Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 11 Review


We got one more episode after this one, its break for me so lemme finish this review early

The episode starts off with the girls (minus Yu) gathering Aikawa’s blown up body.  They bring all the pieces and they regenerate, however, he does not wake. 

The first half of the episode is basically Haruna finding the gall and gumption to use a spell to wake Aikawa.  She falters but her superior, Dai Sensei shows up to help.  Aikawa is basically trapped in this blue-lit world, and hes alone, and he can’t really wake himself up.  Not really much goes on, until Haruna eventually wakes him up.

Aikawa wakes up, somehow he knows where creepy dude is.  Sera meets the other ninja, Saraswati (i fail to see the Hindu reference) and she gives Sera a bag of clothes.  She says its up to her now. 

You have every right to say, “What the fuck”

Scene skip, our duo of Haruna and Aikawa meet the creepy dude and Yu at a tower.  Creepy dude’s plan happened to be sadistic, using Yu’s emotional backlashes, he opened a gate to hell.  But thats where Sera and her ninjas come in.  Dressed as maids (?) they play a melody on their stradivarius’ (if you didn’t know or never played fallout 3, those are violins) That stops the demons from hell.  Now the rest is up for the self proclaimed genius and a dead body. 

The two are able to transform together and we finally see Haruna in her clothes again.  However, Aikawa changes too.  With their powers combined, they rip through the black cloud the other zombie could produce.  Haruna is blasted away after a huge impact.  Aikawa is left alone to face the zombie. 

Aikawa is given the moment of manliness.  With atleast 100’s of ninjas in maid outfits play some-what fitting music, Aikawa proceeds to beat the shit out of the zombie, with his fists.

Believe me, it will make sense if you can feel the moment.

Aikawa punches the shit out of the other zombie.  Until even Yu doesn’t want to let the beating continue.  Yu decide sto finally let go of her original client.  Our evil zombie finally dies. 

Nightfall comes and Aikawa is finally left alone with Yu, he shouts and screams that she stays with him.  Yu replies with her notes saying that she understands, but for Aikawa, it seems thats not enough and then


and that is indeed a good thing

Well, everything is well.

Before the episode ends, Haruna wins a trip to the spa, full fanservice episode is next, and the best part is…its already out

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