My List


Hi there.

So the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty much going all out and no-lifing a bunch of anime series. I’ll probably start reviewing a lot of them and others in the summer, but finals are keeping me grounded.
This is just a list as to what I’ve watched/am caught up to in the last two weeks:

Dog DaysDogs and animals fighting each other (pretty much it)
Hidan no Aria – People with cool shooting/cutting abilities
Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – Fast paced, kind of confusing.
Ao no Exorcist – Satan’s son decides to become an exorcist.
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – Pure harem/comedy.
Ichigo 100% – A strawberry underwear-obsessed kid.
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – Some kid destined to be Demon King.
Spice and Wolf, 1 & 2 – Merchant traveling with a wolf.
Sora no Otoshimono – Random angeloids bring random events.
Seto no Hanayome – Shit, I married a mermaid…?
STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto – Weird series overall… hero always wins.
Dragon Crisis – Short, kind of strange, and rather boring. Sorry.
Seitokai Yakuindomo – Gotta love school life in an all-girls school.
Guardian Hearts – Pure harem/comedy.
Kaze no Stigma – About a wind-user who’s pretty boss.

List of Absolute Favorites
Sekirei, 1 & 2 – Ongoing, season 3 probable. Manga updates are monthly (one or two every month)
Baka to Test to Shokanju – Season 2 confirmed
Angel Beats – Season 2 supposedly coming out in the spring… yet still not here.
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? – Most likely having a season 2, depends on popularity.
The World God Only Knows, 1& 2 – Manga ongoing, updates weekly; season 2 new episodes weekly.
Infinite Stratos – 7 Unscanned volumes, not found anywhere online, have to buy them. Chances are 50-50 for a season 2. <— F-F-F-F-FFFFFUUUUUUUUU
Bakemonogatari – Rather boring at first, one of the best endings I’ve seen, though.
Toaru Majutsu no Index – Waiting on season 3
Needless – Amazing series, I think the manga is still going on. Hilarious comedy, little skirt-chasing, etc. Good overall, anime ending was ehh. 

Edit 4: Now that’s 24.

See you later, peeps.

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