Top 5 from HnG

Top 5 from HnG

Many anime blogs do this and this one is no different

Lets talk about some favorite characters from one of my favorite series, Hayate no Gotoku!

HnG happens to be a series chock full of characters and because i need a few more weeks for some anime to conclude, i might as well keep this style in handy for use in other series

By the way, this is top female characters, why? Cause theres only like 3-5 males in the series.

5-1, countdown, with one being my favorite (5-2 are favorites but not my all time fav)

Number 5: Athena

When Athenawas introduced, it took a few months to finish her arc, both flashback and present.  Athena’s popularity skyrocketed up pretty high, taking 2nd place in polls, Hina always takes 1st place.  Athena has the sense of regality and has nice looks to boot.  Athena has it all, the looks, the charm, the chest, the face, and the history with the main character.  She has the Childhood friend factor, and it’s probably the best example of the childhood friend thing that is used in anime.  Imagine if you grew up with Athena and when you guys are 16-17 she looked like that…come on!

Number 4: Nishizawa Ayumu

Nishizawa represents the normal factor in the entire series.  There isn’t really a lot to say about her, she’s just cute.  No wait there are a few things about her.  She’s the only one (out of 2) with enough courage to say that she liked Hayate.  Plus she eats a lot, which reminds me of me.

Number 3: Katsura Hinagiku

Fan favorite, i like her too.  Seriously, everyone does.  Hinagiku shows us that even though she’s a flatchest, she can still be the most famous character in the series.  Seriously, it’s impossible NOT to like her.  She just tries so hard to get Hayate to like her, she actually deserves it.

Number 2: Maria

Before Hina was introduced, we were stuck with Maria, and that was good.  In the beginning, it was just Nagi and Maria (a lil bit of Sakuya, Isumi, and Nishizawa) that we actually cared about.  I hate lolis and pigtails, Maria 100%.  She just has the personality do you say..”chastity(no not that one, she is one i suppose but….screw it) of being around boys.  Maria just has the older sister feel to it, the type of older sister that would be in an average and semi-incestuous anime.

Number 1: Harukaze Chiharu

The one in the middle with teh glasses

Suprise suprise, if Maria, Athena, or Hina couldn’t be my favorite, you had no idea who it would have been.  Chiharu is a less popular character who had very little screentime and appearences in the manga.  Currently, shes a resident of the Poorhouse alongside Nagi and the “Crew”.  Chiharu has something that reminds me of me (moreso than Nishizawa does) You see, i got to school full of…ignorants who basically cannot awknowledge the “japanese” culture persay.  In school, serious, stern.  Outside, anime fan.  Reminds a lot about me.  Plus shes got glasses and killer looks.  Shes the best. Chiharu just has the nerd mindsight and the hot looks, which basically makes the best (at least for me)

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