A Second Look: Angel Beats!


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Well i’m done with my school year for now and it’s summer vacation for me.  Didn’t do so well on my exams but after some depressing thoughts, i’ll do better in Sophomore and i freakin swear to that, i won’t have religion class instead i get another study hall and A for sure

Hidan no Aria (hopefully getting better) airs in a few hours, because it’s summer, i got nothing to occupy my time at the moment.

So lets take a look back at one of the first series we or rather i reviewed a few months back.

Angel Beats…was an interesting series.  Featuring a cast that is already dead and putting them against God and an “Angel” to fight against their cruel fate.  The concept seems really original and kind of awesome (it IS awesome i guess you could say). The first three episodes were good, they introduced and made damn sure that you do not die.  Episode three showed the ineveitable future of characters in the series.  The characters are kids who suffered terrible fate and felt an extreme emotion of sadness and regret.  As they die, they end up in a school, or Purgatory.


Those who actually find inner peace within themselves and get past their regret, they move on.  The characters, were diverse and likeable.  However two flaws kept this show from getting the legendary status like the old animes have.  The Plot and the Pacing.

So regarding the plot of this show.  What where they going after? Was it too beat God and demand another shot at life or what? Do they want to be reborn as themselves again?  I’m not really sure if they actually told us what they wanted? It was some sort of revenge or some answers they wanted but they never specified, instead they just did stupid shit like fishing.  Great characters will make a great plot, Angel Beats showed the most colorful cast of characters, quite figuratively and literally.  The concept like i said many times before, was good, but the plot….the plot was decent for the first 1/4 of the series.  But lemme address that in the “pacing” situation

How to fit such and epic plot of acceptance and regret such as Angel Beats.  Normally, people would expect all characters end up like Iwasawa, the first girl to stop bitching and move on.  I heard from a friend of mine that they planned on focusing each episode on the troubles of one character and thats what i expected after episode 3 and in some parts of 4.  But all of this backstory and sadness in 12 episodes with the first three episodes starting it off? Not to mention that the series has more than 12 characters.  So instead of focusing on each character and thus making this series have the most emotionally connected characters, we have instead a cheap timeskip that removes all but 5 characters in the series.  They focused on what i wanted in episode 10.  If every other episode were like 3 or 10 then this series would have been great.    I mean, what in the world could have stopped that kind of thing to be done? Was it the money?  Or was it too much work.   In other words, it was wasted.

Lemme compare this series to another series that i reviewed episodically (is it a word?).  Angel Beats to Kore Wa Zombie.  Both are 12 episodes and both are extremely random.  The good thing about Zombie was that it had plot.  No matter how random it was, it paced itself and presented a story.  Angel Beats didn’t have that kind of overarching plot.  Well it kinda did but they never did anything.  Maybe it was because that Zombie was light novel, and AB was an original series.  Nonetheless, the original series could have been a great series if it just stuck to the plan of having each character be discussed, look at TWGOK, that certainly makes us look at all the characters.

Other than that, music is very well done, keeps me liking this series no matter how crappy it was.  Always makes me come back and see the ending and opening themes.

I mean, really if they broke down each character like they did with the ones that were actually described, don’t you think it would have been a better series?  Although the manga does go back one SOME characters, we barely know the rest.  (EDIT)

I am currently rewatching the entire series…in english.  Thats right, Angel Beats is currently being dubbed and so far, 4 episodes have been released.  Kinda coincidential that the first 4 episodes happen to be the best in the series.  Regarding the english dubbing…ain’t terrible.  The major cast of mostly male characters make it kinda good because usually the female voice actors don’t really do a good job.  Yuri’s dub voice is spot on, other guys are okay, thy ruined TK though, he isn’t loud enough.  Ooyama sounds like a hipster, other than that, its fine.

Getting back to the first 4 episodes.  1 introduced everyone to characters and concept, 2 just made some funnies, 3 is where it got real. Iwasawa’s past is revealed, told us her dreams.  In the end, she just wanted to sing her heart out, with that she dissappeared.  A welcoming factor in this series has in the end, all good things must come to an end.  Revealing a backstory and regret, fufilling an action, moving on, 3 easy steps to reveal the story behind each character and finally give meaning (other than to act like dumbasses and tools) to the majority of the cast.  Episode 4 did the same, only that this time, Hinata our focus character didn’t leave.  I’m okay with that, atleast we got to know why he’s even here.  But even after all this crap, we needed to wait til episode 10 to finally experience where this show was getting good.  Yui’s backstory is shown, tragic and heartfelt departure, great episode.  Now we have the entire cast to…oh god dammit only 3 more episodes.  WASTED

Angel Beats, ultimately a decent series for character, concept, but not enough depth.  Watching the english version makes me feel kinda..happy for some reason, probably reminds when i first watched it, i loved the series.

Man, imagine the last scene, everybody has left, their regrets gone.  Then there were 2 left, would have been more epic, and tear jerking

The single song that makes me keep coming back.

Pure writing post because i posted a little too many pics.  Make me sound like i was just in it for pictures.

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