Bakemongatari Review


Well Light finally decided to get his ass up and moving to review something.

And today WE will review Bakemonogatari.

Bakemonogatari, or literally: Ghost(bakemono) Story(gatari) tells an interesting story that focuses on our main character, Koyomi who goes around solving mysterious cases regarding curses.  Not all the time of course, whenever he finds such a strange occurance does he try to help people out.


Koyomi, before the story begins is attacked by a vampire, he seeks help of laid-back specialist named Oshino, with his knowledge, he reverts back to a human.  At his school (after a few days) he catches one of his classmates falling down.  Much to his suprise, the girl he caught weighed nothing.  The girl happened to be the classroom mystery, Hitagi Senjouhagara.  Koyomi tries to help Hitagi in curing this anolmaly but she tries to keep him back.  Eventually, he convinces her and takes her to Oshino to cure her. The duo eventually cure her of her weight problem (no she is not fat) and finds out that Hitagi’s mother was once part of a cult.  Koyomi solves Hitagi’s problems but a few more people are in need of his asistance.

Character List

  • Koyomi Araragi: Koyomi is just an awesome dude.  He’s dating (a feat which some characters never achieve) a pretty girl.  He actually goes around helping people in need of supernatural incidents.
  • Hitagi Senjouhagara: Other than the long name, she’s okay too.  She calls herself a tsundere but i don’t hate her as much as i hate other tsunderes.  Her problems are her feelings (weight) being taken away by a spiritual “Crab God”
  • Mayoi Hachichuji: A girl Koyomi met when trying to have a conversation with Hitagi.  Her problem deals with problems with her parents, the weight of all her stress on her large backpack she carries, just like a snail
  • Suruga Kanbaru: Koyomi’s stalker and an ex-friend of Hitagi.  She was aware of Hitagi’s problem but never wanted to talk about it with her. She carries a Monkey’s Paw, which basically grants her three wishes and then her soul is taken.   Because of the strange item, terrible things happened to people she was near when he asked for a 1-2 wishes. The arm then turns into one huge problem that Koyomi has to deal with
  • Nadeko Sengoku: Nadeko was a friend of Koyomi’s sisters.  Her problem came to her when she rejected a boy who confessed to her.  The boy then tried to place a curse, unfortuntely (god i cannot spell that word) it worked and she was cursed by a snake spirit that would squeeze the life outta her.
  • Tsubasa Hanekawa: Is Koyomi’s friend.  Before the story began, she was possessed by a cat ghost, but the spirit was banished at the cost of the memories when she was possessed.  Later the ghost returns to possess her body.  Both times, the ghost harbored and thrived from the feelings of stress, first from her family and second from Koyomi’s relationship with Hitagi.
  • Oshino and Shinobu: One spiritual-phenomona expert and a vampire that help people in need.

The series was extremely story based, and thats a good thing.  This series is unique, no doubt about it.  Strange bumps (like tv bumps) here and there, regarding the situation.  The artwork is smooth, really smooth.  With the likeable cast of characters, this series is one hell of a unique watch.  However serious attention is needed.  Also, Nadeko=awesomeness.  I also want to point out that this is not a harem series.  As much as the girls like the main character, Koyomi actually keeps his cool and only 2-3 girls are actually interested.

Long story short: Bakemonogatari is about Koyomi Araragi, a third-year once part-vampire high school student, who with the help of an old geezer named Meme Oshino, helps solve supernatural problems.

My thoughts: The ending is definitely one of the best endings I’ve yet to see, mainly since it didn’t give a picture perfect happily ever after ending, but it ended without regret.

0:16 for the main event

Bakemonogatari Ending

Bakemonogatari Ending FULL

Renai Circulation (Bakemonogatari Opening 4)

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  1. Before Nisemonogatari scarred my fandom of this series, I held this prequel with the highest of regards. I still do, but I’ll be skeptical towards all Gatari shows from now on because of the HORRIBLE sequel.

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