Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 7 Review


Finally New Character Introduction

And our episode rightfully starts with a familiar blond girl (who we do not know) eating at a ramen shop, as she leaves, she leaves behind a note with 3 starts on it.

The real episode starts off with Aikawa being tutored by Haruna.  Summer vacation is upon our hero and if his grade for the final test sucks, he has to go to summer school.  Aikawa is no idiot but he refuses to go outside in the blazing sun, so he has no choice but to get lessons.  Haruna happens to be a horrible teacher, but her excuse is being a genius.  While she rabbles on about codes and galaxies, Yuu decides to help our hapless hero

Our hero’s usual delusion

The answers appear but Haruna is not willing to lose, she writes crap all over the book, basically the answers.  The next morning, Aikawa thanks to all the answers given by Haruna, luckily does extremely well.

Looks like she can also stick on windows too.  Haruna informs us of a megalo (yes those strange guys with th uniforms and strange bodies)

Aikawa eventually gets out of school and travels to where Haruna is, he also gets a call from Dai Sensei who informs him that she has delivered a package, but she wants Aikawa to keep it for the time being, with that aside, we continue.  Aikawa has one last obstacle before he reaches Haruna’s location, 100 meters of sun covered street.  Aikawa fails and eventually drifts using a river and reaches his location.  Haruna gets rescued just before she gets kicked by a horse megalo.  A jellyfish megalo also appears to give us some fanservice, but because i’m not a trap and loli fan, i didn’t really care for it. 

Then a cloaked figure, with ramen somehow destroys all of them, don’t ask how.  Sera arrives in the scene and the cloaked figure seems to recognize her.  Aikawa (who transformed a few minutes ago) questions their mysterious savior and gets in a little arguement.  Haruna, desperate for his attention, pushes him.

Seriously, what the hell

Aikawa (was a few minutes ago convinced that this perpatrator was male) is disappointed that his first kiss is stolen by a girl, only then to realize (after 3 “squeezes) that he kissed a girl.  Haruna is pissed, Sera is just :/, and the girl (for now, called Maelstrom) is kinda confused and embarassed. 

Eventually, Maelstrom takes Aikawa and Sera (they used to “Rival Ninja Clans” seriously? with those cloths? I’d much rather believe whore clans but i dont hate them) to her clan’s base of operations.  Inside they see masked muscular men who mantain ramen and feed pork, what the fuck kind of ninjas are these? Well, the three sample the ramen they were making, Aikawa finds it amazing and compliments the pork, only to have the girl he kissed give hers to his bowl.  Aikawa questions this action, asking if she hates pork, she replies she loves them.  He has no idea whats going on.

After a little explanation (which we never hear) Sera and Aikawa leave, a little reluctance for Aikawa’s absence is shown by our blondie.  On the way back home, Sera explains what Maelstrom and Aikawa performed.  To the Vampire Ninjas, or those 2 ninja families in general, seal a marriage with: A kiss.  So basically, Aikawa got married, in less then a few seconds.  This happens to explain why Sera doesn’t suck his blood out.  (Because a kiss is necessary to stun the host)

So if Aikawa were to forcibly kiss Sera right now

I’ll warn you, she can’t cook.

Well they get back to the house and suprise, Haruna explains Santa Claus (?) but anyway, they celebrate something i forgot what was called, not the most important scene so i really don’t need to cover it

Next day at school Aikawa is confronted by yet another girl

We  see this girl in the opening scene so im guessing she’s gonna be important, she leaves as soon as she arrives and leaves a pair of glasses for Aikawa.  Aikawa is confused then ANOTHER girl comes to him, and guess who it is


Guess what, shes a schoolmate

After a little bickering about her lifestyle and her name, our episode ends off with Aikawa using the glasses and seeing that it can see through clothes.

Thats episode 7 people

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