Hidan no Aria Episde 6-7 Review


Overdue, i can’t wish any faster to make this series end

No pics, nothing worth the time getting one

Well Shirayuki breaks down the door to murder Aria (yaay, rip her to shreds).  The two get into a fight that lasts a while.  Shirayuki happens to be a Psychic/ESP so she can easily repel Aria’s bullets.  Eventually, the two tire out, Kinji tries to lessen the tension but Shirayuki continues to bombard him with question on what the two of them have been doing.  After some dumb (but funny) and sexually related comments,  the night ends with Shirayuki’s leave

One of Kinji’s friends tells him of an event that will take place in their school, Kinji doesnt really care.  Later he trains with Aria regarding his other personality.  AFter some training, they leave for home

Shirayuki shows up at the house, she wants to partake in the harem as well.  Later, Kinji shares a conversation with Aria regarding her goal.  After finding who the Butei Killer was, she now hunts for Durandal, the one who put her mother in prison.

After some more bullshit i really dont care about the episode ends.

Take this time to compare the episode reviews i did with AB! and Zombie, see how much i hate this series?

Kinji in episode 7, stays at home sick.  Shirayuki, being the girl who is too emotional to even like anymore cries in relief that he is alive.  Later in school, the event (refer to last episode,oh wait same post) happens to have an afterparty.  Aria says that Shirayuki is in danger.  Kinji decides to acompany Shirayuki to the afterparty, then they go shopping for a yukata for her to wear.

I will not lie, they look cute.  However the girl is just too worrysome, moreso than i am

In the event, the only important thing that happens is that the two almost kiss.  Too bad.

Later, Shirayuki happens to be missing.  Kinji then runs around town trying to find her.  He tracks her down and finds her mysterious assailant.  The assailant showcases some form of Cyro-kinesis, or ice powers.  Shirayuki is dragged off, Kinji freezes on the ground.  Yaay end this series mystery person, however, Aria shows up to ruin it

Episode end, thank god im done with it

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