To Aru no Majutsu no Index II Review


Left to right, top to bottom. Index, Touma, Orsola, Sherry, Itsuwa, Saiji, Tsuchimikado, Stiyl, Kaori, Sasha, (then girl not seen in anime but in light novel), Kaori, Angelene, Luccia, and Agnese

A 60% (i don’t know, im trying my best to estimate) increase in the female character department, by that, i mean more females.

Well if you didn’t know, To Aru no Majusu no Index is a light novel series with a pretty decent anime adaptation that was (im going to call it Index from now on) was released a few years ago, and this/last year, the sequel to the series arrived to continue the plot.  Index I featured the first (im guessing) few points in the novel and get some principle characters, allow me to explain the main character and the premise of the first season before we go anywhere

Premise first

The story takes place in Academy City, a technologically advanced (to a degree) city that studies he advancement of abilities, or powers given by science, but magic also exists.(Basically, students who go to school in Academy City have powers)  Our main character, Touma is one of the three idiots of his class.  His power is the Imagine Breaker, his right hand is able to dispel and negate any other power, however, he has horrible luck.  One day, he finds a girl on his veranda who asks for food.  She reveals herself as Index, a nun from the secret sect of the Church of England (hell yeah, first its superpowers, magic, science, and fucking religion!)  and she carries in her mind over 100,000 forbidden grimoires and texts which make her a prime target to other religious/magic based cults.  Touma now protects Index and gets tangled in a huge fight over Index and Academy City.


  • Touma: Bad luck, dumb, has a defective power.  Nonetheless, good hearted.  His years of being a delinquint gives him pretty good close combat skills.  Touma shows gender equality, as he feels nothing as he punches pretty girls in their face
  • Index: Little girl who has an huge appetite, she can access the grimoires in her mind to use their power.  She kinda likes Touma
  • Tsuchimikado: One of  Touma’s 2 friends who are dumb but extremely powerful (in a way that their powers defend them pretty well).  His powers allow remarkable regeneration
  • Blue Hair: He really doesnt have a name, but is one of Toumas other friend.  His power is not revealed (not in the light nove eitherl)
  • Stiyl: Index’s ally, hes a flame user, doesnt really do much
  • Kanzaki: Shes a saint, who sure as hell does not dress on that part, her hair is messy and one whole section of her jeans are missing.  One of the many who fawn around our hapless main character.
  • Misaka: Fanboys drool over her (shes a freakin middleschooler) her powers are electric based.  Shes a tsundere which obviously means i hate her.  They did some screwed up experiments with her and made like millions of clones.  Loves Touma
  • Kuroko: Shes Misaka’s stalker, her ability is warping.
  • Hyouka: Shes considered an anomaly but her power allows her to phase in and out of dimensions, which is the basic premise of her power.
  • Himegami: Dresses as a miko and talks rather bluntly.  Her power targets vampires specifically.  she likes Touma
  • Komoe: Shortass teacher, she drinks and smokes and is only 135 cm’s tall
  • Last Order: The last of Misaka’s clones.  Shes a loli too and she repeats her name everytime she ends a sentence.  Added to hate list.
  • Accelerator: The most powerful ability user.  His power is vector manipulation and can basically increases speed and velocity of objects.  Hes an albino and he is physically weak.

That was a handful to type, now Season 2.

Season II basically starts off with introducing characters again and advancing the light novels plot.  The first major plotline is when Index gets kidnapped, gets saved and then we move on to a more important plotline.  I will summarize

  • First a mysterious book is found which attracts a nun to Academy City to decode it.  Two churches fight over her.  Happens that the Roman Catholics didnt have the best intentions.  The characters of the Amakusa Church and the now disbanded group of Roman Catholics ally with Neccessarius (Index’s group)
  • Second: A huge sporting event goes in Academy City, with these many people, a few magic users infiltrate the complex.  Tsuchimikado and Touma alongside Stiyl arrive to stop a user known as Oriana Thompson who plans to give a relic of sword that can kill a saint.  They eventually stop her.  Introduced to Touma’s EXTREMELY busty classmate.
  • Third, Touma wins a trip to Italy and they find the girl they helped back in the first major plotline.  They eventually board a magic ship that emprisons the girls we saw back in plotline 1.  Touma eventually fights off the leader of the magic fleet who imprisoned our characters.
  • Last: Accelerators story in saving Last Order, pretty confusing and epic stuff going on.  These are the last 5 episodes.

Few Characters

  • Fukiyose: Touma’s busty classmate.  Shes a semi tsundere, but shes hot enough not to hate her.
  • Amakusa Church: A group of…homeless? I dont know, they are dressed kinda unorthadox.  2 members stand out.  One is a guy who looks like Mugen from Champloo.  And the other is a girl whose pretty famous in the light novel, Itsuwa (shes the girl whose dressed lightly inthe top picture)
  • Former Roman Catholic: Luccia and Angelene work as a duo, they are side characters (Blonde girls in nun clothes they are on the right side of pic).  Agnese is their superior (Red head).  Orsola is the sleepy girl on the left, shes slow and kind.  (Left to right) Sasha, Sherry and Kaori (out of the ones who werent desribed above) were introduced in the first season.

Too much analysis, no reviewing,

The series is good, no lie.  Nice action, nice eye candy, too much too.  But that certain factor went up a bit.  The last season was great, original idea and it was interesting.  Second season kept that originality from the light novel, and hell, more girls to boot.  Its huge cast of characters and a hard working main character keeps it nice.  Being in religion class kinda helps me understand

Go watch it! Watch the first season first though

He says he’s “unlucky”

Index, i only loli i will EVER adore

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  1. You made a few mistakes in the character section. The Blue haired guy is named “Aogami” (that’s his last name, I forgot his first name, but it’s stated in the series several times). He also presumably has no power.

    Hyouka is also not psychic, nor is she an Esper.

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