Manga Pre/Re- View? Countrouble

Manga Pre/Re- View? Countrouble

Sorry for the awkward title, i really have no idea how to categorize thise.

I ain’t reviewing it, and i ain’t previewing it either.  Because its already out and its ongoing so i cant really “review or preview” it can i?

Either way im writing this, and before i star announcments.

Its finals week and after that, i got ACT prep with work so weekly updates will continue but i’m in a pinch at the moment, screw finals.

Other than that, lets begin

I remember seeing Countrouble when Kekkaishi was still a running series.  After finishing one of the concluding chapters, the manga caught my eye with a hot…nah wait, this series deserves something more formal from one such as me.  So this series caught my attention with a beautiful girl as on icon.  Clicked, read, loved it.

Currently as of today, there ae 18 chapters, no anime.

Well lets get on with what its about.

Matsushiro Kouta, an average kid in highschoo loves Yoshizawa Akino (the girl in the middle in the top picture).  Like any other series, she barely notices him.  That changes when he is visited by an “Angel” named Sasara (the girl who looks like a witch).  Sasara acts like “Doraemon” only shes annoying, but cute enough to not make me hate her. 

We digress, she acts like Doraemon because she has a bunch of dolls and devices that can grant wishes, with a price however.  Kouta goes about his days to woo his lover while dealing with the backfires with the devices that Sasara brings.  The story becomes more complicated as his childhood friend and her angel movs in to the picture.

This series happens to a recent read for me.  Probably the most recent series i picked up.  Usually i forget to read this from time to time, but the (seemingly) monthly releases of the chapters keep me up to date.  I also LOOOVE the art, no seriously, i say that a lot but DAAAMN i love it so freaking much.  Lemme introduce characters

Note, there are only 2 guys that are actually important.

  • Kouta:  He’s the main guy who needs to find a way to get his dream girl.  Theres nothing remarkable about him.  Wait….now that i think about it, its usually girls chasing after guys, not the other way around.  Hmmmm….Nonethless, i like the guy, hes okay.  He tries his best to get his lady
  • Ooedacchi: He’s the other guy.  Instead of a tsundere girl, we have a tsundere guy….rare atleast for me.  Black hair, blunt, mean expression, hah sounds like me.

From Top to bottom, left to right

  • Kae: Kae is a minor character more than anything else.  She’s Ooedacchi’s brothers girlfriend who he had feelings for since he was a kid.  He later confesses to her, however, she has no choice but to turn him down.
  • Yoshizawa: Ever heard the expression “Yamato Nadeshiko” ? Basically, the ideal woman.  Yoshizawa is exactly that.  Whether its the awesome artwork or her looks, shes hot.  100% i root for her to be with the main dude.  She’s smart and hot, perfect
  • Meiko: Shes the blonde (on the top picture).  She’s the childhood friend of Kouta and likes him as well.  Shes like Yoshizawa, only i prefer the longer haired one better.
  • Sasara: The “Main Girl” as people would call it.  Shes the “Doraemon” esque heroine who is quite a nerd when she moves into Kouta’s house.  She can ride a broom and fly (which is why i would much rather call her a witch).  She plays games, watchet tv, mooches off food, all at the expense and promise to make Yoshizawa fall in love with Kouta.
  • Kukuru: The other angel that lives with Meiko.  She looks cute but is a  semi-sadist.

Theres also another pair of Angel (well Cupid they call themselves) and person and that is Asaka and Kikiri who play a minor role and are only present in atleast 2-3 chapters.  Asaka is shown to be a open minded and active girl, however this is due to Kikiri who made her confident with her feelings as the real Asaka is timid and shy.

Other than that, im done here.  Great series, lovely artwork, unique characters (to an extent).  Guy can try and try, and thats the merit.  Currently, as of chaptr 18, Yoshizawa and Kouta are trapped on a freakin island.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Well i’m out, i gotta study for finals….after watching some more tv


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  1. I don’t know when you posted this but I am just going to comment! I really loved this manga!!!! Really exciting and sad that it takes awhile for a new chapter though. Same as you that I root for Yoshizawa!! I loved the part how she explained why she rejected him! LOL!

    • Aha thank you for commenting!
      Yoshizawa is such a nice girl and I read that confession part many times just because of how cute Yoshizawa was xD

  2. U were right this manga have great art. Yoshizawa san so cuuute. My favourite scene when akino said “but, what I love the most is the boy behind it (when kouta wear pyonpyon costume)”. Ah this manga is soo greeat can’t wait for next chapter

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