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Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 7 Review


Finally New Character Introduction

And our episode rightfully starts with a familiar blond girl (who we do not know) eating at a ramen shop, as she leaves, she leaves behind a note with 3 starts on it.

The real episode starts off with Aikawa being tutored by Haruna.  Summer vacation is upon our hero and if his grade for the final test sucks, he has to go to summer school.  Aikawa is no idiot but he refuses to go outside in the blazing sun, so he has no choice but to get lessons.  Haruna happens to be a horrible teacher, but her excuse is being a genius.  While she rabbles on about codes and galaxies, Yuu decides to help our hapless hero

Our hero’s usual delusion

The answers appear but Haruna is not willing to lose, she writes crap all over the book, basically the answers.  The next morning, Aikawa thanks to all the answers given by Haruna, luckily does extremely well.

Looks like she can also stick on windows too.  Haruna informs us of a megalo (yes those strange guys with th uniforms and strange bodies)

Aikawa eventually gets out of school and travels to where Haruna is, he also gets a call from Dai Sensei who informs him that she has delivered a package, but she wants Aikawa to keep it for the time being, with that aside, we continue.  Aikawa has one last obstacle before he reaches Haruna’s location, 100 meters of sun covered street.  Aikawa fails and eventually drifts using a river and reaches his location.  Haruna gets rescued just before she gets kicked by a horse megalo.  A jellyfish megalo also appears to give us some fanservice, but because i’m not a trap and loli fan, i didn’t really care for it. 

Then a cloaked figure, with ramen somehow destroys all of them, don’t ask how.  Sera arrives in the scene and the cloaked figure seems to recognize her.  Aikawa (who transformed a few minutes ago) questions their mysterious savior and gets in a little arguement.  Haruna, desperate for his attention, pushes him.

Seriously, what the hell

Aikawa (was a few minutes ago convinced that this perpatrator was male) is disappointed that his first kiss is stolen by a girl, only then to realize (after 3 “squeezes) that he kissed a girl.  Haruna is pissed, Sera is just :/, and the girl (for now, called Maelstrom) is kinda confused and embarassed. 

Eventually, Maelstrom takes Aikawa and Sera (they used to “Rival Ninja Clans” seriously? with those cloths? I’d much rather believe whore clans but i dont hate them) to her clan’s base of operations.  Inside they see masked muscular men who mantain ramen and feed pork, what the fuck kind of ninjas are these? Well, the three sample the ramen they were making, Aikawa finds it amazing and compliments the pork, only to have the girl he kissed give hers to his bowl.  Aikawa questions this action, asking if she hates pork, she replies she loves them.  He has no idea whats going on.

After a little explanation (which we never hear) Sera and Aikawa leave, a little reluctance for Aikawa’s absence is shown by our blondie.  On the way back home, Sera explains what Maelstrom and Aikawa performed.  To the Vampire Ninjas, or those 2 ninja families in general, seal a marriage with: A kiss.  So basically, Aikawa got married, in less then a few seconds.  This happens to explain why Sera doesn’t suck his blood out.  (Because a kiss is necessary to stun the host)

So if Aikawa were to forcibly kiss Sera right now

I’ll warn you, she can’t cook.

Well they get back to the house and suprise, Haruna explains Santa Claus (?) but anyway, they celebrate something i forgot what was called, not the most important scene so i really don’t need to cover it

Next day at school Aikawa is confronted by yet another girl

We  see this girl in the opening scene so im guessing she’s gonna be important, she leaves as soon as she arrives and leaves a pair of glasses for Aikawa.  Aikawa is confused then ANOTHER girl comes to him, and guess who it is


Guess what, shes a schoolmate

After a little bickering about her lifestyle and her name, our episode ends off with Aikawa using the glasses and seeing that it can see through clothes.

Thats episode 7 people

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 5-6 Review


Lets go go go

Our “main” cast so far

The beginning of episode 5 could be categorized as “Sexy” why? Well, Seraphim being a “vampire” actually needs to have a dose of blood.  Beause, Yuu is a silent devil, Aikawa is a dirty man, Haruna is the only viable option for the blood

Lesbo scene.  Moving on, the kiss was basically the anesthesia to block out the pain of the blood sucking process.  Sera gets her dose of blood, and Haruna and Sera notice Aikawa was watching the entire process.  Haruna, alone in her room, tries to regain her magic, that doesn’t work out so well, and once again, she’s naked.  Aikawa barges in the room to inform her on dinner, only Haruna closes the door pretty quick

Aikawa’s determination is clearly shown through his face.

Aikawa is eventually suppressed and the day resumes.  We also get multiple scenes of phonebooth in a dim light throughout the episode.  Aikawa is washing the dishes while the three girls go take a bath.  Aikawa also gets a call from Haruna’s superior, Dai-Sensei.  Originally, Haruna was sent o retrieve Kyoto Tofu, mistaken as Fear.  Haruna was just to idiot to come to Tokyo and not Kyoto to fulfill her mission.  The girls get out of the bath, Aikawa learns that Haruna had problems with remembering names, but recently she remembers a certain guy’s name though…Whatever the case, Aikawa gives the phone to Haruna and he remembers that Kyoko’s grandfather lived in Kyoto and he contacts her to get him some.  He tells her to come to the cemetary the following night (due to the sun weakening him).  Haruna happens to be our “tsudere” for this show so she acts like one when Aikawa does his mission for her and she gets caught following him. 

In the cemetery, Kyoko arrives and after some lovey dovey dialogue, her true colors surfaces

That was more than your finger slipping you bitch

Guess what, Kyoko was the murderer, when she told Aikawa that she was an old friend of Orito, it was a lie.  She tried to blame Yuu for his death as well.  And guess what, Kyoko is a masou shoujo too, ain’t that swell.  Haruna and Sera arrive to help Aikawa, but it seems that Kyoko is too powerful as the insufferable bitch has a huge stock of lives she can use to revive herself.  Even with Aikwa’s horrific pink dress, they are no match.  When all else seems to have failed, and at the moment of doom, Yuu arrives to kick some ass, without screwing up her poker face.

Thats where our episode 5 ends.

Episode 6 starts off where 5 immediately ends.  Yuu’s magic seems to be pretty damn strong as none of Kyoko’s attack work.  Yuu decides to not use her personal powers and decides to borrow Haruna and Aikawas, she becomes that pink dress wearing fighter.  Yuu changes location to a hill overlooking the cemetary.

Lemme tell you right now, nothing big happens in this episode, just action, showcasing Yuu’s power and advancing the plot by an inch, it finishes an arc so…

After much blabber from Kyoko, Yuu silently mutters the words “Die” and Kyoko falls down dead.  Yuu does this like 4 more times and each time she does, she is also hurt by this.  After dying multiple times, Kyoko decides to close the distance and drains Yuu of her masou powers.  Aikawa then transforms…again and then tries to finish the fight.  After taking a few hits, he breaks the bitchz sword taking her powers away (and 95% of her clothes for that matter) Aikawa resumes to take her lives away by shoving the chainsaw and slicing her body away until he drains all her extra lives, they never show the disembowling but the screams can explain everything.  Kyoko is down to her last life, Aikawa decides not to kill her but gives her one traumatic experience involving a chainsaw wielding crossdresser. 

Next time, tell her not to be a psycho bitch, because just about everything except her body was madness.

Haruna’s superior appears and greets the crew and decides to reeducate Kyoko, then Kyoko’s body is possessed by a black mist.  The possessed girl mocks Yuu and dissappears.  Yuu explains that was a zombie she used to control.  Dai Sensei says she will track down the black mist and leaves.  Our heroes have won, for now.

What better way to finish a day with a nice set of cheapass convieniance store food. 

He can only dream

Yuu actually does smile and Aikawa actually tries to make a move on her.  The 2 other girls decide to go eat  something else, and Aikawa asks Yuu on her opinion on their current lifestyle, and our episode ends with a “Not Bad” quote

Really, it was a fighting episode so i got no opinion.

Episode 1-6 have been covered, episodes with subs are released every monday so stay tuned, 7 will be up by next week (i dont have school monday so i might be able to write then.)

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 3-4 Review


Alright lets do this.

The first two episode would be like a “Buiding Blueprints”, it setted up the “story” and “characters”.  This episode advances the story at the second half while the first one is humor and fanservice.

No title card, lol

Well we star off with Haruna dreaming about killing monsters and then meeting a pudding monster who apparently cannot be killed by her.  Then she wakes up to a strange alarm clock that stabs her on the forehead.  So our 4 characters wake up to Haruna’s painful scream.  Aikawa heads off to school

Looks like Aikawa ain’t a loser with regular girls it seems.

Happens that Aikawa’s friend, Orito, is indeed a loser with girls.  Orito asks multiple girls out but fails, and instead asks Aikawa to go bowling.  Out of pure pity, Aikawa agrees.

Back at the house, the three girls fight over who gets the last pudding.  They play jangah, mahjong, and twister.  I would provide pictures, but then i’m too lazy. So Orito and Aikawa go bowling, only to find the three girls playing right next to their lane.  Aikawa tries his best not to get noticed, as the fact of him living with three girls would shock his friend’s heart.  Theres plenty of fanservice in this episode, go watch it if you want to see it

Well, Haruna notices Aikawa pretty quickly the other 2 catch on with Aikawa’s presence.

Orito then learns about Aikawa’s un-wanted harem and proceed to become a little overwhelmed and then fantasizes about Aikawa’s experience

Above and much more.

Well, Orito starts hitting himself and Aikawa’s “lucky” expense. Aikawa however corrects Orito that unlike his vision of fanserviceness, Aikawa is treated like a sandbag, or better put, a lego piece that is broken quite frequently.  Orito is still jealous.  As he slowly falls into depression, he gets texted by another girl, who Orit says that he visits her in the hospital very frequently.  Orito asks Aikawa to join him as he says his friend wanted to see him for a while.  The fanservice part of the episode ends and we get back on track for the story.  The two visit Orito’s friend who happens to be a busty girl. 

Orito leaves the room for a bit and the girl (named Kyoko) explains to Aikawa about her family dying by the murderer.  She was injured by the murderer and has been staying at the hospital ever since.  Kyoko also explains the details on how the murderer looked.  She seems to be trying to make moves on Aikawa as she tries to get close to him, touches his forehead, etc.  There also is a wooden sword underneath her bed.  Back on the point, the murderer she remembers has white hair, blue eyes, and strange armor.  Aikawa is shocked at this, as theres only one person who matched that description, Yuu.

I would have used more pics for 3, sorry…D:

Episode 4

Haruna and Sera cooks dinner while Yuu and Aikawa just stay in the living room.  Following 3rd episode, Aikawa starts being suspicious about Yuu because of the description on who the murderer was.

You have just wasted my money

Sera’s cooking skills go to use and a purple…thing is at the dinner table.  Sera insists on Aikawa to try it.  He puts his spoon in the vortex, and the spoon melts.  Eventually, Aikawa consumes the material and passes out.  He wakes up later with the purple object now gone and they decide to order pizza.  They also get a call for Haruna, as she talks to her superiors about her mission.  Apparently she needs to find “Fear” which she describes as being “square”.  Then the doorbell rings.

You ain’t the pizza guy

Well the dogman attacks Aikawa, stating that he is a watchdog of Hell, and Aikawa has to return.  Aikawa gets bit and he falls in front of Yuu.  Yuu takes her gauntlet off and heals Aikawa’s wounds.  The dog enters the house but happens to recognize Yuu.  The dog understands Yuu’s position and decides to leave.  But for him to get back to hell, he might as well take a fallen soul with him.  Aikawa hears that someone has died in the area and so follows the dog to a murder scene.  The dog explains why the connection between the undead and their necromancer masters.  The Necro. feels the pain that the ressurected.  Aikawa says Yuu never told him, and the dog concludes that to Yuu, Aikawa is a “special” person.  The two continue to their destination and arrive at the scene.  Someone, or just the murderer appears out of nowhere and stabs both guys.  The dog dies, the murderer leaves, Aikawa then leaves for home.

Aikawa returns to find both Haruna and Sera sleeping and finds only Yuu.  He asks for a serious conversation.  Aikawa starts out with why, Yuu never shows her emotions.

Yuu replies with some metaphors/similes, and lot of the other things.  Main points are these.  Yuu’s powers are unstable.  If she talks, she has no idea what words will become spells or not.  When she shows emotion something good or bad may happen, she doesn’t risk that.  She dresses strangely because she needs to suppress her powers.  Yuu begins crying and starts showing signs of weakness.  Yuu’s magical backlash affects Aikawa the most, Yuu questions if she can still stay with him. 

Aww, isn’t that cute

Then the night passes, no nothing sifnificant happens between these two….unfortunetely

Oh well

Well next twilight, a bigass whale (probably caused by Yuu’s crying”) appears over the town.

Aikawa is forced once again to cross dress a wield a chainsaw.  With Sera and Haruna’s help, the thing does down.  Oh god, it was one terrifying thing to watch when he transformed AGAIN.

Well if you want to see it (o.O) episodes are now on youtube

The episode ends with Kyoko on her bed with blood all over…

Creepy way to end but thats where 3 and 4 end

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 1-2


It took me a while for me to find a decent looking series.  KWZDK happens to be a nice looking series and a nice blend of action, comedy, fanservice, and nice artwork to boot.  Unlike most of the anime’s that are airing, this happens to be a more interesting series, because most of the series that airing i have eithered reviewed or they have more than 12+ episodes.  Plus, it its like a less popular series, so i decided to do this one.

Because of my laziness, i am 4 episodes behind (5 by monday) so i will try to review 2 episodes today and tomorrow.

Now forget everything you know about zombies, or atleast on how they act, behave, and look.

Our episode starts with off with the archetype of a normal highschool boy start. 

That guys a zombie

opening was “meh”

While on his way home, our hero sees a cat run out to the middle of the street .  Our hero rushes to protect the small cat, then he tells us: He’s a zombie.  After he gets blown away by the truck and landing naked on a group of girls, our hero returns home.  Happens that our hero doesn”t live alone in his house.

The girl happens to “not talk” and communicates by writing.  She writes that she hungry and she demands food.  After being hit by a truck, one could only stand making food, if she were to  say it like this

Above: How our hero (Fullname: Aikawa Ayumu) see’s her plea for dinner.  And he does just that.  While eating dinner, Aikawa tries to make a move on the girl (Fullname Eucliwood Hellscythe [does it always have to put the prefix hell/hel on everything?)]) but she breaks his arm.  Aikawa reminds us, he’s a zombie, and he would be dead (probably a couple of times by now) if he wasn’t.  Aikawa explains his death, at the hands of an unknown assailent who stabbed him.  Eucliwood, or Yuu, is a necromancer from hell  revived him for some reason, and it has been a month since she has stayed with him.  Aikawa’s goal is to find and confront his murderer, most nights, he would go outside and wander around to see if anything happens to him.  He stays at a nearby cemetary and hears some noises in the distance.  So whose making all this noise?

If i told you it was a girl in a pink dress would you believe me? Okay, how about a girl with a pinkdress- CARRYING A CHAINSAW.  She happens to be fighting a unnaturally large bear.  After a few chainsaw slashes and impalement dealt to our main character, the bear dies.  The girl with the chainsaw is suprised at Aikawa for surviving a blow. 

The girl introduces herself as the self proclaimed genius-Maso Shoujo-Haruna, she explains what she just killed was called a Megalo.  Then, she tries to wipe Aikawa’s memory which backfires and her magic is taken away, and i guess her clothes too.

She ends up in Aikawa’s home and she says she has to stay here until further notice of her powers returning, she also requests a phone.  She makes a phone call to “Dai-Sensei” and we skip scenes to Aikawa in school the next day

Because he is a zombie, he is plagued with symptoms that affect such zombies, like staying out in the sun

Shit happens

Aikawa usually waits for sundown before he tries to get home, this time however, a creepy ass looking dude in a trenchcoat arrives in his classroom, and guess what he really looks like


Haruna tries to transform, she fails and Aikawa shows some facts.  Basically, the human body cannot use its body to its fullest, and with a series of punches, Aikawa sends zoidberg flying to a wall.  And just as Aikawa said, his arm breaks.  Unfortunetely the megalo (yeah, zoidberg is one) or just teh lobster isn’t close to being dead, Haruna tells Aikawa that he has her magic and he has to become a maso shoujo.  Aikawa having no choice recites a phrase and after the cliche transform scene, we get this

Trolled to teh max

Easily enough, he kicks Zoidberg’s ass but he also flies out the window which causes a lot of people to notice.  Aikawa runs and cries in shame as he is now a zombie AND a maso shoujo

Thats where the first episode ends.

Now to start episode 2

You might be thinking, “Only 2 flat chests?” well this episode changes that.

This episode starts off with an explanation: Fortunetely for Aikawa, he was able to erase everyone’s memory of him in that ghastly dress.  Aikawa prepares for lunch which Haruna prepared for him

Then why the HELL  are you giving it me eh?

Happens that the only thing she packed were damn good fried eggs (no rice, no ketchup either? YOU BITCH)

Well, everyone notices his lunch is out of the ballpark and trades their lunches for a taste of his.  He returns home and he prepares dinner for his hoes “friends”  They mention kimchi too, hey, i’m korean, we get riled up when we see something about us, or its just my family

Well everyone starts eating, Yu happens to be a glutton and asks for more food

Lemme just remind you: Thats what he wished she would say or act

Haruna and Yuu both finish their food (how are they still short?) and when asking for more, mysterous voice asks for some soup.  Turns out, she is a hot chick

Without question, she joins the trio for dinner, only after does Aikawa ask for her identity

She is the obvious answers to you perverted prayers.  As said above, her name is Seraphim but everyone calls her Sera.

And as stated above, she is a user of the Tsubamegaeshi SS Technique, whatever the hell that is.  She came here to ask Yuu’s assistance for some “god knows what” crap going on

She is also a vampire ninja….

Okay, time out, lemme complain about this: First, she deals shame to Naruto, which is a good thing.  Because i have watched a few more episodes, she happens to use leaves as a weapon. A true “Leaf Ninja” Now lemme complain about the ninja part.  Really? a ninja? WITH THAT GETUP? First ninjas wear colorful jumpsuits and now this? The vampire part i can believe (the reason why i accept this willingly shall be revealed in episode 5) Whatever…damn modern day ninjas

Yuu, with a silent gaze asks Aikawa to send Sera away.  Sera basically asks, what does Aikawa have to do with Yuu, while he fantasizes about being Yuu’s Guardian, Yuu writes “My servant”.  Sera then challenges Aikawa to a fight, to see who is worthy of being Yuu’s servant.

Haruna, Sera, and Aikawa go to a graveyard to duke it out, Haruna followed to see the fight.  Sera true to her word, is an expert to her Tsuba-fuck it, i dont care technique, which manipulates leaves.  So she can warp and disperse into leaves, etc, made leaves into blades, etc.

Aikawa gets stabbed, and cut, he head butts her, she flies, and then he throws his severed hand pretty damn hard.  Aikawa is victorious.  Unlike her previous attitude, Sera admits defeat and promises to leave .  And when Aikawa and Haruna come back home, Sera and Yuu are waiting for them.  Well it looks like Aikawa’s harem is growing, Sera has no choice but to stay here.  She says that she will be Aikawa’s “servant” and by servant she means a freeloader.

One of the very “small” things Aikawa demands with that phrase. 

Sera, of course, refuses.  But we knew that was going to happen.  Skip scenes time

Well everyone is going to sleep, cept Yuu, god knows what the hell she’s thinking about

While trying to sleep, Aikawa finds Sera sleeping inside the ceiling, she asks about Yuu and Aikawa’s meeting, finally an explanation

Aikawa meet Yuu like a month ago when he saw her in front of a store.  Aikawa who back then had no idea how to talk to girls, while trying to make small talk, he gets rejected.  And then, the ghost of TK possesses Aikawa and he break dances—-> half of that is true, he just break dances

He raves for a few seconds and then fails and falls.  Yuu writes that she was amuse, but warns him not to do that again.  The two start…hmm well not “talking”…oh, they communicate for a while.  Eventually, Aikawa leaves to go home, only to get murdered by a local serial killer. 

Aikawa wakes up later in a cemetary to find that girl he met next to him, she writes to him, that she is a necromancer and she prevented his death.  Aikawa, like any living being should react, has a hard time swallowing the facts.  Yuu writes, she will stay with him.  Your life or living with a girl who doesn’t talk, hmmm

Well we skip scenes to next morning with breakfast.  Haruna gives Aikawa his lunch, once again, all eggs.  While negotiating with Haruna to put some rice in his lunch, she uses the word “Die” to which Yuu reacts negatively.  Haruna uses that word again (the hell did the cute, mute girl tell you?) and then

This happens

Everyone is shocked, Haruna yells the reason for that slap, Yuu writes “Death is painful”…..I couldn’t help saying “no shit” thats like the new “People die if they are killed”

Well breakfast resumes, and thats where we end off

2 episdes down, 3 more to go…

I’m sorry but i just love the ending song.  In the end, looks like there 2 more girls lol.  Love the part where a dude’s voice just takes over, Yuu’s part

Oh well, i’m done here.  Cheers

Needless Review


Well,the image i used for the opening image seems to be promising.  I see a cross and what seems to be a bible….great more bible references..i already have enough of that from school.

Well Needless does exactly that, it references the bible.  We got things like Adam, Eve, Testaments…and then i forgot everything else.

Well, because it is an informal review, lemme sum these things up with the opening, as it completely describes the nature of the series

The opening basically shows the action and comedy part

the Ending is like…porn, im serious, 3 lesbos kissing eachother o.O, im sorry they show this to kids?

Because i’m lazy, i highly recommend you watch the opening to know what im talking about

Well just in case you didnt watch let me explain

If you look the right, you would see the green haired little prick whose the excuse for the main character.  His name is Cruz but everyone calls him Yamada.  The most noticeable (guy atleast…) is the white haired dude in the background, his name is Adam Blade and he was part of a superhuman project.  The blue long haired girl in the foreground is named Eve.  See the bible references here?  Other dude in the left side is Teruyama, hes basically one of the few males who are important.  We also have an old guy as another male cast but hes just there to explain things.

Alright enough with the characters, lemme tell you the setting.

Basically, world gets ravaged by nuclear bombs, before that, there was this project that basically created superhumans, our hero i guess was created that way.  Now after the world gets owned by bombs, a huge area covered in black in japan (called Black Spot) basically takes over the area in Japan atleast.  Our hero, Cruz is part of the resistance force (the green haired kid) he and his sister run away after getting beat by machines known as Testaments.  Cruz’s sister apparently dies while fighting and while running away, Cruz meets Adam Blade, the muscle dude who can kick anythings ass.  So Adam rescues Cruz and he is taken to Gido, an old man who basically is like a father figure to most of the characters.  Then we are introduced to Eve, who is our scantily clad heroine of the series..  So in this series, most characters have a special powers called Fragments (which is what the powers are called) , Adam’s happens to be learning other abilities, and Eve’s happen to be changing shape.  We are then introduced to Teruyama who shows up to kill someone named Adam, he and Adam Blade fight only to realize, hes fighting the wrong adam.  The Adam he is looking for is Adam Arclight who is the leader of the a syndicate thats trying to take over Black Spot.  Our heroes decide to kill this bastard.  While on their way, they must head to a location where they meet another character named Disk who basically is the walking encyclopedia and she joins the crew, then we finally get some prominent enemies.  Unfortuneately, instead of giving badass enemies to combat badass heroes, we get three girls who have abilites.  I am NOT kidding,  but they happen to pack quite a punch. 

Most of the story is fighting three girls and traveling to fight Adam Arclight, i seriously can’t sum it up even more.  Characters basically make up the story so i will tell you about them in bulletpoints

  • Adam Blade: Is supposed to be our hero but we have a pipsqueak for that job.  Adam is extremely muscular and does whatever he wishes.  He’s extremely strong but he has one weakness.  He’s sort of a pedophile…lol.  His power is to memorizes other’s powers
  • Eve: Eve N. i cant remember her name wears like loinclothes but i don’t know, she is gone for most of the episodes.  She can change her body shape to anything she needs too.
  • Gido: Old man who basically watches over the Adam and Eve, he doesnt have any powers but he accompanies the crew
  • Cruz: Our good for nothing hero, his reason for joining Adam and Eve is to fight Adam Archlight (well the real plot has to do something about Eve)
  • Teruyama: I liked this dude cause one of his attacks is called Little Boy, for those who are mentally slow, Little Boy is the atomic bomb that fell on Japan in WWII.  Teruyama is our sidekick, atleast he can fight.  His powers are fire based
  • Disk: Is our 100 year old loli who accompanies the crew.  Her ability is scan, she can basicaly “scan” people’s technique and stats
  • Seto and Solva:  Seto is the blonde girl in the series, and Solva is a blue haired girl who wears a maid uniform.  The duo work together and their powers compliment eachother.  Seto suffers the japanese syndrome of carrying oversized swords, she can also control gravity while Solva can control magnetism, oh did i mention she has bipolar disorder?

Adam Archlight is the bad dude leader, but dont care about him, he appears like once or twice in the series

Our prominent bad guys are 3 little girls who have substantial powers that are like the Team Rocket of this series, only that they are little girls, and their panties are seen almost 65% percent of the time when they appear on screen

  • Setsuna: Blue haired, shes basically the ring leader, or squad leader.  She has the power of speed.
  • Mio: Pink haired.  Shes the dumb one.  Power of…power
  • Kuchinashi: She can’t talk (shes blonde btw) she has a machine on her wrist which emits fragrances that affect the opponents body.

I have no idea what to say for this series.  Its defineately funny but, the fanservice got a little too much going on a few times.  I stopped caring what happened to the story after like half the episodes, after that, it was just fanservice. 

In short: Like fanservice, comedy and action? go watch it.  If not, watch the  first episode and see if you like it

I don’t understand japanese people and their addiction to oversized swords, i understand if they are lugging it around and have a hard time fighting with it, but come on.  Oh yeah, Yui from Angel Beat!’s voice is Eve’s voice, the girl with the blue hair (long)

lolicons everywhere….it digusts and makes me laugh at the same time.

The anime stops at the second part of the series, the manga kinda elaborates

I aplogize greatly for the disorganized review: Its funny, just try it!

Seto (above) is probably the only “normal character” (and by normal, i mean average)  i can forgive her for her oversized sword because everyone else is just messed up, lol.  Our heroes are a wimp, a pedophile, a little girl, some sort of machine, an old dude, a girl with bipolar disorder, and i guess Teruyama can be forgiven as well.  Whatever, she happens to be my favorite character, and no just because of her normality (if such thing exists in a series like this)

I can’t stress this fact: Im sorry for the disorganized review, this series was complicated.  Also, try the series out.