IS-Infinite Stratos Review


Well great another damn anime about a brain damaged/sexually uneducated/gay male (not shown in picture cause everybody hates him)

The story is thus:  In the near future, a genius named Shinonono Tabane and a crew of scientists create a mechanized suit of armor that easily fight and operate better than any form of weaponary named IS or Infinite Stratos.  However, only women can pilot these suits.  Before the world erupts in war, the scientists gives the world a treaty for peace and the sharing of technology.  Years after this feminine exclusive breakthrough, a strange event occurs.  A 15 year old boy is able to pilot an IS.  The government then orders him to attend a prestigous academy for training to use the IS.  Now Ichika Orimura spends his highschool years as a lone male in an all girls school.

To be honest, the first 2-3 episodes left me a good impression.  There was a nice balance between showcasing the girls like a exhibit in a museum and robots fighting eachother, the latter having more screentime.  Ichika, the main male character (and only i might add) was kind of likable during the beginning episodes.  Later the episodes existed to introduce new characters.  Up until episode 6 or 7-ish, it kinda focused on fighting a lot.  After that, they screwed the robots and just turned into another harem titles.  Until the last episode which was released today, there was actual fighting, and a bad one i might add (if someone is fast enough to dodge 100’s of bullets, why waste more?)

Characters make up the story so i will tell you about the characters, there are 3 other “important” characters but, they really don’t do anything, they only serve as service.

  • Ichika: He’s as dumb as a nail stuck to a wooden plank.  If a girl maes advances on to you, then you respond back positively unless your gay.  He pilots an IS which might prove that he’s gay.
  • Houki (girl in the middl in the top pic): Houki is actually the little sister of the idiot to made the IS.  She’s a typical tsundere so i didn’t give a rat’s ass what she did.
  • Cecilia (left of Houki): With Houki obviously out of the picture for the first few episodes, i took a liking to her, however she was completely ignored in the second half.  She’s…ok, i don’t really have a problem with her. shes english to boot, but no accent.
  • Rin: (right of Houki): She’s the loli and she’s chinese, AND shes got pigtails, yeah pass.
  • Charlotte: She was introduced as a male but she obviously turned out to be a guy.  Shes French and she is obviously a spy.  She’s basically a fan favorite.  Yeah she probably is the best out of everyone.
  • Laura: She hated Ichika, now Ichika is her “wife”. For some reason she wears an eyepatch.  I have no comment on her, shes just, mysterious.

Well the anime ended early noted by the light novel readers.  After some searching there were 2 more important characters.

This girl is another addition to the harem in the light novel.  Shes the student council pres, and is the Russian Candidate

The girl who kissed the loser is Natasha Fairs, the (who wouldn’t have guessed?) American/Israeli representative who pilots the Silvero Gospel, the “last boss” during the anime

Thats it

Overall, it was “entertaining” but theres damn, the ending was horrible (and the last 3-5 episodes).  Watch if you just need something to watch, or you need some robots fighting, which only 2-4 episodes have.

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