Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 8 Review


If you wanted to find out what happened last episode, heres a picture

Thats our main character’s wife now.

Well our episode starts with Aikawa donning the glasses he recieved last episode, it was revealed that it can see through clothes.  After gawking at a few girls, a few kids run past him and knocks his glasses off.  Much like in the first episode, he gets hit by a truck but is able to save the glasses, only to have Sera appear and note out that these glasses are hers, (whats she gonna do with those kind of effects?) Anyway, our intro starts off

Harun has a dream of “getting it on” or just kissing with Aikawa who causes her to interrupt Aikawa’s sweet dream with “God knows what hes doing to” Yuu.  It was a pretty bad morning for him.  Haruna prepares lunch for Aikawa, and we skip to lunch in which she seems to have packed him boiled vegetables, i don’t know, i rarely have japanese food.  No suprise, its still delicious and everyone wants part of it.

After watching a pitiful scene with girls playing basket ball (its not that they are girls its just that the shooting form is all WRONG) The girl we saw from episode 2 or 3 (the brown haired girl who sings the ending theme) finally makes it in the episode with more time that last time.  Yoshida (the blondie at the top of this post), brown haired girl, and basketball fail shooter meet up at a fast food place.  Yuki asks basketball failure, how to like Aikawa. 

Looks like a normal girl actually likes Aikawa too.

 After trying to explain (without revealing she’s a ‘ninja’) they give her some pointers.  Happens that Yoshida also happens to have a wild imagination (Like Aikawa only that she visions herself)

First off, guys normally are not good at cooking, so they suggest to her to cook for him

Is a bath really neccessary?

They also explain that she talks like a guy, and should add something to the end of every sentence she speaks.  They also tell her to have a “unseen” side, much like tsunderes.  They also suspect Aikawa is a lolicon, which i wouldn’t be suprised to accept.

Once again, over thinking it, to the max

With this in mind Yoshida is ready to make her move, but looks like she has some competition

The next day at school, Yoshida gives Aikawa lunch and for some reason ruins it with atleast 5 different seasonings/toppings.  Aikawa being a swell guy just decides to eat it

Why so sad? thats because she also had a lunch for Aikawa. 

I apologize for just having her pictures lol

Back at home, Sera recieves a arrow letter saying something regarding Yuu, nothing revealed.

Back to school, Yoshida jumps Aikawa to walking home together.  The two discuss that they really shouldn’t be married with just one kiss, an accidental one for that matter.  They also argue, and 2 old ladies who comment on them on “Having no shame” keep reminding them that they shouldnt discuss marital matters in public.  A few seconds before the seperate, Haruna (with a hilarious get up) appears, and once again, she’s pissed at Aikawa.

Aikawa trying to calm her down, says that he’s gonna take her out somewhere, Haruna is overjoyed but Yoshida decides to follow them too.  Aikawa (being a supernatural pimp) decides to bring Sera and Yu as well .  Haruna isn’t too happy. 

Yoshida keeps trying to woo Aikawa (with good intention, its marriage!) Aikawa now suffers through “Shopping” with the girls and everything is getting paid off out of his wallet.

Aikawa is asking Sera, i guess being undead doesnt stop you from wanting to peep or do something else for that matter.


Aikawa pimps out for a while, resting while everyone else plays games.

Oh yeah, we also passed this guy

Suspicious much?

Then its time for a memorable photo

Freakshow circus.

Well its night time, Aikawa is buying drinks for everyone only to have Haruna ask him for a kiss.  Obviously being attracted to more…viable choices, Aikawa doesn’t agree to it, only to get beat.  Then Yu gets a suprise visit from suspicious dude, then she disappears.  Our episode ends with yet another cliffhanger.

It was a picture fest i know


Is it wrong for me actually like the normal girl instead of the “freakshow circus” ones? Whatever, i lost interest in the first 2 girls.  I never like Haruna, Yu is ok, Sera is hot, yadda yadda yadda

Last pic

There can only be one…

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