu from NA.  Don’t get me wrong, Suzu is not a flatchest or a tsundere, shes the opposite for that.  Back on topic.  Rin is the carpenter of the island.  She can cook and she gets embarassed easily, a rarity in this series as the girls are not that easy to embarass, they don’t really know how to act around a guy.  However, Rin nails that part on the dot.  She also cooks very well

Number 2: Shinobu

Shinobu is already hot.  She’s a samurai.  But she has a few flaws.  Her sense of direction is terrible, but hey, she ain’t dumb so thats a plus.  Another “bad” thing is that she is extremely blunt when talking to others, reminds me of me which is also a plus.  Lemme reiterate, she’s a samurai AND a ninja and both her outfits i approve of….hell, i think she many be my new no.1 in this series….too bad im too lazy to post.

Number 1: Machi

Machi is the sadistic one while.  I like Machi …i have no idea why but her short but busty figure gets me.  On another note, she is a miko.  Machi is probably the most “sexually” attracted to the main chracter considering that she is the oldest contender.  She’s short compared to the rest of the cast

Well heres the gallery with the pictures of the characters in the series

Honorable mentions: Michiru 🙂

Light: Nagasarete Airantou – Average guy goes on average boat to be owned by average storm and land on not so average island with not so average girls who want to rape him and make him their own. Yes, the life of an anime protagonist is a good one. In most cases.


#3 Rin – She’s actually probably my 2nd favorite. So wait, she’s #3 #2. Decent, but nothing extraordinary. Surprisingly, this island is FULL of girls, but none of them are worthy of my praise! So instead of #2, let’s make her #2           #4 because there is almost no girl in this series worthy to be in a top 3 list of mine. Well, she can cook. I am under the impression she can make sammiches, then. Not that bad.

#2 Shinobu – Probably my favorite in the series, not counting main character(s). So, #2 is #1. Hot, bad sense of direction, forward, YES! +1 for each of those qualities. Not to mention, samurai are almost always hot. Now if               only she could make a sammich. #1 (ordinary list) -> #3 (my list for this anime)

#1 Machi – Just go jump off a cliff. Nuff said. #1 (hippiefreak’s list) -> #8999 (my list for this anime). I swear, her facial expressions make me shit my pants. No, not really. But they are rather creepy and remind me of an                         annoying, childish stalker, wanting to rape you.

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