Hidan no Aria Episode 8 Review


Imma be honest for a sec, it pains me to say it but..

…..It was good….

Aria didn’t act that tsundere.  Shirayuki wasn’t a whore.  Durandal….pleases me

Well only the 2nd half.

Kinji is saved by Aria as she arrives to save Shirayuki and Kinji.  Durandal flees and turns the ice into water and plans to drown them.  Aria gives chase while Kinji tries to free the bounded Shirayuki.  Shirayuki tells us that she was unable to tell anyone about her kidnapping cause if she did, Durandal blows up the school (woot).  Well, the lock is locked top heavy, so he needs to activate his skill, how?

with a kiss.  After thats over, he unlocks that thing like an open doorknob.  The two take a ladder and escae the flooded area.  Shirayuki however seems to be sick after she moves up.  They two rendezvous with Aria but when asked a question, Shirayuki doesn’t give an accurate emotion. 

Kinji shoots at Shirayuki, and she blocks it without effort.  Shirayuki’s form was a disguise fo Durandal and reveals herself as Jeanne d’Arc the 30th, a friend of Riko and agent of the E.U

Well time for a fight, Shirayuki finally reappears and decides to fight Jeanne herself.  She warns everyone else as she is about to turn “yandere” against Jeanne.  Hotogi calls upon her ancestor’s powers and lights her sword with flames, Jeanne’s sword produces ice by the way.

A holy sword is destroyed by a shrine maiden’s sword. Pathetic

Other than that, Jeanne (she’s my favorite now, shes the least annoying.  Reki is okay, but i hate her voice) is put into custody and life returns semi normal

Thats literally the episode. Imma post some pics regarding characters later.  Also if i said they have a cleopatra descendant here, would you believe me?

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