Hidan no Aria Episode 1-3 Review


And here we go

To be perfectly honest, after watching the first episode, i might not to the episodic review. The only reason i started reading/watching this was because the artwork is so niiiiice, the artist who drew Kore Wa Zombie drew this too.  Naturally, i wanted to see it, however im starting to regret my choice.  But then again, i do like ranting.  So screw it, lets review this thing.

2-3 Pics for each episode, i apologize for not posting these damn reviews

Our pilot episode starts off with our male lead, Kinji, whose currently, running away from segways WITH SUBMACHINE GUNS ATTACHED.  Wait, that voice….ITS FREAKIN AIKAWA from Zombie.  Well the voice actor joke aside (wait, i made a joke?) he goes on talking about strange shit happening in life.  As soon as he says that, a pink-twin tailed, (loli) girl jumps down a building and manages to shoot down a few segways with her dual pistols, but she crashes into Kinji and gets thrown into a building. 

The scene shifts, we flashback to Kinji’s morning.  Bullets are everywhere in his bedroom, he wakes up and hears the doorbell ring.  Heres anime cliche #1: His old friend Shirayuki, who visits him everyday and makes him breakfast.  She definetely shows interest in our lead, but he tries to avoid “tension”.  Lemme explain why the guns and shit going on: Kinji, Shirayuki, and that pink haired girl work for something called the Butei.  They are in short, child (well highschooler) mercenaries who work for money.  They specialize in fighting. 

Say hi to Toyama, Kinji with a strange power

Well we join Kinji in one hell of a situation, its like that movie with Keanu Reeves with the bus and the bomb, only this time, its the bike.  Our heroine saves the hero, but they end up in an awkward position, inside a box, and awfully close.  Pinky girl wakes up, starts hitting and accusing Kinji of molesting her and ges crazy, but the segways catch up.  She starts shooting, putting her wooden plank of a chest on his face.  Then, Kinji somewhat reveals his avoidance of “arousing” things.

Suddenly, Kinji becomes suave, as shit.  He smooth talks our loli and goes off killing anything that was attacking him

So much tsun, it must DIE.  Say hi to Kanzaki H. Aria, quite possibly more annoying than Haruna.

Well, opposition is neutralized.  Kinji outtalks and outskills Aria (she also carries swords, come on, too much on one character!) Kinji still beats her, without even trying.  Kinji leaves for school like he orignally planned to.  Kinji explains what the hell just happened.  To make a long story short, here it is: Whenever the horny feeling strikes, he goes into a passive state of complete badassery, coupled with smoothtalking charm.  Something that he completely despises, he calls it Hysteria Mode.  Apparently, these segways are from a local urban killer, nicknamed the Butei Killer.

He arrives in class and boom, Arias there, and demands to sit next to him.  Turns out, shes a transfer (Cliche number #2 3?) Well after some confusion, Kinji escapes home, where is disturbed one last time, Aria breaks into his house and then offers him a job, to be her slave

Episode 2 starts now

Kinji without much of a choice, has to comply with Aria’s forceful attitude.  Kinji leaves the house for a while and comes back with Aria in the bath.  Doorbell rings, and when he answers, its Shirayuki again

Meet Hotogi, Shirayuki, our average childhood friend who blatantly loves our protagonist.  Shes a miko and a yandere.

Shirayuki was completely shocked that Kinji was the targeted one this morning and came to show her worriedness.  Kinji is succesful in protecting his innocence and his ass from being grass by telling Shirayuki to go home.  Next morning we see the concept of the Butei once more.  Apparently, they can take “Quests” from civilians.  So this makes them Mercenaries/Child Labourers.  After taking on a job with Aria, Kinji finds and meets his other friend

Riko Mine

Riko is the “dumbass” of the show (shes a blond, its understandable), but being a dumbass, she happens to be a top notch intelligence handler.  So shes basically te “Ed” of this show (Ed=Cowboy Bebop)

So turns out, Aria is english and japanese.  Kinji and Aria get in an argument, Kinji apparently doesnt want to partake in Butei work, Aria says that hes the best.  So they decide to take one serious mission to see if Kinji is fit for the job.

Ep 3 starts

Riko gives Kinji a ticket to an arcade, because she cant go herself.  Aria decides to go with Kinji to the arcade.  Theres a scene with Aria acting cute because he got her 2 dolls in a game but too bad, go watch it.

Next day, Kinji is walking to school, only to called by Aria that theres a busjacking going on, and the exact situation of Speed with Keanu Reeves is going on.  And suddenly, shorty Aria can drive.  They are able to get on the bus but happens that the uzi carrying segways evolved into sportscars (whoever is doing this has to be rich).  Kinji trys to help Aria in defusing the bomb (which is located beneath the moving bus), but the cars shoot him, only to have Aria take the shot for him and  destroy the car.  Not all hope is lost, a helicopter carrying a sniper takes out the bomb without a sweat

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