Small Announcement


Small announcements for all of you

First of all, for those who want to see my Hidan no Aria review, its right below, barely any pics cause i didnt really like it. too bad

Second: I’m going to start doing something OTHER than reviews.  Because most of the current stuff is crap, and im desperate to find a summer anime to review at all.  So here it is

Classics: I’m going to review old anime for the 90’s and the early 2000’s why? because they were awesome.  Currently, on [adultswim], every saturday, they show 2 cowboy bebop episodes.  And guess what, next week is the finale.  And im finally going to finish the series off and give it an overdue review.  Another animes will follow

Analysis: Im going to compare a manga/anime that is currently airing (and that was aired for a while).  For example, Bleach.  Bleach started out extremely well and focused on the odd ones that made the series unique.  Now its all about the Soul Reapers.

Expect posts like that soon!

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