Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Real Review


What? another post?

Well i noticed a few monthes ago when i started a few episodes on reviewing this anime.  Unlike Angel Beats series review with my friends (who rarely appears) i didn’t really “review” the episodes at all.  I decided to write this to just seriously review this series. 

The series was never normal.  If you expected normalcy in this series then you probably didn’t understand the title.  The story of a Zombie, his necromancer, a self proclaimed genius, and an egotistical “vampire” ninja.  The series i highly approve why? Well its another harem title but the main character isn’t much of an idiot, and not every single girl is after him, a nice change from the usual dose.  The episodes and the series itself was nicely paced.  A few rough patches here and there but its all nicely laced.  I kinda felt episodes after 8 or the part after Kyoko was kinda dull compared to the first few.  None the less, probably the handful of good shows that came out during the winter season, next to Madoka which i don’t get at all. 


  • Aikawa: Likeable and he does something.  The cross dressing part i freak out in disgust but he has his badass moments.
  • Yu (Eucliwood): She has the most chemistry and connection and character development, of course shes a great character.
  • Haruna: Annoying, i knew from the start i wouldn’t like her.  Atleast she got her power back
  • Sera: She really needs to be beat, but i she changed as the episodes went by.
  • Yuki: Probably the best compared to the rest, Yu rarely talks so i like Yuki a little better.

Is it good?

Hell yeah its good but it isnt amazing, probably because the lack of episodes or the wild plot but hey.  I give it a solid above average/8

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  1. A somewhat likable Yuu and the serious moments of the show weren’t enough to quelm my anger towards this atrocity. FUCK YOU SERAPHIM AND MAELSTROM! You have caused me many headaches. So many that I skipped season 2 entirely. Also, the third Vampire Ninja can kiss my ass for losing her coolness points by becoming attracted to the male lead. You lost all your credibility BITCH!

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