Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 5-6 Review


Lets go go go

Our “main” cast so far

The beginning of episode 5 could be categorized as “Sexy” why? Well, Seraphim being a “vampire” actually needs to have a dose of blood.  Beause, Yuu is a silent devil, Aikawa is a dirty man, Haruna is the only viable option for the blood

Lesbo scene.  Moving on, the kiss was basically the anesthesia to block out the pain of the blood sucking process.  Sera gets her dose of blood, and Haruna and Sera notice Aikawa was watching the entire process.  Haruna, alone in her room, tries to regain her magic, that doesn’t work out so well, and once again, she’s naked.  Aikawa barges in the room to inform her on dinner, only Haruna closes the door pretty quick

Aikawa’s determination is clearly shown through his face.

Aikawa is eventually suppressed and the day resumes.  We also get multiple scenes of phonebooth in a dim light throughout the episode.  Aikawa is washing the dishes while the three girls go take a bath.  Aikawa also gets a call from Haruna’s superior, Dai-Sensei.  Originally, Haruna was sent o retrieve Kyoto Tofu, mistaken as Fear.  Haruna was just to idiot to come to Tokyo and not Kyoto to fulfill her mission.  The girls get out of the bath, Aikawa learns that Haruna had problems with remembering names, but recently she remembers a certain guy’s name though…Whatever the case, Aikawa gives the phone to Haruna and he remembers that Kyoko’s grandfather lived in Kyoto and he contacts her to get him some.  He tells her to come to the cemetary the following night (due to the sun weakening him).  Haruna happens to be our “tsudere” for this show so she acts like one when Aikawa does his mission for her and she gets caught following him. 

In the cemetery, Kyoko arrives and after some lovey dovey dialogue, her true colors surfaces

That was more than your finger slipping you bitch

Guess what, Kyoko was the murderer, when she told Aikawa that she was an old friend of Orito, it was a lie.  She tried to blame Yuu for his death as well.  And guess what, Kyoko is a masou shoujo too, ain’t that swell.  Haruna and Sera arrive to help Aikawa, but it seems that Kyoko is too powerful as the insufferable bitch has a huge stock of lives she can use to revive herself.  Even with Aikwa’s horrific pink dress, they are no match.  When all else seems to have failed, and at the moment of doom, Yuu arrives to kick some ass, without screwing up her poker face.

Thats where our episode 5 ends.

Episode 6 starts off where 5 immediately ends.  Yuu’s magic seems to be pretty damn strong as none of Kyoko’s attack work.  Yuu decides to not use her personal powers and decides to borrow Haruna and Aikawas, she becomes that pink dress wearing fighter.  Yuu changes location to a hill overlooking the cemetary.

Lemme tell you right now, nothing big happens in this episode, just action, showcasing Yuu’s power and advancing the plot by an inch, it finishes an arc so…

After much blabber from Kyoko, Yuu silently mutters the words “Die” and Kyoko falls down dead.  Yuu does this like 4 more times and each time she does, she is also hurt by this.  After dying multiple times, Kyoko decides to close the distance and drains Yuu of her masou powers.  Aikawa then transforms…again and then tries to finish the fight.  After taking a few hits, he breaks the bitchz sword taking her powers away (and 95% of her clothes for that matter) Aikawa resumes to take her lives away by shoving the chainsaw and slicing her body away until he drains all her extra lives, they never show the disembowling but the screams can explain everything.  Kyoko is down to her last life, Aikawa decides not to kill her but gives her one traumatic experience involving a chainsaw wielding crossdresser. 

Next time, tell her not to be a psycho bitch, because just about everything except her body was madness.

Haruna’s superior appears and greets the crew and decides to reeducate Kyoko, then Kyoko’s body is possessed by a black mist.  The possessed girl mocks Yuu and dissappears.  Yuu explains that was a zombie she used to control.  Dai Sensei says she will track down the black mist and leaves.  Our heroes have won, for now.

What better way to finish a day with a nice set of cheapass convieniance store food. 

He can only dream

Yuu actually does smile and Aikawa actually tries to make a move on her.  The 2 other girls decide to go eat  something else, and Aikawa asks Yuu on her opinion on their current lifestyle, and our episode ends with a “Not Bad” quote

Really, it was a fighting episode so i got no opinion.

Episode 1-6 have been covered, episodes with subs are released every monday so stay tuned, 7 will be up by next week (i dont have school monday so i might be able to write then.)

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