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Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 13


The Hidan no Aria review will be up, i have no school tomorrow because i go to a catholic school.

(According to a picture in this chapter, the events in this chapter take place when our main gang (Hinata, Ooyama, and Yuri try to recruit Cha, with an arrow.)

Iwasawa introduces “Crow Song” (with a lack of grammatically correct phrase, it should be Crow’s Song, but then again, its Japan, they made Cowboy Bebop, they are forgiven) t Hisako, who is taken aback at how amazing Iwasawa is at playing, making, and singing music.  But after such praise, Iwasawa suddenly collapses.  Hisako is scared, REALLY scared, Angel appears in the room to tell her: She’s hungry.

Luckily our short ended (atleast in anime) heroine feeds herself and Hisako explains a little about her past.  In the past, Hisako was in a band, but her (evidently) depressed band leader killed herself, so she calls herself a murderer.  Iwasawa comforts her, Hisako then declares that they put on a concert.  Iwasawa is taken by suprise, but its gonna happen…

Next chapter will come in a month so wait for it

Kekkaishi Review


Another series comes to a close

Kekkaishi details the life of Sumimura Yoshimori, the heir to the Sumimura family.  However, Yoshimori has no intention of his heredity rule his life, instead he wants to be a baker.  A middle school-er at daylight, and supernatural protector at night.  Every night, Yoshimori and his family’s spirit dog hunt the demons who are attracted to an anomaly at his local school grounds named Karasumori.  Yukimura Tokine, his love interest and his neighbor joins him.  The two fight against demons (ayakashi) with a special technique that was passed between the two families, the kekkai technique, which allows them to create barriers to trap demons and destroy them (but they are just boxes, so they can be utilities too).  The school grounds they protect gives power to demons that localize the area.  Tokine and Yoshi use  their powers to protect their home and family but they will soon be accompanied by more powerful individuals to dig out the secret of Karasumori.

The concept was intereting.  Its a breath of fresh air that the main characters didnt magically get their powers or is given the name, ninja skills.  The Kekkai technique gives off some unique blend of powers that can be used offensively and defensively.  The story has a crapload of characters, i actually stopped paying attention to them and just decided to focus on one family, The Sumimuras.  Yoshimori’s character starts out as a little annoyance (but likeable) and then gradually the most badass motherf*cker of most anime.  Although there are many times the average shounen character becomes freakishly strong (IE: Naruto his something move vs Pain, Ichigo vs Aizen when he overpowers him 10000x times), Yoshimori’s training is apparent with 2 key things.

First thing is that his training is SHOWN.  In Bleach, they just off Ichigo’s training, Naruto, they show something but its just concentration and old memories of his family.  Yoshimori goes under rigorous training with his grandfather to sate his hunger to get stronger due to one of his friends dying at the hands of demons.  Yoshimori trains everyday and is able to draw out his power and manifest into a creature.  Also, Yoshimori doesnt just get power out of nowhere, Naruto has a demon sealed within him, Ichigo can draw out his mask, Yoshi has nothing like that, he uses his power with planning and without reckless fist/sword fights.  Yoshi starts reckless, and later turns extremely chill and doesnt even flinch when he kills atleast 50 demons in a few seconds.  Naruto still has tougher guys to fight, Ichigo is currently getting his powers back (for god knows why), Yoshimori doesnt need to fight, he later gains the power to create barriers around him that disintegrates everything else in the barriers diameter and in the end, he can create a sphere in which he can fill it with everything he pleases.  Basically, he can be a god of  small area.

Second, Yoshi has someone who he despises and wishes to grow stronger (competition).  Yoshimori hates his older brother, Masamori, who begins as 10x talented as he is.  Masamori doesnt really like his brother either, because he himself isnt the heir (Theres this mark that appear on a newborn’s body which indicates the true heir to the family) Yoshimori is often tested by his brother and grows stronger each time they cross pathes (Masa is significantly older than Yoshi is).  Later, Yoshimori’s mother who also is freakishly power comes into the picture.  Bottom line, Yoshimori is not the run of the mill character who goes freakishly strong through fighting, he’s more of a tactical person whose training is fully shown

Kekkaishi is a great series and the ending is like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, which is: Just Right.  Although too many characters for me to care.

Im throwing in this picture. SHOUNEN JUMP

To Aru no Majutsu no Index II Review


Left to right, top to bottom. Index, Touma, Orsola, Sherry, Itsuwa, Saiji, Tsuchimikado, Stiyl, Kaori, Sasha, (then girl not seen in anime but in light novel), Kaori, Angelene, Luccia, and Agnese

A 60% (i don’t know, im trying my best to estimate) increase in the female character department, by that, i mean more females.

Well if you didn’t know, To Aru no Majusu no Index is a light novel series with a pretty decent anime adaptation that was (im going to call it Index from now on) was released a few years ago, and this/last year, the sequel to the series arrived to continue the plot.  Index I featured the first (im guessing) few points in the novel and get some principle characters, allow me to explain the main character and the premise of the first season before we go anywhere

Premise first

The story takes place in Academy City, a technologically advanced (to a degree) city that studies he advancement of abilities, or powers given by science, but magic also exists.(Basically, students who go to school in Academy City have powers)  Our main character, Touma is one of the three idiots of his class.  His power is the Imagine Breaker, his right hand is able to dispel and negate any other power, however, he has horrible luck.  One day, he finds a girl on his veranda who asks for food.  She reveals herself as Index, a nun from the secret sect of the Church of England (hell yeah, first its superpowers, magic, science, and fucking religion!)  and she carries in her mind over 100,000 forbidden grimoires and texts which make her a prime target to other religious/magic based cults.  Touma now protects Index and gets tangled in a huge fight over Index and Academy City.


  • Touma: Bad luck, dumb, has a defective power.  Nonetheless, good hearted.  His years of being a delinquint gives him pretty good close combat skills.  Touma shows gender equality, as he feels nothing as he punches pretty girls in their face
  • Index: Little girl who has an huge appetite, she can access the grimoires in her mind to use their power.  She kinda likes Touma
  • Tsuchimikado: One of  Touma’s 2 friends who are dumb but extremely powerful (in a way that their powers defend them pretty well).  His powers allow remarkable regeneration
  • Blue Hair: He really doesnt have a name, but is one of Toumas other friend.  His power is not revealed (not in the light nove eitherl)
  • Stiyl: Index’s ally, hes a flame user, doesnt really do much
  • Kanzaki: Shes a saint, who sure as hell does not dress on that part, her hair is messy and one whole section of her jeans are missing.  One of the many who fawn around our hapless main character.
  • Misaka: Fanboys drool over her (shes a freakin middleschooler) her powers are electric based.  Shes a tsundere which obviously means i hate her.  They did some screwed up experiments with her and made like millions of clones.  Loves Touma
  • Kuroko: Shes Misaka’s stalker, her ability is warping.
  • Hyouka: Shes considered an anomaly but her power allows her to phase in and out of dimensions, which is the basic premise of her power.
  • Himegami: Dresses as a miko and talks rather bluntly.  Her power targets vampires specifically.  she likes Touma
  • Komoe: Shortass teacher, she drinks and smokes and is only 135 cm’s tall
  • Last Order: The last of Misaka’s clones.  Shes a loli too and she repeats her name everytime she ends a sentence.  Added to hate list.
  • Accelerator: The most powerful ability user.  His power is vector manipulation and can basically increases speed and velocity of objects.  Hes an albino and he is physically weak.

That was a handful to type, now Season 2.

Season II basically starts off with introducing characters again and advancing the light novels plot.  The first major plotline is when Index gets kidnapped, gets saved and then we move on to a more important plotline.  I will summarize

  • First a mysterious book is found which attracts a nun to Academy City to decode it.  Two churches fight over her.  Happens that the Roman Catholics didnt have the best intentions.  The characters of the Amakusa Church and the now disbanded group of Roman Catholics ally with Neccessarius (Index’s group)
  • Second: A huge sporting event goes in Academy City, with these many people, a few magic users infiltrate the complex.  Tsuchimikado and Touma alongside Stiyl arrive to stop a user known as Oriana Thompson who plans to give a relic of sword that can kill a saint.  They eventually stop her.  Introduced to Touma’s EXTREMELY busty classmate.
  • Third, Touma wins a trip to Italy and they find the girl they helped back in the first major plotline.  They eventually board a magic ship that emprisons the girls we saw back in plotline 1.  Touma eventually fights off the leader of the magic fleet who imprisoned our characters.
  • Last: Accelerators story in saving Last Order, pretty confusing and epic stuff going on.  These are the last 5 episodes.

Few Characters

  • Fukiyose: Touma’s busty classmate.  Shes a semi tsundere, but shes hot enough not to hate her.
  • Amakusa Church: A group of…homeless? I dont know, they are dressed kinda unorthadox.  2 members stand out.  One is a guy who looks like Mugen from Champloo.  And the other is a girl whose pretty famous in the light novel, Itsuwa (shes the girl whose dressed lightly inthe top picture)
  • Former Roman Catholic: Luccia and Angelene work as a duo, they are side characters (Blonde girls in nun clothes they are on the right side of pic).  Agnese is their superior (Red head).  Orsola is the sleepy girl on the left, shes slow and kind.  (Left to right) Sasha, Sherry and Kaori (out of the ones who werent desribed above) were introduced in the first season.

Too much analysis, no reviewing,

The series is good, no lie.  Nice action, nice eye candy, too much too.  But that certain factor went up a bit.  The last season was great, original idea and it was interesting.  Second season kept that originality from the light novel, and hell, more girls to boot.  Its huge cast of characters and a hard working main character keeps it nice.  Being in religion class kinda helps me understand

Go watch it! Watch the first season first though

He says he’s “unlucky”

Index, i only loli i will EVER adore



Allow me to take this time to announce and clarify what i am going to be doing for the next few weeks.

First the announcements

I want to start off by saying the new anime Hidan no Aria will be the episodically reviewed anime.  However, after watching the first episode, i ain’t impressed.  Im going to give it another week until i can start reviewing it.  Hell if im too lazy to wait, i might as well type it later on this week or early next week.  Hell the only reason i tried to watch this series is because the dude who drew for Kore Wa Zombie drew for this series as well.  HoN features something i despise though, tsunderes.  To top that, she was twintails, is short, and….is a tsundere.  That didn’t really leave me a good impression, however the other characters i am hoping to negate that effect.  I hate Aria (the tsundere, main female lead) as much i hated Haruna.

2nd: I got a few more posts planned, i will try to post on weekends.

Next…Honestly, i have not too many things on my watchlist.  The World God Only Knows II was released on monday, and i’m for sure watching that.  Hidan no Aria, im going to endure the rage and watch it. Madoka got my attention.  Kekkaishi is one chapter away from ending, gonna write on that.  And i might post a post for eye candy to attract more viewers.  Other than that, not much, im going to try out a few more animes to see any fit my taste, or worthy of my time.  (I gotta finish Yumekui Merry too, im on episode…..2

  • Hidan no Aria Episodes 1-2 review, next week
  • To Aru no Majutsu no Index II review, this week
  • More Announcments whenver the hell i feel like it

Heres a complimentary picture as thanks for being a regular visitor…no not really(because no one comments) , just for the hell of it

Bakuman Review


Well this series is no suprise.

I first heard of Bakuman during the first years of my newfound interest in the world of manga and anime.  I’ve watched a few shows and a read a few before, but i was limited to what the bookstore near me had.  When i visited Myanimelist a year ago, i noticed Bakuman.  I always thought Bakuman had to do something with Bomberman, boy was i wrong when i clicked that link.

Bakuman is essentiall, a manga about making manga.  The read most of the manga up to the current chapters and it is one interesting tale.  Moritaka Mashiro is a talented artist, and he’s only in junior high.  He is the nephew of a popular manga artists who died a few years back due to “overworking”.  Mashiro admires a girl in his class named Miho Azuki, but like many other regular guys in manga, he can’t really confess, atleast without some help.  Mashiro draws the girl of his dreams in his notebook, and accidentally leaves it in his desk when he leaves for his house.  He rushes back and finds Akito Takagi, the genius of his school looking at his drawing of Azuki.  Takagi proposes an idea that they should create manga together.  With Mashiro as the artist and him as the writer.  Mashiro is at first skeptical, mostly because of his uncle’s death with overwork.  Mashiro dismisses the optimism of Takagi’s idea.  However, he is unable to ignore Takagi as he had made his way to Azuki’s house, to confess.  Mashiro is dumbstruck and rushes to Azuki’s house too.  Takagi used his genius to get Mashiro to come here.  They ask for Azuki’s presence and Takagi tell her that they will be manga artists.  Azuki is overcome wih joy as she says that she is working to become a seiyuu (or voice actor).  Something in Mashiro switches on and he asks Azuki to marry him if they all achieve their goals, and then..

Obviously, everyone is shocked, even Mashiro who can’t believe he just said that.  Suprisingly, Azuki agrees, only after running to her house and shutting the door.  Now with girl of his dreams on the line, Takagi and Mashiro starts working on a manga that will make them the most famous mangakas of all time.  The duo then create a name for themselves, Ashirogi Muto.  Man, that is something the creator of Death Note would do (yeah, the dude who made Light Yagami made this)

The manga is great, the find out manga isn’t all about your own ideas and they need consultation and what not.  Later, they meet a colorful cast of aspiring mangakas and they compete against eachother to “Change [Shounen] Jump” The manga hasn’t changed much, only the characters got older and are in college, Takagi gets married to Miho’s friend Miyoshi.

Main 4

  • Moritaka Mashiro (Blue in top picture)
  • Akito Takagi (Red blonde kid with glasses)
  • Miho Azuki (Girl next to Mashiro)
  • Kaya Miyoshi (Girl next to Takagi)

Other important characters not mentioned above.

  • Akira Hattori: Takagi and Mashiro’s editor who sees great potential in them.
  • Eiji Nizuma: He’s the genius in making manga and is somewhat loud but is extremely respectful.  (Background)
  • Shinta Fukuda: He’s the loud and charismatic type, he’s loud as well but he’s somewhat blunt. (White hair)
  • Takuro Nakai: 36 years old and works with teens, he’s a sad guy.  Later retires but comes back, he reminds me of Forever Alone (Not shown)
  • Ko Aoki: Is the girl competitor.  She starts out extremely confidant and arrogant, later becomes more femenine and willing to listen to others.  (Girl next to Fukuda)
  • Aiko Iwase: She was the 2nd in place behind Takagi when they were in school together.  She’s basically Aoki when she was introduced.
  • Kazuya Hiramaru: He’s kinda weak and timid but he’s considered a genius.  (Black haired guy next to Aoki)

The anime is basically the manga, and the manga is great.  Second Season is announced i think.  Go watch it for fun and read it to continue the story.

Quick Announcements


By the end of this week, most of the Winter anime will have ended.  The few that i actually watched, i will post a review sooner or later.  Schools back and this week’s weekly post will be more than just 1.  I have a few series to review and a new series to cover.  The new series will start sometime next week so look foward to it!

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Real Review


What? another post?

Well i noticed a few monthes ago when i started a few episodes on reviewing this anime.  Unlike Angel Beats series review with my friends (who rarely appears) i didn’t really “review” the episodes at all.  I decided to write this to just seriously review this series. 

The series was never normal.  If you expected normalcy in this series then you probably didn’t understand the title.  The story of a Zombie, his necromancer, a self proclaimed genius, and an egotistical “vampire” ninja.  The series i highly approve why? Well its another harem title but the main character isn’t much of an idiot, and not every single girl is after him, a nice change from the usual dose.  The episodes and the series itself was nicely paced.  A few rough patches here and there but its all nicely laced.  I kinda felt episodes after 8 or the part after Kyoko was kinda dull compared to the first few.  None the less, probably the handful of good shows that came out during the winter season, next to Madoka which i don’t get at all. 


  • Aikawa: Likeable and he does something.  The cross dressing part i freak out in disgust but he has his badass moments.
  • Yu (Eucliwood): She has the most chemistry and connection and character development, of course shes a great character.
  • Haruna: Annoying, i knew from the start i wouldn’t like her.  Atleast she got her power back
  • Sera: She really needs to be beat, but i she changed as the episodes went by.
  • Yuki: Probably the best compared to the rest, Yu rarely talks so i like Yuki a little better.

Is it good?

Hell yeah its good but it isnt amazing, probably because the lack of episodes or the wild plot but hey.  I give it a solid above average/8