Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 13


The Hidan no Aria review will be up, i have no school tomorrow because i go to a catholic school.

(According to a picture in this chapter, the events in this chapter take place when our main gang (Hinata, Ooyama, and Yuri try to recruit Cha, with an arrow.)

Iwasawa introduces “Crow Song” (with a lack of grammatically correct phrase, it should be Crow’s Song, but then again, its Japan, they made Cowboy Bebop, they are forgiven) t Hisako, who is taken aback at how amazing Iwasawa is at playing, making, and singing music.  But after such praise, Iwasawa suddenly collapses.  Hisako is scared, REALLY scared, Angel appears in the room to tell her: She’s hungry.

Luckily our short ended (atleast in anime) heroine feeds herself and Hisako explains a little about her past.  In the past, Hisako was in a band, but her (evidently) depressed band leader killed herself, so she calls herself a murderer.  Iwasawa comforts her, Hisako then declares that they put on a concert.  Iwasawa is taken by suprise, but its gonna happen…

Next chapter will come in a month so wait for it

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