Hidan no Aria Episode 5 Review


I wonder when the one on the left will show up cause everyone else fits the archtype perfectly.

Well the episode is pretty short, considering its mostly action

Remember, the less pics, the less i liked the episode

Well going back to last episode’s events, ARIA GOT SHOT, SHE DIED, KINJI GOT IT ON WITH RIKO.  Okayonly one of those did not happen and one of them ALMOST happened.  Well we continue with Aria getting shot.  Riko laughs in victory while Kinji escapes, carrying Aria’s body.  Kinji is able to escape and remain hidden from Riko, but not for long.  Kinji pulls out a stimpack and is able to get her back and functional.  Aria wakes up and begins her tsun mode again, much to my annoyance.  She tantrums for a while until Kinji really needs to shut her up, with a nice little kiss.  Aria is silenced and Kinji is gets into his badass mode.

Riko eventually finds Kinji’s location.  Riko suspects that Aria is in the room.  Kinji then reveals that he hid an oxygen tank.  Kinji engages in combat, but Riko is able to locate Aria’s hiding place.  Aria springs out and disarms Riko.  However, the plane is going down.  Riko escapes, Kinji gives chase while Aria tries to land the plane (is there anything she cant do?)

While Aria is piloting, Kinji hunts down Riko for some questioning.  Before Kinji can get any real answers for his questions, she is able to escape.  AFter some bigass trajectorizing involving the plane landin, and some cheesey lines, the plane i landed, and Kinji’s arm is busted.  The two are back in the apartment.  Aria thanks for all the work Kinji has done.

Before they can both fully rest from all the crazy shit that happend, theres a knock on the door…actually more like a breakdown.  A sword slashes through the door  and its Kinji’s semi-crazy girlfriend, Shirayuki and boy does she look pissed, she thinks that Aria is a like a terrorist.  With sword in hand she charges at them, oh boy

Yeah one pic, i really have nothing to say.  Action episode.Aria’s a bitch.

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