Classics: Yu Yu Hakusho Review


“Just as the cherry blossom is a flower amongst flowers, Kuwabara is a man among men!”

Left to right: Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Keiko, and Botan

Back in the years of my childhood, i first saw one of the greatest animes  would come to remember. Oh, i guess this counts as an analysis too

Every single night, after every grueling hour of school and boring tv, every 10 o’clock at night Yu Yu Hakusho would air and damn it was a good series.  Original, action packed, funny, amazing (not as much as Bebop though)

The story focuses on Yusuke Urameshi, a highschool delinquint whose also in love with a girl.  His parents are divorced, his mother’s a drunkard, and he gets into fights and is a huge misift.  One day, he tries to save a child from a runaway truck and ends up dying.  Instead of just…well dying, he meets  girl naed Botan, a grim reaper.  She leads him to Koenma, the son of the guy who judges people’s fate in the afterlife.  Yusuke’s brave action caught hell by suprise and the committe are currently deciding where he would end up.  Koenma then gives Yusuke a test, he must help the people in his life if he does so, his soul will be spared.

He is able to fulfill these tests by helping his friend Kuwabara and Geiko, some of his “friends” when he was alive.  After proving himself, his life is restored.  However, during the numerous occassions Koenma has seen Yusuke, he finds that Yusuke possesses spiritul energy and recruits him to be a Underworld Detective.  He also gains the ability to fire a blast of energy from his fingertips, his signature skill.  He hunts down three thieves who took 3 artifacts.  He kills one, but spares two of them.

Later, Yusuke and his rival/friend Kuwabara travel to hone their abilities with their powers.  Kuwabara happens to possess powers of his own, mostly being able to form a sword out of spirit energy.  The two go through a tournment to see who would become Genkai’s successor.  All the while, Yusuke tries to hunt down a criminal who kills masters and masters their techniques.  Eventually, Yusuke wins the competition and trains under Genkai for several months.  Both of the teens’ power are enhanced and they are assigned by Koenma to infiltrate Maze Castle, 4 demons that rule the castle threatren the human world.  The two are able to make it to the hills overlooking the castle and they meet with Kurama and Hiei, two demons who Yusuke fought and beat during one of his earlier missions.  The four then fight their way to the castle, fighting 4 demons named after the Chinese Cardinal Directions, the Black Tortoise of the North, the White Tiger of the West, the Azure Dragon of the East, and the Vermillion Bird of the South.  Kurama, the red haired dude fights with a rose whip, Kuwabara with his spirit sword, Hiei with his sword, and Yusuke with his fists and energy abilties.  The fight lasts long but they are victorious.  Later Yusuke, Kuwabara are assigned yet another mission.  This time to save a girl from a bunch of thugs.  This girl happens to be Hiei’s sister so he’s on the mission, only not officially.  The main bad dude is introduced to be the Toguro Brothers, the eldar being able to shapeshift andthe younger that can control muscle mass.  The three leave with their mission fufilled, however, the Toguro’s remain alive, and are under control of a mysterious man named Sakyo.

Toguro then invites Yusuke to the Dark Tournament, run by humans, fought by demons.  The champion gets one wish.  Team Urameshi, consists of Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, and Genkai.  There are too many stuff to fill in here, but they win the tournament.

Now lemme get into my thoughts on this.  From beginning and to the end of the Dark Tournament, i loved.  But after that, the plot seemed kinda weak and over stretched.  All about the demons and such, didnt like it.  It made a lot more sense that he was a human with an anamoly, not a trait.

Other than that, the series is absolutely fantasic, great music which i will post up.


  • Yusuke Urameshi: The delinquint turned hero .  He can fire shots of energy through his fingertips like a gun.  He can also fight pretty well as hes a gangster
  • Kazuma Kuwabara: The delinquint’s rival who turned into great ally.  He’s the second toughest deliquint compared to Yusuke. His power comes from his sense of energy and ability to create swords out of energy, truly a man among men through his sense of justice.  (seriously, this guy only looks funny, this dude kicks ass)
  • Kurama: Kurama is a demon fox thief that was raised by a human “mother” he eventually stopped hating humans and likes them now.  He has an aura over plants and has a calm head when fighting.
  • Hiei: Hiei is the short dude.  He’s the guy tsundere who basically hates everyone.  Being a demon child of demons, nobody really likes him.  Hiei has more of dual sided fighting spirit.  He’s calm but can also go crazy.  Never liked this kid, he’s cool but he rejects stuff too much.
  • Genkai: Genkai is the master of spirit energy based martial arts.  She trains Yusuke and is a great fighter.  She used to know Toguro before he became associated with demons.  She also pwns everybody in SNES
  • Koenma: The son of the Lord of Hell, he usually takes the form of an infant with the words Jr on his forehead.  He can also turn himself to look like a teenager, he speaks quite fluently, even with the pacifier in his mouth at all times.
  • Keiko: Is Yusuke’s friend, later his girlfriend.
  • Botan: The cheery reaper who serves on Koenma, shes the girl who tells the news to the group.

Lets go on with the music

Oh gosh the memories

Oh dammit, more memories, that chorus part makes me cry in sadness

Oh the nostalgia, how i long for the days when anime wasn’t about girls.

Lets wrap this up.

Yu Yu Hakusho was great, they stretched out the story a bit far though.  Thankfully they ended the series before it got even more insane, im looking at you Naruto and Bleach.  Great series, watch til Dark Tournament finishes then its a great watch

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    • I was so confused when Kurama’s demon form looked manly, back then, I thought his human form was a girl, good times indeed

  3. Ah, a childhood classic. I always liked seeing Kurama in action and when Hiei unleashed his Shadow Dragon, you knew someone’s getting scorched or grilled.
    My favorite saga, like almost every other animeniac is obviously the Dark Tournament saga with the epic Yusuke vs toguro final match. The Sensui and Underworld Tournament arcs were okay but not as good as DT arc.
    I think my fapping material was the announcer girl who wore purple bandana…or maybe it was a babe in the UT…not Mukuro mind you.

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