Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 1-2


It took me a while for me to find a decent looking series.  KWZDK happens to be a nice looking series and a nice blend of action, comedy, fanservice, and nice artwork to boot.  Unlike most of the anime’s that are airing, this happens to be a more interesting series, because most of the series that airing i have eithered reviewed or they have more than 12+ episodes.  Plus, it its like a less popular series, so i decided to do this one.

Because of my laziness, i am 4 episodes behind (5 by monday) so i will try to review 2 episodes today and tomorrow.

Now forget everything you know about zombies, or atleast on how they act, behave, and look.

Our episode starts with off with the archetype of a normal highschool boy start. 

That guys a zombie

opening was “meh”

While on his way home, our hero sees a cat run out to the middle of the street .  Our hero rushes to protect the small cat, then he tells us: He’s a zombie.  After he gets blown away by the truck and landing naked on a group of girls, our hero returns home.  Happens that our hero doesn”t live alone in his house.

The girl happens to “not talk” and communicates by writing.  She writes that she hungry and she demands food.  After being hit by a truck, one could only stand making food, if she were to  say it like this

Above: How our hero (Fullname: Aikawa Ayumu) see’s her plea for dinner.  And he does just that.  While eating dinner, Aikawa tries to make a move on the girl (Fullname Eucliwood Hellscythe [does it always have to put the prefix hell/hel on everything?)]) but she breaks his arm.  Aikawa reminds us, he’s a zombie, and he would be dead (probably a couple of times by now) if he wasn’t.  Aikawa explains his death, at the hands of an unknown assailent who stabbed him.  Eucliwood, or Yuu, is a necromancer from hell  revived him for some reason, and it has been a month since she has stayed with him.  Aikawa’s goal is to find and confront his murderer, most nights, he would go outside and wander around to see if anything happens to him.  He stays at a nearby cemetary and hears some noises in the distance.  So whose making all this noise?

If i told you it was a girl in a pink dress would you believe me? Okay, how about a girl with a pinkdress- CARRYING A CHAINSAW.  She happens to be fighting a unnaturally large bear.  After a few chainsaw slashes and impalement dealt to our main character, the bear dies.  The girl with the chainsaw is suprised at Aikawa for surviving a blow. 

The girl introduces herself as the self proclaimed genius-Maso Shoujo-Haruna, she explains what she just killed was called a Megalo.  Then, she tries to wipe Aikawa’s memory which backfires and her magic is taken away, and i guess her clothes too.

She ends up in Aikawa’s home and she says she has to stay here until further notice of her powers returning, she also requests a phone.  She makes a phone call to “Dai-Sensei” and we skip scenes to Aikawa in school the next day

Because he is a zombie, he is plagued with symptoms that affect such zombies, like staying out in the sun

Shit happens

Aikawa usually waits for sundown before he tries to get home, this time however, a creepy ass looking dude in a trenchcoat arrives in his classroom, and guess what he really looks like


Haruna tries to transform, she fails and Aikawa shows some facts.  Basically, the human body cannot use its body to its fullest, and with a series of punches, Aikawa sends zoidberg flying to a wall.  And just as Aikawa said, his arm breaks.  Unfortunetely the megalo (yeah, zoidberg is one) or just teh lobster isn’t close to being dead, Haruna tells Aikawa that he has her magic and he has to become a maso shoujo.  Aikawa having no choice recites a phrase and after the cliche transform scene, we get this

Trolled to teh max

Easily enough, he kicks Zoidberg’s ass but he also flies out the window which causes a lot of people to notice.  Aikawa runs and cries in shame as he is now a zombie AND a maso shoujo

Thats where the first episode ends.

Now to start episode 2

You might be thinking, “Only 2 flat chests?” well this episode changes that.

This episode starts off with an explanation: Fortunetely for Aikawa, he was able to erase everyone’s memory of him in that ghastly dress.  Aikawa prepares for lunch which Haruna prepared for him

Then why the HELL  are you giving it me eh?

Happens that the only thing she packed were damn good fried eggs (no rice, no ketchup either? YOU BITCH)

Well, everyone notices his lunch is out of the ballpark and trades their lunches for a taste of his.  He returns home and he prepares dinner for his hoes “friends”  They mention kimchi too, hey, i’m korean, we get riled up when we see something about us, or its just my family

Well everyone starts eating, Yu happens to be a glutton and asks for more food

Lemme just remind you: Thats what he wished she would say or act

Haruna and Yuu both finish their food (how are they still short?) and when asking for more, mysterous voice asks for some soup.  Turns out, she is a hot chick

Without question, she joins the trio for dinner, only after does Aikawa ask for her identity

She is the obvious answers to you perverted prayers.  As said above, her name is Seraphim but everyone calls her Sera.

And as stated above, she is a user of the Tsubamegaeshi SS Technique, whatever the hell that is.  She came here to ask Yuu’s assistance for some “god knows what” crap going on

She is also a vampire ninja….

Okay, time out, lemme complain about this: First, she deals shame to Naruto, which is a good thing.  Because i have watched a few more episodes, she happens to use leaves as a weapon. A true “Leaf Ninja” Now lemme complain about the ninja part.  Really? a ninja? WITH THAT GETUP? First ninjas wear colorful jumpsuits and now this? The vampire part i can believe (the reason why i accept this willingly shall be revealed in episode 5) Whatever…damn modern day ninjas

Yuu, with a silent gaze asks Aikawa to send Sera away.  Sera basically asks, what does Aikawa have to do with Yuu, while he fantasizes about being Yuu’s Guardian, Yuu writes “My servant”.  Sera then challenges Aikawa to a fight, to see who is worthy of being Yuu’s servant.

Haruna, Sera, and Aikawa go to a graveyard to duke it out, Haruna followed to see the fight.  Sera true to her word, is an expert to her Tsuba-fuck it, i dont care technique, which manipulates leaves.  So she can warp and disperse into leaves, etc, made leaves into blades, etc.

Aikawa gets stabbed, and cut, he head butts her, she flies, and then he throws his severed hand pretty damn hard.  Aikawa is victorious.  Unlike her previous attitude, Sera admits defeat and promises to leave .  And when Aikawa and Haruna come back home, Sera and Yuu are waiting for them.  Well it looks like Aikawa’s harem is growing, Sera has no choice but to stay here.  She says that she will be Aikawa’s “servant” and by servant she means a freeloader.

One of the very “small” things Aikawa demands with that phrase. 

Sera, of course, refuses.  But we knew that was going to happen.  Skip scenes time

Well everyone is going to sleep, cept Yuu, god knows what the hell she’s thinking about

While trying to sleep, Aikawa finds Sera sleeping inside the ceiling, she asks about Yuu and Aikawa’s meeting, finally an explanation

Aikawa meet Yuu like a month ago when he saw her in front of a store.  Aikawa who back then had no idea how to talk to girls, while trying to make small talk, he gets rejected.  And then, the ghost of TK possesses Aikawa and he break dances—-> half of that is true, he just break dances

He raves for a few seconds and then fails and falls.  Yuu writes that she was amuse, but warns him not to do that again.  The two start…hmm well not “talking”…oh, they communicate for a while.  Eventually, Aikawa leaves to go home, only to get murdered by a local serial killer. 

Aikawa wakes up later in a cemetary to find that girl he met next to him, she writes to him, that she is a necromancer and she prevented his death.  Aikawa, like any living being should react, has a hard time swallowing the facts.  Yuu writes, she will stay with him.  Your life or living with a girl who doesn’t talk, hmmm

Well we skip scenes to next morning with breakfast.  Haruna gives Aikawa his lunch, once again, all eggs.  While negotiating with Haruna to put some rice in his lunch, she uses the word “Die” to which Yuu reacts negatively.  Haruna uses that word again (the hell did the cute, mute girl tell you?) and then

This happens

Everyone is shocked, Haruna yells the reason for that slap, Yuu writes “Death is painful”…..I couldn’t help saying “no shit” thats like the new “People die if they are killed”

Well breakfast resumes, and thats where we end off

2 episdes down, 3 more to go…

I’m sorry but i just love the ending song.  In the end, looks like there 2 more girls lol.  Love the part where a dude’s voice just takes over, Yuu’s part

Oh well, i’m done here.  Cheers

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  1. I lol-ed at ayumu break dance, epic lol~

    BTW haruna dance at the ending looks kawaii~

    nice blog ^^

  2. So lets get this strait this is a harem and I watched plenty harem’s recently so I need a break… (but if there is more reviews that are good like this that I like I make in exception) and how I saw that picture with the dude breakdancing that is a really great way to combine what a anime has done with another even I haven’t thought about that but still you do a great job at this and how you said it was amusing so please keep posting!!!

    • This was one of my older posts, the 2nd episodic reviews I decided to do
      The 2nd season for this series is coming up for the spring season, and yours truly will be covering it

  3. Really?!?!?! I didn’t know I really thought this was the new season because I have the Spring Line up for this series and it said it was coming out this season and I thought it was season 1 because usually would have a different name or at least say on the bottom of the thing Season 2 hmmm… well I guess there is a possibility… oh well even it was not really a season 2 but to just continue the season from where it was I guess that it is what it mean’t and when I saw this post I was like wow I guess it came out early lol

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