Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 3-4 Review


Alright lets do this.

The first two episode would be like a “Buiding Blueprints”, it setted up the “story” and “characters”.  This episode advances the story at the second half while the first one is humor and fanservice.

No title card, lol

Well we star off with Haruna dreaming about killing monsters and then meeting a pudding monster who apparently cannot be killed by her.  Then she wakes up to a strange alarm clock that stabs her on the forehead.  So our 4 characters wake up to Haruna’s painful scream.  Aikawa heads off to school

Looks like Aikawa ain’t a loser with regular girls it seems.

Happens that Aikawa’s friend, Orito, is indeed a loser with girls.  Orito asks multiple girls out but fails, and instead asks Aikawa to go bowling.  Out of pure pity, Aikawa agrees.

Back at the house, the three girls fight over who gets the last pudding.  They play jangah, mahjong, and twister.  I would provide pictures, but then i’m too lazy. So Orito and Aikawa go bowling, only to find the three girls playing right next to their lane.  Aikawa tries his best not to get noticed, as the fact of him living with three girls would shock his friend’s heart.  Theres plenty of fanservice in this episode, go watch it if you want to see it

Well, Haruna notices Aikawa pretty quickly the other 2 catch on with Aikawa’s presence.

Orito then learns about Aikawa’s un-wanted harem and proceed to become a little overwhelmed and then fantasizes about Aikawa’s experience

Above and much more.

Well, Orito starts hitting himself and Aikawa’s “lucky” expense. Aikawa however corrects Orito that unlike his vision of fanserviceness, Aikawa is treated like a sandbag, or better put, a lego piece that is broken quite frequently.  Orito is still jealous.  As he slowly falls into depression, he gets texted by another girl, who Orit says that he visits her in the hospital very frequently.  Orito asks Aikawa to join him as he says his friend wanted to see him for a while.  The fanservice part of the episode ends and we get back on track for the story.  The two visit Orito’s friend who happens to be a busty girl. 

Orito leaves the room for a bit and the girl (named Kyoko) explains to Aikawa about her family dying by the murderer.  She was injured by the murderer and has been staying at the hospital ever since.  Kyoko also explains the details on how the murderer looked.  She seems to be trying to make moves on Aikawa as she tries to get close to him, touches his forehead, etc.  There also is a wooden sword underneath her bed.  Back on the point, the murderer she remembers has white hair, blue eyes, and strange armor.  Aikawa is shocked at this, as theres only one person who matched that description, Yuu.

I would have used more pics for 3, sorry…D:

Episode 4

Haruna and Sera cooks dinner while Yuu and Aikawa just stay in the living room.  Following 3rd episode, Aikawa starts being suspicious about Yuu because of the description on who the murderer was.

You have just wasted my money

Sera’s cooking skills go to use and a purple…thing is at the dinner table.  Sera insists on Aikawa to try it.  He puts his spoon in the vortex, and the spoon melts.  Eventually, Aikawa consumes the material and passes out.  He wakes up later with the purple object now gone and they decide to order pizza.  They also get a call for Haruna, as she talks to her superiors about her mission.  Apparently she needs to find “Fear” which she describes as being “square”.  Then the doorbell rings.

You ain’t the pizza guy

Well the dogman attacks Aikawa, stating that he is a watchdog of Hell, and Aikawa has to return.  Aikawa gets bit and he falls in front of Yuu.  Yuu takes her gauntlet off and heals Aikawa’s wounds.  The dog enters the house but happens to recognize Yuu.  The dog understands Yuu’s position and decides to leave.  But for him to get back to hell, he might as well take a fallen soul with him.  Aikawa hears that someone has died in the area and so follows the dog to a murder scene.  The dog explains why the connection between the undead and their necromancer masters.  The Necro. feels the pain that the ressurected.  Aikawa says Yuu never told him, and the dog concludes that to Yuu, Aikawa is a “special” person.  The two continue to their destination and arrive at the scene.  Someone, or just the murderer appears out of nowhere and stabs both guys.  The dog dies, the murderer leaves, Aikawa then leaves for home.

Aikawa returns to find both Haruna and Sera sleeping and finds only Yuu.  He asks for a serious conversation.  Aikawa starts out with why, Yuu never shows her emotions.

Yuu replies with some metaphors/similes, and lot of the other things.  Main points are these.  Yuu’s powers are unstable.  If she talks, she has no idea what words will become spells or not.  When she shows emotion something good or bad may happen, she doesn’t risk that.  She dresses strangely because she needs to suppress her powers.  Yuu begins crying and starts showing signs of weakness.  Yuu’s magical backlash affects Aikawa the most, Yuu questions if she can still stay with him. 

Aww, isn’t that cute

Then the night passes, no nothing sifnificant happens between these two….unfortunetely

Oh well

Well next twilight, a bigass whale (probably caused by Yuu’s crying”) appears over the town.

Aikawa is forced once again to cross dress a wield a chainsaw.  With Sera and Haruna’s help, the thing does down.  Oh god, it was one terrifying thing to watch when he transformed AGAIN.

Well if you want to see it (o.O) episodes are now on youtube

The episode ends with Kyoko on her bed with blood all over…

Creepy way to end but thats where 3 and 4 end

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