Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 9-10


Episode 9 features more action, its much like the fight with Kyoko, only this time, we got a creepy dude instead of a creepy girl.

This needs a second season

Well lets down to the delayed review

Yuu is kidnapped by that creepyass dude from the last episode and she is taken ontop of a building.  Our favorite group of freaks wonders where she went.  Sera breaks the silence saying that it might be her superiors.  She tells that she had recieved orders to kill her (That arrow note remember?)  Aikawa and Sera get in a fight, semi emotional.  Sera finds the guts to abandon the mission and help find the mute girl

Well the creepy dude is able to force a word or a hint of emotion out of Yu and then

Suprise, her doll is killing machine

To save time and save myself from getting photos every 3 minutes, i will save both of our times by saying everybody in our freakshow circus gets hurt and or stuck in a situation which pains Yu.

Why don’t you girls take a bite?

For some reason, the dude lets Yu go.  The group rejoice at her return and head home.  Yuki leaves and goes home and when they pass by where Yu and Aikawa first met, Yu says that she’s gonna stay there for a while.  The group agrees and they head home.  Late at night, Aikawa finds a note, that says that Yu thanks everyone for accepting her and she will leave them alone. Aikawa runs to the convienance store and finds no one there.  Aikawa steps outside to that tree they decorated with their wishes and finds Yu wished to stay with them forever.  Aikawa cries at his loss and vows to find her.

Thats where episode 9 ends

Between Ep.9 and 10, there is a small timeskip.  For a month of two, the remaining crew searched a while for Yu.

To make this episode even shorter, it focuses on finding Yu, again.

Evidently after a few months, they have no luck in finding the dude.  Haruna, Aikawa, and Sera meet after a few months and share a little peace before something happens.  Aikawa heads out to the convinience store to get a snack, there he meets the other zombie.  Haruna and Sera come to Aikawa’s aid as they try to fight the superzombie, eventually moar help arrives

I knew that girl would be important

Note, that clan seems to be able to form blue blades (instead of green ones that Sera uses) instead of using ramen as their weapon (cause that would be kinda dull)  Both zombies get their limbs cut off.  The other zombie disappears while Aikawa is carried back home, Yuki and the other girl move on to gather more intelligence, but not before getting into a fight with Sera because she didn’t listen to orders.  Well we go to next day with Yu, outside Aikawa’s home.  Sera notices her but he is incarcerated by the zombie.  Yu heals her and she is taken somewhere else.  Aikawa and Haruna get Sera and Yuki calls them to notify where the zombie lives.

Aikawa and Haruna finally find their foe, instead, they join him for dinner, Star Wars style, only that they actually eat something.  Soon enough the ninjas barge in and the zombie takes Yu and flees.  Aikawa’s weakass scream makes me cringe and then suddenly, Haruna has a bomb, on her head.

This bomb happens to stick on to the person, this person happens to be Haruna.  As Yuki tries to help her, she gets the bomb instead.  The 2 and Aikawa try to remove the bomb  by cutting the wires which accelerate the timer.  Aikawa decides to take one for the team and jumps out the window with the bomb on his head, hes a zombie people, thats the first thing he should have done.

Our episode ends there

There you have it people, sorry for the lack of photos, these episodes weren’t really the best

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