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IS-Infinite Stratos Review


Well great another damn anime about a brain damaged/sexually uneducated/gay male (not shown in picture cause everybody hates him)

The story is thus:  In the near future, a genius named Shinonono Tabane and a crew of scientists create a mechanized suit of armor that easily fight and operate better than any form of weaponary named IS or Infinite Stratos.  However, only women can pilot these suits.  Before the world erupts in war, the scientists gives the world a treaty for peace and the sharing of technology.  Years after this feminine exclusive breakthrough, a strange event occurs.  A 15 year old boy is able to pilot an IS.  The government then orders him to attend a prestigous academy for training to use the IS.  Now Ichika Orimura spends his highschool years as a lone male in an all girls school.

To be honest, the first 2-3 episodes left me a good impression.  There was a nice balance between showcasing the girls like a exhibit in a museum and robots fighting eachother, the latter having more screentime.  Ichika, the main male character (and only i might add) was kind of likable during the beginning episodes.  Later the episodes existed to introduce new characters.  Up until episode 6 or 7-ish, it kinda focused on fighting a lot.  After that, they screwed the robots and just turned into another harem titles.  Until the last episode which was released today, there was actual fighting, and a bad one i might add (if someone is fast enough to dodge 100’s of bullets, why waste more?)

Characters make up the story so i will tell you about the characters, there are 3 other “important” characters but, they really don’t do anything, they only serve as service.

  • Ichika: He’s as dumb as a nail stuck to a wooden plank.  If a girl maes advances on to you, then you respond back positively unless your gay.  He pilots an IS which might prove that he’s gay.
  • Houki (girl in the middl in the top pic): Houki is actually the little sister of the idiot to made the IS.  She’s a typical tsundere so i didn’t give a rat’s ass what she did.
  • Cecilia (left of Houki): With Houki obviously out of the picture for the first few episodes, i took a liking to her, however she was completely ignored in the second half.  She’s…ok, i don’t really have a problem with her. shes english to boot, but no accent.
  • Rin: (right of Houki): She’s the loli and she’s chinese, AND shes got pigtails, yeah pass.
  • Charlotte: She was introduced as a male but she obviously turned out to be a guy.  Shes French and she is obviously a spy.  She’s basically a fan favorite.  Yeah she probably is the best out of everyone.
  • Laura: She hated Ichika, now Ichika is her “wife”. For some reason she wears an eyepatch.  I have no comment on her, shes just, mysterious.

Well the anime ended early noted by the light novel readers.  After some searching there were 2 more important characters.

This girl is another addition to the harem in the light novel.  Shes the student council pres, and is the Russian Candidate

The girl who kissed the loser is Natasha Fairs, the (who wouldn’t have guessed?) American/Israeli representative who pilots the Silvero Gospel, the “last boss” during the anime

Thats it

Overall, it was “entertaining” but theres damn, the ending was horrible (and the last 3-5 episodes).  Watch if you just need something to watch, or you need some robots fighting, which only 2-4 episodes have.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 12 (Final) Episode Review


On the same week?  That made my break a little bit better

Its a beach episode…well not really, indoor pool episode sounds more sensible

After a low budget sequence of walking to the pool, fanservice ensues.  The storys over so i don’t really know what to talk about.

Well, i might as well post pics

Yuu just chills, Aikawa just watches everyone else have fun, guess he doesn’t want to contaminate the water with a little dose of dead.

Oh great, more of them. Eh, atleast they ain’t freaks.

Haruna fails at charming a dead body

The episode’s first half is dedicated to fanservice, no wait, the entire thing is but the 2nd half happens to have music.

Remember that other vampire ninja? the one with the angry eyes? She happens to be an idol performing there.  Sera wishes she could unsee her friend/ally, performing a cutsey performance.  She goes to intervene but the fans approve of Sera so she turns into an idol too (if you’re looking for sense, go read another review.)  The two singoff, Sera trying to beat the other girl because she wants her to stop her career.

Well Haruna gets jealous like always and she joins in.  Later Yuu starts singing, thanks to Dai-Sensei’s device which can transport magic to another (Dai sensei is as flat chested as Haruna) Well singing cannot to put in words so go watch the thing

Aikawa eventually gives us the last few lines and we say goodbye to the freakshow circus.  Aikawa walks down stairs and passes by an ordinary man, but what is shown through to our eyes is this person

Whose that now?

Well the series ends there.  But im going to post something related to this.  Because i haven’t really reviewed the episodes, more like i just summarized it, so im going to make one post to summarize my thoughts.  Just enjoy the pictures, its what this episode was for.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 11 Review


We got one more episode after this one, its break for me so lemme finish this review early

The episode starts off with the girls (minus Yu) gathering Aikawa’s blown up body.  They bring all the pieces and they regenerate, however, he does not wake. 

The first half of the episode is basically Haruna finding the gall and gumption to use a spell to wake Aikawa.  She falters but her superior, Dai Sensei shows up to help.  Aikawa is basically trapped in this blue-lit world, and hes alone, and he can’t really wake himself up.  Not really much goes on, until Haruna eventually wakes him up.

Aikawa wakes up, somehow he knows where creepy dude is.  Sera meets the other ninja, Saraswati (i fail to see the Hindu reference) and she gives Sera a bag of clothes.  She says its up to her now. 

You have every right to say, “What the fuck”

Scene skip, our duo of Haruna and Aikawa meet the creepy dude and Yu at a tower.  Creepy dude’s plan happened to be sadistic, using Yu’s emotional backlashes, he opened a gate to hell.  But thats where Sera and her ninjas come in.  Dressed as maids (?) they play a melody on their stradivarius’ (if you didn’t know or never played fallout 3, those are violins) That stops the demons from hell.  Now the rest is up for the self proclaimed genius and a dead body. 

The two are able to transform together and we finally see Haruna in her clothes again.  However, Aikawa changes too.  With their powers combined, they rip through the black cloud the other zombie could produce.  Haruna is blasted away after a huge impact.  Aikawa is left alone to face the zombie. 

Aikawa is given the moment of manliness.  With atleast 100’s of ninjas in maid outfits play some-what fitting music, Aikawa proceeds to beat the shit out of the zombie, with his fists.

Believe me, it will make sense if you can feel the moment.

Aikawa punches the shit out of the other zombie.  Until even Yu doesn’t want to let the beating continue.  Yu decide sto finally let go of her original client.  Our evil zombie finally dies. 

Nightfall comes and Aikawa is finally left alone with Yu, he shouts and screams that she stays with him.  Yu replies with her notes saying that she understands, but for Aikawa, it seems thats not enough and then


and that is indeed a good thing

Well, everything is well.

Before the episode ends, Haruna wins a trip to the spa, full fanservice episode is next, and the best part is…its already out

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 9-10


Episode 9 features more action, its much like the fight with Kyoko, only this time, we got a creepy dude instead of a creepy girl.

This needs a second season

Well lets down to the delayed review

Yuu is kidnapped by that creepyass dude from the last episode and she is taken ontop of a building.  Our favorite group of freaks wonders where she went.  Sera breaks the silence saying that it might be her superiors.  She tells that she had recieved orders to kill her (That arrow note remember?)  Aikawa and Sera get in a fight, semi emotional.  Sera finds the guts to abandon the mission and help find the mute girl

Well the creepy dude is able to force a word or a hint of emotion out of Yu and then

Suprise, her doll is killing machine

To save time and save myself from getting photos every 3 minutes, i will save both of our times by saying everybody in our freakshow circus gets hurt and or stuck in a situation which pains Yu.

Why don’t you girls take a bite?

For some reason, the dude lets Yu go.  The group rejoice at her return and head home.  Yuki leaves and goes home and when they pass by where Yu and Aikawa first met, Yu says that she’s gonna stay there for a while.  The group agrees and they head home.  Late at night, Aikawa finds a note, that says that Yu thanks everyone for accepting her and she will leave them alone. Aikawa runs to the convienance store and finds no one there.  Aikawa steps outside to that tree they decorated with their wishes and finds Yu wished to stay with them forever.  Aikawa cries at his loss and vows to find her.

Thats where episode 9 ends

Between Ep.9 and 10, there is a small timeskip.  For a month of two, the remaining crew searched a while for Yu.

To make this episode even shorter, it focuses on finding Yu, again.

Evidently after a few months, they have no luck in finding the dude.  Haruna, Aikawa, and Sera meet after a few months and share a little peace before something happens.  Aikawa heads out to the convinience store to get a snack, there he meets the other zombie.  Haruna and Sera come to Aikawa’s aid as they try to fight the superzombie, eventually moar help arrives

I knew that girl would be important

Note, that clan seems to be able to form blue blades (instead of green ones that Sera uses) instead of using ramen as their weapon (cause that would be kinda dull)  Both zombies get their limbs cut off.  The other zombie disappears while Aikawa is carried back home, Yuki and the other girl move on to gather more intelligence, but not before getting into a fight with Sera because she didn’t listen to orders.  Well we go to next day with Yu, outside Aikawa’s home.  Sera notices her but he is incarcerated by the zombie.  Yu heals her and she is taken somewhere else.  Aikawa and Haruna get Sera and Yuki calls them to notify where the zombie lives.

Aikawa and Haruna finally find their foe, instead, they join him for dinner, Star Wars style, only that they actually eat something.  Soon enough the ninjas barge in and the zombie takes Yu and flees.  Aikawa’s weakass scream makes me cringe and then suddenly, Haruna has a bomb, on her head.

This bomb happens to stick on to the person, this person happens to be Haruna.  As Yuki tries to help her, she gets the bomb instead.  The 2 and Aikawa try to remove the bomb  by cutting the wires which accelerate the timer.  Aikawa decides to take one for the team and jumps out the window with the bomb on his head, hes a zombie people, thats the first thing he should have done.

Our episode ends there

There you have it people, sorry for the lack of photos, these episodes weren’t really the best

Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 11-12 Review


I blame Pokemon White and my busy school schedule for putting me off.

These chapters are short compared to others.

Well Chapter 11-12 break off from the rest of the chapters telling Yuri and co.’s plans.  This time around, we get to see more of the character who was just put off the show too quickly, its Iwasawa.

Presumably during Hinata and Yuri’s plotting (or hell maybe a few seconds before chapter 10 ended), Iwasawa awakens and finds herself at the school.  The first she notices, she can talk again.  She dashes to the music room and sings.  But is interrupted by Angel who tells her to go to class.  Iwasawa ignores her commands (but she says it more nicely than i did) and decides to go play some more music.  Scene switches and guess what, Ooyama and Hinata talk about Yuri so this probably means that Iwasawa’s experience coincided or happened right after Yuri’s recruitment of Cha.  Angel finds Iwasawa again and eventually the teachers find about this as well.  Iwasawa runs away near a window, suddenly she is pulled through the window, is it Yuri? Nope, its Hisako

Hisako demonstrates her skill and requests to form a band with her and Iwasawa’s guitar and singing skills.  Iwasawa agrees.  Thats literally the chapter

Until next month

Kore Wa Zombie shall be updated as soon as the episode is out.

Fairy Tail Review: Day Break Arc


Day Break Arc

Episodes: Infiltrate! The Everlue Mansion! , DEAR KABY


Lucy and Natsu have officially formed a team at the beginning of the episode and they go on their first official mission together. The mission is to retrieve a book(DAYBREAK) from the corrupted politician, Duke Everlue. This mission seems relatively easy, not only because they have to steal a book but because Everlue is a pervert looking for a maid (Hence why Natsu formed a team with Lucy). But this mission (which was worth 200,000 jewels) has become more important to the client that he bumped it up to 2,000,000 jewels (sooo~ Natsu and Happy were pretty excited). Lucy on the other hand asks why he would raise the price but the client (Name: Kaby Melon <– Lucy recognizes his name from somewhere) says that he cannot allow the book to exist any longer and will allow them to destroy it (Natsu and Happy were overjoyed with that as well). Before any other explaining can be done, Natsu and Happy drag Lucy off to the Mansion where, after a failing mission by another guild a week ago, the security has tightened. When they arrive Lucy goes to the front door posing (in her maid outfit) as a maid looking for hire. When Everlue (along with his  ‘beautiful’ maids ) show up, instead of falling for Lucy’s self-proclaimed ‘charm’ he calls her ugly and tells her to go away. This deems her ‘useless’ in Natsu and Happy’s eyes. They change plan unknowing that Everlue saw Lucy’s Fairytail mark and that he and his body guards are preparing for them. Not long after that,  Natsu, Happy, and Lucy (who is looking for revenge) break into his house and ‘try’ to steal the book (Natsu wanted to beat people up but Lucy somehow managed to convince him to just steal the book quietly like a ninja)

resulting into this

but no mater what Everlue’s maids found them and Natsu paid the price. When they finally find the book Duke Everlue appears *in a creepy way* along with his body guards who are from an assassination guild. Lucy runs with the book *trying to read it since its by her fav author* and Everlue stalks chases her. Once Natsu beats the body guards Virgo shows up and he beats her up as well( so Natsu got his way). Once Everlue catches up with Lucy he summons Virgo and Natsu (who was standing on her) shows up as well (he did the impossible and went through the celestial world and came back into the human) freaking both Everlue and Lucy out. When all is said and done (Basically Everlue is a self-loving bastard who locked up a author (Zekua Melon)for years forcing him to write a book about him, * it was a bad book T. T*  and Everlue fails, Happy takes his key *without anyone knowing*, and they go to meet the client. When they meet with the client the secret is revealed. The author of DAYBREAK was the clients father who, after being freed, cut off his arm and later died. Lucy found this out as well as the secret of the book. The books name is actually DEAR KABY and is written to his son. After that it was a nice little ending… OR WAS IT!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Turns out the client was actually poor, and Natsu (since he didn’t actually complete the mission) didn’t accept the reward, making Lucy annoyed. On there way back to the guild they meet up with Gray, who basically was hiding. When Natsu asks why he was there? Gray said: Erza is returning which makes even Natsu freak out with fear. Then they have what leads onto the next arc, being attacked by some members of a dark guild, defeating them, and the word “lullaby” is mentioned.

Arc ends with Erza appearing in Magnolia with a Monster’s  horn (like 10x the size of her) and a huge cart of luggage ( maybe 7x larger than her)

Things to look forward to:

Introduction of Plue (if want to see more of him you gotta read Rave Master)

Droy, Levy, Jet

Quick entrance of Team Shadow Gear

Lucy in a maid outfit (sorry for the sucky pic)

Lucy's pride was hurt here

Celestial Spirit Virgo? (being a virgo myself i wasn’t very happy about this… luckily her appearance changes in the next arc)

Natsu’s Fight

Lucy fights with Cancer against Duke Everlue

What Lucy can do… besides fighting

Erza Scarlet appears at end of the arc (sorry that i couldn’t get the original pic from the episode)



SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY *TIMES INFINITY* SORRY!!!!!!!! i havent posted in abotu 2 freakin months and i am really sorry about that!!!!! D:

*onto the review*

This might be the way i do the arc reviews for Fairy Tail. A bunch of words, a pic or two in between, and a lot of pics at the bottom to show you what happens in the arc. This arc was funny to me. It made me happy when Everlue sent out virgo, but when i realized that she was the maid… i was pretty offended >.> . The next arc is the Lullaby arc and with it a lot of ass kicking Erza. Now that i figured out how i’m gonna do the arcs it shouldn’t take me so long (unless pokemon gets to addicting or school gets to annoying)  Bye! :mrgreen:

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 8 Review


If you wanted to find out what happened last episode, heres a picture

Thats our main character’s wife now.

Well our episode starts with Aikawa donning the glasses he recieved last episode, it was revealed that it can see through clothes.  After gawking at a few girls, a few kids run past him and knocks his glasses off.  Much like in the first episode, he gets hit by a truck but is able to save the glasses, only to have Sera appear and note out that these glasses are hers, (whats she gonna do with those kind of effects?) Anyway, our intro starts off

Harun has a dream of “getting it on” or just kissing with Aikawa who causes her to interrupt Aikawa’s sweet dream with “God knows what hes doing to” Yuu.  It was a pretty bad morning for him.  Haruna prepares lunch for Aikawa, and we skip to lunch in which she seems to have packed him boiled vegetables, i don’t know, i rarely have japanese food.  No suprise, its still delicious and everyone wants part of it.

After watching a pitiful scene with girls playing basket ball (its not that they are girls its just that the shooting form is all WRONG) The girl we saw from episode 2 or 3 (the brown haired girl who sings the ending theme) finally makes it in the episode with more time that last time.  Yoshida (the blondie at the top of this post), brown haired girl, and basketball fail shooter meet up at a fast food place.  Yuki asks basketball failure, how to like Aikawa. 

Looks like a normal girl actually likes Aikawa too.

 After trying to explain (without revealing she’s a ‘ninja’) they give her some pointers.  Happens that Yoshida also happens to have a wild imagination (Like Aikawa only that she visions herself)

First off, guys normally are not good at cooking, so they suggest to her to cook for him

Is a bath really neccessary?

They also explain that she talks like a guy, and should add something to the end of every sentence she speaks.  They also tell her to have a “unseen” side, much like tsunderes.  They also suspect Aikawa is a lolicon, which i wouldn’t be suprised to accept.

Once again, over thinking it, to the max

With this in mind Yoshida is ready to make her move, but looks like she has some competition

The next day at school, Yoshida gives Aikawa lunch and for some reason ruins it with atleast 5 different seasonings/toppings.  Aikawa being a swell guy just decides to eat it

Why so sad? thats because she also had a lunch for Aikawa. 

I apologize for just having her pictures lol

Back at home, Sera recieves a arrow letter saying something regarding Yuu, nothing revealed.

Back to school, Yoshida jumps Aikawa to walking home together.  The two discuss that they really shouldn’t be married with just one kiss, an accidental one for that matter.  They also argue, and 2 old ladies who comment on them on “Having no shame” keep reminding them that they shouldnt discuss marital matters in public.  A few seconds before the seperate, Haruna (with a hilarious get up) appears, and once again, she’s pissed at Aikawa.

Aikawa trying to calm her down, says that he’s gonna take her out somewhere, Haruna is overjoyed but Yoshida decides to follow them too.  Aikawa (being a supernatural pimp) decides to bring Sera and Yu as well .  Haruna isn’t too happy. 

Yoshida keeps trying to woo Aikawa (with good intention, its marriage!) Aikawa now suffers through “Shopping” with the girls and everything is getting paid off out of his wallet.

Aikawa is asking Sera, i guess being undead doesnt stop you from wanting to peep or do something else for that matter.


Aikawa pimps out for a while, resting while everyone else plays games.

Oh yeah, we also passed this guy

Suspicious much?

Then its time for a memorable photo

Freakshow circus.

Well its night time, Aikawa is buying drinks for everyone only to have Haruna ask him for a kiss.  Obviously being attracted to more…viable choices, Aikawa doesn’t agree to it, only to get beat.  Then Yu gets a suprise visit from suspicious dude, then she disappears.  Our episode ends with yet another cliffhanger.

It was a picture fest i know


Is it wrong for me actually like the normal girl instead of the “freakshow circus” ones? Whatever, i lost interest in the first 2 girls.  I never like Haruna, Yu is ok, Sera is hot, yadda yadda yadda

Last pic

There can only be one…