Bakuman Review


Well this series is no suprise.

I first heard of Bakuman during the first years of my newfound interest in the world of manga and anime.  I’ve watched a few shows and a read a few before, but i was limited to what the bookstore near me had.  When i visited Myanimelist a year ago, i noticed Bakuman.  I always thought Bakuman had to do something with Bomberman, boy was i wrong when i clicked that link.

Bakuman is essentiall, a manga about making manga.  The read most of the manga up to the current chapters and it is one interesting tale.  Moritaka Mashiro is a talented artist, and he’s only in junior high.  He is the nephew of a popular manga artists who died a few years back due to “overworking”.  Mashiro admires a girl in his class named Miho Azuki, but like many other regular guys in manga, he can’t really confess, atleast without some help.  Mashiro draws the girl of his dreams in his notebook, and accidentally leaves it in his desk when he leaves for his house.  He rushes back and finds Akito Takagi, the genius of his school looking at his drawing of Azuki.  Takagi proposes an idea that they should create manga together.  With Mashiro as the artist and him as the writer.  Mashiro is at first skeptical, mostly because of his uncle’s death with overwork.  Mashiro dismisses the optimism of Takagi’s idea.  However, he is unable to ignore Takagi as he had made his way to Azuki’s house, to confess.  Mashiro is dumbstruck and rushes to Azuki’s house too.  Takagi used his genius to get Mashiro to come here.  They ask for Azuki’s presence and Takagi tell her that they will be manga artists.  Azuki is overcome wih joy as she says that she is working to become a seiyuu (or voice actor).  Something in Mashiro switches on and he asks Azuki to marry him if they all achieve their goals, and then..

Obviously, everyone is shocked, even Mashiro who can’t believe he just said that.  Suprisingly, Azuki agrees, only after running to her house and shutting the door.  Now with girl of his dreams on the line, Takagi and Mashiro starts working on a manga that will make them the most famous mangakas of all time.  The duo then create a name for themselves, Ashirogi Muto.  Man, that is something the creator of Death Note would do (yeah, the dude who made Light Yagami made this)

The manga is great, the find out manga isn’t all about your own ideas and they need consultation and what not.  Later, they meet a colorful cast of aspiring mangakas and they compete against eachother to “Change [Shounen] Jump” The manga hasn’t changed much, only the characters got older and are in college, Takagi gets married to Miho’s friend Miyoshi.

Main 4

  • Moritaka Mashiro (Blue in top picture)
  • Akito Takagi (Red blonde kid with glasses)
  • Miho Azuki (Girl next to Mashiro)
  • Kaya Miyoshi (Girl next to Takagi)

Other important characters not mentioned above.

  • Akira Hattori: Takagi and Mashiro’s editor who sees great potential in them.
  • Eiji Nizuma: He’s the genius in making manga and is somewhat loud but is extremely respectful.  (Background)
  • Shinta Fukuda: He’s the loud and charismatic type, he’s loud as well but he’s somewhat blunt. (White hair)
  • Takuro Nakai: 36 years old and works with teens, he’s a sad guy.  Later retires but comes back, he reminds me of Forever Alone (Not shown)
  • Ko Aoki: Is the girl competitor.  She starts out extremely confidant and arrogant, later becomes more femenine and willing to listen to others.  (Girl next to Fukuda)
  • Aiko Iwase: She was the 2nd in place behind Takagi when they were in school together.  She’s basically Aoki when she was introduced.
  • Kazuya Hiramaru: He’s kinda weak and timid but he’s considered a genius.  (Black haired guy next to Aoki)

The anime is basically the manga, and the manga is great.  Second Season is announced i think.  Go watch it for fun and read it to continue the story.

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