Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 12 (Final) Episode Review


On the same week?  That made my break a little bit better

Its a beach episode…well not really, indoor pool episode sounds more sensible

After a low budget sequence of walking to the pool, fanservice ensues.  The storys over so i don’t really know what to talk about.

Well, i might as well post pics

Yuu just chills, Aikawa just watches everyone else have fun, guess he doesn’t want to contaminate the water with a little dose of dead.

Oh great, more of them. Eh, atleast they ain’t freaks.

Haruna fails at charming a dead body

The episode’s first half is dedicated to fanservice, no wait, the entire thing is but the 2nd half happens to have music.

Remember that other vampire ninja? the one with the angry eyes? She happens to be an idol performing there.  Sera wishes she could unsee her friend/ally, performing a cutsey performance.  She goes to intervene but the fans approve of Sera so she turns into an idol too (if you’re looking for sense, go read another review.)  The two singoff, Sera trying to beat the other girl because she wants her to stop her career.

Well Haruna gets jealous like always and she joins in.  Later Yuu starts singing, thanks to Dai-Sensei’s device which can transport magic to another (Dai sensei is as flat chested as Haruna) Well singing cannot to put in words so go watch the thing

Aikawa eventually gives us the last few lines and we say goodbye to the freakshow circus.  Aikawa walks down stairs and passes by an ordinary man, but what is shown through to our eyes is this person

Whose that now?

Well the series ends there.  But im going to post something related to this.  Because i haven’t really reviewed the episodes, more like i just summarized it, so im going to make one post to summarize my thoughts.  Just enjoy the pictures, its what this episode was for.

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