Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 11-12 Review


I blame Pokemon White and my busy school schedule for putting me off.

These chapters are short compared to others.

Well Chapter 11-12 break off from the rest of the chapters telling Yuri and co.’s plans.  This time around, we get to see more of the character who was just put off the show too quickly, its Iwasawa.

Presumably during Hinata and Yuri’s plotting (or hell maybe a few seconds before chapter 10 ended), Iwasawa awakens and finds herself at the school.  The first she notices, she can talk again.  She dashes to the music room and sings.  But is interrupted by Angel who tells her to go to class.  Iwasawa ignores her commands (but she says it more nicely than i did) and decides to go play some more music.  Scene switches and guess what, Ooyama and Hinata talk about Yuri so this probably means that Iwasawa’s experience coincided or happened right after Yuri’s recruitment of Cha.  Angel finds Iwasawa again and eventually the teachers find about this as well.  Iwasawa runs away near a window, suddenly she is pulled through the window, is it Yuri? Nope, its Hisako

Hisako demonstrates her skill and requests to form a band with her and Iwasawa’s guitar and singing skills.  Iwasawa agrees.  Thats literally the chapter

Until next month

Kore Wa Zombie shall be updated as soon as the episode is out.

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