Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 13 [OVA] Review AND SECOND SEASON CONFIRMED


Episode 13 finally came out, and with it English subs.

So, lets get down to business.

OVA: Part 1/3

Haruna is singing as she climbs the steps to the ‘Festival! Festival! Wonderful! Wonderful! Fe-fe-fe-fetish festival!’, only to be disappointed by the vacant festival populated by a few store owners and no celebrating people. She pouts that this is no festival. When spring comes, Haruna is given the task to hold a festival, and she declares that whoever wins will get a nyannyan voucher with one of these two: Seraphim or Hellscythe. People are fired up, and Tomonori, Orito, and Aikawa engage in a competition, saying each will not lose.


First is the eating contest, where the men are focused on easy, swallowable cotton candy, while the trio try some very hot Takoyaki. Sera’s cotton candy explodes, and Orito and Tomonori try to cheat by adding Sera’s dressing on their Takoyaki. It also explodes, and Orito says to Aikawa to go on without him while grabbing for Tomonori’s breast. Obviously, she punches him.

Next is the smooth hill climbing (main event). The scrubbed clean hill has many men who have failed to climb it lying at its feet. When Aikawa attempts to climb it, Sera shows off her Secret Defense Technique, which involves rolling down logs. By the way, she looks very hot. Orito appears, and shows off his EROTIC power, and basically the two praise male erotic-ness… 

He attempts to climb the hill, but Sera owns him as well. Aikawa says to stop, but Orito mentions the nyannyan voucher, which triggers the lesson on masculinity. With this, the two have refreshed energy to climb the hill with their newly found Kokeshi doll (which gives them a boner “erotic power”).

With this, they won the race and got the nyannyan voucher. Orito ate some of Sera’s noodles, which sent him off to the hospital and ended his summer. Sera was looking good!

OVA: Part 2/3

Sera volunteers to help with the cooking, and obviously that only leads to trouble. Aikawa has another of those Hellscythe onii-chan fantasies. He tastes some of Sera’s cooking, and pretty much gets mindblown by how horrible it is. Sarasvati lends Aikawa a scroll containing a precious vampire-ninja cooking painting passed down from the Edo period. He lends it to Yuki, and Sera abuses him for it. When Aikawa tries to get it back, he is flat out rejected by Haruna’s rashness (she picks up the phone). Haruna supposedly makes fun of Sera’s breasts, which enrages Sera, making her boobs jiggle. Yes, it is a very pleasant scene.
Hellscythe, Sera, and Aikawa go to the vampire-ninja base that is well-equipped to steal back the recipe. Aikawa is sent to go across a wire, but when Hellscythe sneezes, bamboo sticks shoot at his ass. He yells at Sera, causing another bamboo stick to fly out and hit him right in the butt hole. Yep.

Aikawa turns off the security system, inviting his comrades like a girl and doing freakish stuff. “He evolved.” The gang then proceeds to the room where Yuki and Haruna are sleeping. Haruna has the scroll hidden between her breasts, and Aikawa tries to get it out after commenting that you need big breasts to put it there (while Sera comments, “Perv… perv… perv… perv…”). He pulls it out, and the tights he is wearing rip where his ass is. Haruna wakes up, beats the shit out of him, wakes Yuki up in the middle of it. Kyoko stabs Aikawa in the butt hole again. Another orgasm. Yep.
Sera makes food again, and this time it is actually good.

OVA: Part 3/3

Taeko is seen giggling when her weird friend (don’t care about her, I only care about Taeko) asks why she was giggling. She says it’s a memory of the past. A concentration-game contest begins, where whoever pulls the card (flag of death) loses. Aikawa and Orito are apparently pro at this game, and claim that they can only continue to win if they wish to enjoy this longer. Panties!

They shout random things. Five people are left. Sarasvati (Sara), Yuki, Taeko, Orito, and Aikawa. Sara seduces Orito by standing up and showing him her panties. He claims to have lost, and that Aikawa should go on without him. Aikawa concentrates, and Sara begins to concentrate as well— on his ass. Oh dat ass. Yuki, Taeko, and Aikawa qualify for the final three. As the battle continues, Taeko gets series and gets on her hands to look at the cards better. Aikawa is shocked to discover that he can see her bra and almost her breasts (WOOT! Long live my favorite girl!). He tries to regain his control by saying that he can’t look, but the power of erotica overpowers him and eventually gives him a nosebleed, with him saying “Check it out…”

Aikawa loses. He later appears in front of Taeko, saying that he intentionally let Yuki win. Taeko accuses him of seeing her breasts and asks if he is mad. WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE BE? Anyway, he knows that Yuki really wanted that pen. Aikawa comments that Taeko is a very nice person, but she claims that Aikawa is more gentle. She recalls the rainy day in primary school where a stray dog was living in a box. Her parents wouldn’t let her keep the dog at home, so she went to get a second umbrella for it. Aikawa is shown giving his umbrella to the dog, protecting it from the rain since he can’t take it home either. Taeko shyly offers to lend him her second umbrella (you’d think she was offering her virginity how gently she said it). He accepts, and we’re back in regular time. She half-confesses to him, saying she always looks forward to Aikawa. Being the dunce he is, he doesn’t really get it. The scene ends with Sara staring at Aikawa’s ass with red, glowing eyes again. Apparently she fell in love with him after seeing his hip curve.


Well, Light has gotten this review off my back.  Aikawa rides again as he gains the love/affection of two more girls.  The brown haired girl whom i liked (and apparently Light too) name is finally revealed.  She’s the only normal character, and freaking cute.  Also, Sara, the other vampire ninja starts liking Aikawa too.  That makes like, Yu, Haruna, Yuki, Taeko, Sara, so almost every girl except Ariel (Dai Sensei) and Sera (but we know she kinda does)

Well enough that,

Well the me and Light are delighted to reveal that Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka will get a SECOND SEASON!.  Nothing has been said when it will be released but be sure that we will be there to cover it!

The page announcing the second season.

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