Bleach: Then and Now


This is the first analysis i’ve made in this blog and the first that will be discussed will be Bleach: by Tite KuboFile:Bleach cover 01.jpg

Bleach started in August of 2001, back then, i didn’t know it even existed.  Only when i came (back) to America in 2006 did i see it for the first time.  Bleach is the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager gifted with the sight of seeing spirits.  His mother died when he was young by a malevolent spirit and he blames himself for her death.  Ichigo lives with his eccentric father, his down-to-earth young sister along with anoter sister who has a brother complex.  One fateful night, he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper.  Soul Reapers are those who govern the souls who move into the Afterlife.  Rukia explains that she is here to hunt down Hollows, a soul that has turned evil and remained in the human world for too long.  When a huge Hollow appears, Rukia is critically injured, she proposes the idea of giving half of her spirit energy (called Reiatsu) to Ichigo to combat the Hollow.  Instead, he takes all of it and destroys the Hollow without much effort.  With her powers gone, Ichigo takes Rukia’s place as a Soul Reaper to protect the town from Hollows and guide the afterlife into the “Soul Society” where spirits and the Soul Reapers reside.

During the time he stays as the Soul Reaper, Rukia spends her time as a regular highschool student and tries to fit in with the local school.  Ichigo then learns that a few of his classmates have spiritual powers of their own.  Orihime Inoue, the ditzy airhead of the class possesses the ability to defend, attack, and heal with her hairpins. Yatsutora Sado, a tall teenager of Mexican descent holds the ability to manifest the powers of Hollows onto his arms.  Finally, Uryu Ishida, A Quincy (ancient enemies of the Soul Reapers) that has the abilties of forming energy bows and arrows.  Ichigo is taught by Kisuke Urahara, a lazy but brilliant, ex-soul reaper who teaches him on his powers.

After time passes, The high ranking Soul Reapers find what Rukia has been doing and seeing as Ichigo has gained her powers, they sentence her to death by sharing their powers with humans.  The Soul Society send one of their 13 Court Guards (specfically, the 6th Division) to reclaim her and bring her back to the Soul Society.  Ichigo is defeated by one of the Squad’s officers.  Ichigo then takes his friends and heads to the Soul Society to stop Rukia’s execution.  However, even more calamity starts as Ichigo and his friends enter the spiritual world but after a few weeks of hard training.  With the help of former Soul Society captain, Yoruichi, they are succesful in infiltrating the Soul Society.

The 13 Court Guards then discuss their plans to halt the intruders.  As they do so, Ichigo and his crew gets help from some misfits in the Soul Society to catapault them directly into the Court Guard headquarters.  However, they fail and are seperated.  The seperated friends then fend off the numerous officers and captains that try to stop them in their tracks.  Even more chaos begins when a high ranking S.S member (no not the Nazis..) is assassinated.  Conspiracies and civil unrest breaks out in the Soul Society as well.  Ichigo confronts Renji Abarai, the soul reaper who beat his ass in the human world, ad renji gets beaten.  Seeing how he fails Rukia, he decides to save her as well.

With a lot of fightin, between the intruders and amongst the soul reaper ranks, Renji confronts his captain, who is the semi older brother of Rukia.  Renji unleashes his most powerful attacks on his superior, only to be completely owned.  After EVEN MORE fighting and betrayals, Ichigo confronts his most powerful enemy, Byakuya Kuchiki.   The two fight for atleast 2-4 episodes and Ichigo stands victorious and the execution is halted, only through the sudden appearence of Aizen Sousuke, the captain that was assassinatd.  He reveals that all of this was part of his grand scheme and he takes a sacred artifact of the S.S and takes 2 of his friends (both captains) to the world of Hollows.  The war is over, but a whole new one is approaching the horizon.

Now that was when Bleach was actually good.  After this arc, Bleach falls into more fights as the entire Soul Society get into fights with the Hollow-esque version of the 13 Court Guards named the Espadas. Suddenly Bleach goes Spanish and we are introduced to yet another group called the Vizards, Ex S.S members who embraced the powers of both Hollows and Soul Reaper.  Ichigo is once again pulled into the world of spirits as Orihime is kidnapped by Aizen’s forces and he must fight through another batch of bastards to get her back and finally confront Aizen.

He eventually trains enouh offscreen and kills a bunch of characters to become completely overpowered and destroys Aizen without even trying.  However, due to the excess power he used, he loses his Soul Reaper powers.  Now a completely new arc focusing on Ichigo and his powerless form begins, and then i stopped reading

Shit, 866 words on just explaining the damn thing, now time for the Analysis part.

Bleach during the first part with the balance of plot and actio, was the best.  The unique feature was that it focused onIchigo’s group of friends.  The SoulReapers were an oddity, but even to them, Ichigo and his friends’ powers were an oddity as well.  So it was the freak among freaks.  It was an original concept and something was there that made Ichigo’s group more fun to watch.  Then there was the fighting amongst soul reapers as well.  There was a sense of mystery present throughout the first part.  In series’ second part, Ichigo undergoes through the “Dragonball ” phase where he learns the most powerful form, only to learns he can be even more powerful.  It just got repetitive.  Fights after another.  I admit seeing the different abilities of the Soul Reapers were cool, but it just got outta hand, and there were so many characters, i couldnt keep track.  I seriously thought the series would end where Aizen gets owned.  But no, it keeps going….

Bleach was original during the first run, special characters in an already special enviroment.  If they focused on the main 4 characters with their unique powers some more, that would be more fun, instead give the rest of the cast who are already powerful enough 98 percent of screentime with barely any background (okay some have background)

I actually had more planned for the final analysis but i guess i forgot em.   Thats th first analysis, if i remember what i was going to say, you know where to check (for you idiots, the answer is back here in this post)

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