Omamori Himari Review

Omamori Himari Review

The sexiest manga, turned to the most disgusting anime.

If you’re a lolicon, fetish for maids, lolitas, or flatchests you might like this.  But because i’m just a person, i just prefer the girl on the picture, shes the best, but she likes a brain-dead moron.

Well, i have no idea when i first started to read this so lets make this review short

Yuuto is a fag normal highschool kid, yawn.  He has a childhood friend, yawn.  He has allergies to cats, go on.  He’s a demonhunter but can’t do shit, yawn.  He meets a sexy girl and says that she is now his bodyguard, yay.  The dude can’t appreciate woman, yawn.


Thats making the story short.  Yuuto Amakawa is from a family of demon hunters.  Although, he doesn’t really fight, he keeps a charm with him that wards off demons.  He has a childhood friend Rinko, who acts like Sohara from Sora no Otosh.  so yeah, i hate her, a lot.  One day, the warding of the charm wears off, and a cat demon named Himari, fufills a promise that Yuuto’s ancestors made, to protect him from demons.  Yuuto and Rinko encounter Himari and their lives are now surrounded by demons that want Yuuto’s dick blood.  This series is pretty damn heavy with the fanservice, both manga and anime.  This series screams sexuality

Well i guess i need to break down the characters

But because i hate all but one of them (theres too much fanservice on this site at the moment) im just going to talk about them

  • Yuuto: I have no idea why girls like this faggot.  I guess being nice and worthless is the new sports team captain.  His powers comes from making blades out of light, but he only had one badass moment.
  • Rinko: She thinks beating Yuuto when another girl gets close to him will make him like her.  Flat-chested, normal, useless, hah, no one likes her
  • Himari: The hottest being.  She’s a cat too.  She likes the guy with no meaning in life.  She’s hot, part cat, uses swords, wears traditional wear, yep, perfect
  • Shizuku: For those who have a fetish for loli’s and some sadistry, then rejoice.  She’s a loli and she’s a water demon.  Well i hate both so yeah.
  • Lizlet: The maid-demon teacup.  Her body is a teacup but in human form, shes a hot blonde.  She’s probablythe most horny character
  • Kuesu: Is Yuuto’s fiance, she’s hot but she is introduced kinda late in the series (considering the chapter release pattern).  Shes  a magician.A

All those girls like the main character who can’t do anything.  If Yuuto stopped being a cockless faggot and actually fought i would respect him.  He constantly denies boning the females when they constantly show that they WANT IT.

I talked about the series in general, lets differeniate.  The manga is hot, the proportions seem right and the characters (as much as i dislike them) look gorgeous.  The anime seems kinda off.  The characters loose that “touch” that the manga had.  Yuuto’s voice actor makes me angry too.

Well this is a fanservice series, and it deserves fanservice pictures, i’ll try to limit myself

So in short, good little series.  The sexiest and horniest series i’ve ever seen and thats a goo thing i guess.  Hate the main character, love the cat chick, freakin love her.  And theres a reason why i only posted up pics of Himari

Read the manga, don’t watch the show.

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