Allow me to take this time to announce and clarify what i am going to be doing for the next few weeks.

First the announcements

I want to start off by saying the new anime Hidan no Aria will be the episodically reviewed anime.  However, after watching the first episode, i ain’t impressed.  Im going to give it another week until i can start reviewing it.  Hell if im too lazy to wait, i might as well type it later on this week or early next week.  Hell the only reason i tried to watch this series is because the dude who drew for Kore Wa Zombie drew for this series as well.  HoN features something i despise though, tsunderes.  To top that, she was twintails, is short, and….is a tsundere.  That didn’t really leave me a good impression, however the other characters i am hoping to negate that effect.  I hate Aria (the tsundere, main female lead) as much i hated Haruna.

2nd: I got a few more posts planned, i will try to post on weekends.

Next…Honestly, i have not too many things on my watchlist.  The World God Only Knows II was released on monday, and i’m for sure watching that.  Hidan no Aria, im going to endure the rage and watch it. Madoka got my attention.  Kekkaishi is one chapter away from ending, gonna write on that.  And i might post a post for eye candy to attract more viewers.  Other than that, not much, im going to try out a few more animes to see any fit my taste, or worthy of my time.  (I gotta finish Yumekui Merry too, im on episode…..2

  • Hidan no Aria Episodes 1-2 review, next week
  • To Aru no Majutsu no Index II review, this week
  • More Announcments whenver the hell i feel like it

Heres a complimentary picture as thanks for being a regular visitor…no not really(because no one comments) , just for the hell of it

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