Hidan no Aria Episode 4 Review


We get a little flashback detailing Kinji’s brother.  Apparently, the Hysteria Mode runs in his family.  Kinji’s brother was a butei who saved a bunch of people from a huge catastrophe but was deemed a murderer.  Kinji doesn’t really like that.

(note, if i didnt like the episode, then theres less pics, lets leave my opinions on that)

Kinji, is out on a stroll, only to find Aria in formal wear, heading to god knows where.  Kinji tracks her, only to learn that she knew he was on her for the entire time.  Aria leads Kinji to the E.U, an organization that Kinji’s brother served in.  Here, we learn that Aria’s mother is being held custody.  Unlike her bitchy daughter, shes a nice person.  Aria’s mother is on hold and was convicted of being the Butei Killer.  The B.K must be taken ahold of to free her.

Her mother informs Aria that her ancestors had great partners.  Just wait til you hear the absurdity.

Kinji is invited by Riko, to her place for  little chat and information sharing.  However, Riko completely turns on her switch and makes some nice advances on Kinji, and they share genetic information too

With that being said, Kinji gets turned on as well, and tht means, badassery

Kinji is able to resist temptation and put Riko in her place, alone.  Kinji somehow deduces the information given to him and tracks Aria down to the airport.  Kinji arrives in Aria’s first class area, only to be informed that the plane cannot be stoppped and that he has to stay.  With no choice, he complys and waits for the storm.  While Kinji comforts Aria (shes scared of thunder. Srsly, she’s child mercenary whose near bullets and blades but is scared of thunder?)  The attendent informs us very calmly that the plane has been hijacked.  The duo take action and track the culprit down.

The two are able to corner the flight attendent, only to find out, its Riko in disguise.  Riko turns out to be the Butei Killer and reveals herself to be the descendant of Arsene Lupin, the famous French thief.

The rage will not subside, but oh well.

Riko is currently enraged by the fact that no one awknowledges who she is, rather she is recognized for her family line.  The name Riko was just given to her by her grandmother.  Riko is now tired of being called the 4th and seeks to surpass Lupin (she can never surpass Lupin III).  She also devised the entire plan to get Aria and Kinji into a team.  Aria is also revealed to be the descendan of Sherlock Holmes.  Riko’s plan needed Aria to team with Kinji so it could reanact the Holmes and Watson team.  Now Riko wants to fight

I admit, an epic fight between two bitchy girls ensues.  A fight that was centuries late.  Riko happens to be quite proficient with pistols as well.  The two get into a Bayonetta esque, close combat fight with guns  Eventually, Aria is shot

The episode ends with that


Bah, this series just gets less interesting.  I refuse to believe that they are descendants of one of the most famous characters Europe has concieved.  Aria is still a bitch, and Riko turns yandere.  I already read through the manga, i want some new characters in the light novels.  Thankfully, the used 4-5 episodes for like what 15 chapters of the manga, so i think we might see more characters.

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