Angel Beats Heaven’s Door Preview


The fist ever preview.

For those who don’t know, Angel Beats Heaven’s Door…

(hah, you thought i was done with this series? this is probably the last though, until i actually review the manga)

Is a prequel to the AB anime series.  It details the beginnings of the SSS with Hinata meeting Yuri who then form a small group to find out who Angel is. It is updated monthly

The manga is good for many people in the Western side of the world because light novels (the first form of an AB prequel was released as one) are not sold here in America.   

Since this ain’t a full on review, i would recommend you to all read it.  Because its a prequel, a lot of our characters dont show up.  According to the ligh novel, the starting members are Yuri, Hinata, Ooyama, Chaa, Noda and Shiina.

Im going to review the first 10 chapters sometime this week (and start the new episodic review) and do monthly reviews of new chapters.

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