Hidan no Aria Episode 9-10 Review


Aww, episode 8 was great, but now they messed it up in episode 9.

I think i found something more annoying than Aria’s outbursts: Shirayuki’s talking.  Her worry-heartedness makes me want to puke, makes me want to slap her, and then slap Aria cause i plain hate her.


Well 9 just…wait what the hell was 9 even about???  Well all i remember is that Riko, the thief girl comes back to troll the group again…no literally that was it.  Riko just tries to seduce Kinji.  Kinji being a pedophile probably prefers Aria over Riko.  Well the for some reason forge an unlikely alliance.  Riko comes back to school without anyone really noticing anything.

Riko keeps trying to seduce Kinji, but he just won’t crack.  While being with her, Shirayuki shows up and tries to slice Riko to ribbons.  Shirayuki being the complete spazz when Kinji is around, is incapacitated when Riko lifts up her skirt.  Soon after, Shirayuki tries to seduce Kinji as well, but this time, i could actually tolerate her…just a little.  Before Shirayuki and Kinji ended up making a devil child, Kinji pussies out and runs away using the window.

Aria and Kinji track down Riko’s place, but when the open the door, it’s shown to be a maid cafe.

Ep.9 ends there

10 as kinda better, but i wish they found better voice actors for these girls.

Well, while Riko’s servants/friends i don’t know serve customers, Riko invites Aria and Kinji to the back room where they discuss their plans for a heist.  Riko explains that they will be infiltrating a party, dressed as servants and they must retrieve a rosary, Riko’s mother’s rosary.  Aria gets bitchy as Riko caught Aria’s mom but Riko wants Aria to help her get somethin from her mothers.  But Riko goes crybab and says her mother died.  With this Aria decides to help.  Well Riko trains Aria to be a maid and be more…”submissive”.

Riko says that Kinji must be trained s well, she tells him to meet her in the infirmary later on.  Kinji encounters Jeanne (YEAAAAAH), playing the piano.  She explains that she has to attend the school to compensate for her crimes.  She decides to help Kinji as well

Dammit, this just makes me look like i have a glass fetish….

Well Jeanne tells him thatt Vlad, (the owner of the house they must infiltrate) is more or less  demon.  (Vlad almost always refers to the name Vladmir, which closey relates to Dracula, the original vampire.) Well she gives him a poorly drawn picture that locates Vlad’s weakpoints.  She then leaves.  Well Kinji goes to the infirmary but hears a bunch of girls walking by so he hides in the locker.  Un-suprised, he finds his friend inside the locker as well.  The girls happen to have a examination by their favorite teacher, being the whores they are they strip down to their underwear.  Riko wants to train Kinji into going “Hysteria” so she’s trying to get him turned on, thus the girls.  Reki however notices the locker and opens it, and suddenly out of nowhere a giant enemy crab wolf appears through the window.  Reki and Kinji decide to chase it.  The randomness ends when they chase the wolf and finally subdue it.  Reki then takes it as a pet.


Seriously, what is up with this series?!

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